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Getting Older in the Merry Month of May

Well it seems that I have been punching keys at THAT for three plus years, since I am very late with this post, still blog birthdays (and a real birthday this week, though not the same as Willie Mays’ sadly…) are still worth posting about if only so that I can count how many of […]

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The most erotic phone conversation ever between an anime blogger and his wife

13Sugars: there’s gonna be tons of events.. my phone. my phone Impz: just get an old phone? Impz: : and how come your new phone doesn’t work again Impz: : u can’t charge it? Impz: : sometimes, it’s the battery connector for the phone 13Sugars: : … for some reason the charger plug-in part in […]

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Duty calls…

I am doing some field work at the moment… [EO’s edit: this post was originally titled “Going on [that word which is part of our blogger’s name)” but that particular word seems to get filtered by the local internet in his current part of the world.] So if you have noticed a dip in productivity […]

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An Ode to This Glorious Year of Yuri

The dream that will come true someday (Becomes) a mere unheard whisper That is lost within the light  shone by the night Soon enough, her eyes will open  if it is fate At least  yes, only now… So with this year about to conclude it is worth mentioning what a glorious year of Yuri it […]

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CCY17: Worse than Superman 64

I see shit sucked so hard Steve Jobs wouldn’t let lolikit use the iPhone even if lolikit paid him. Too bad because I think there was an app to fix the fail. Being bored as all hell I decided to play this lolikit fellow’s game which I have to say sucks…its more of a grind […]

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AX 2009 Day Zero: Press Junket

Mein Kaiser Reinhard was sorely disappointed at how they had four different places to hold the press people. My apologies for having fallen off the face of the Earth, but I was seconded as a vehicle driver and general purpose mule for who generously offered me a chance to go to Anime Expo 2009 […]

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Why does everything I like have to be like this

The following image is what started this FANBOY/NERD RAEG rant:

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Japan's Top 10 Waifus (and Husbandos)

Recently, ANN of all places posted this interesting article of a survey conducted in Japan on which anime characters the respondents wished to marry. Most of the characters on the lists shouldn’t be particularly surprising, and its somewhat tilted toward currently running shows, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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Two Years On and I Need a Recharge…

I have lots to do… I won’t lie I think I am suffering a bit of this burn out thing after roughly two years of being the tl;dr guy I hope to recharge my batteries soon and get back to business as usual, but it seems the perpetual boredom of military life is going to […]

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Convention Meals: Getting More Bang for Your Buck

So with convention season reaching a fevered pitch during the spring and summer I thought that it would be fun to introduce the finer points of one of my convention staples, the MRE. Now I know that the thing says COMMERCIAL RESALE IS ILLEGAL, but there is no actual law that I have seen and […]

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