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How to Avoid Academic Failure in Higher Education (or How Fancy Lala Changed My Life/Moyashimon Gave Me Over Inflated Expectations)

Soon this will all be behind me. So I got the news from my university Dean’s office about a week ago, I’ll get my degree early…but the catch is that I will be getting a B.A. in Microbiology with a minor in East Asian Studies and English, instead of the B.S. in Microbiology with a […]

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It's a New Year and I Already Got Robbed…

So yeah I need to upgrade my apartment security to something like this… So while the Israelis and Palestinians were bringing in the New Year with a bang to say the least, found to my mild amusement that I had the wondrous experience of being robbed. Thankfully the thieves who broke in were very polite […]

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Over 9000 Meaningless Words

←[100] first impressions on Mariaholic In the first part, ghostlightning and I talk about Kannagi. In the second, superfani talks about art in general. Essentially, the conclusion we came to was that the religious metaphorical elements are played out in such that they themselves constitute a subplot. This is how Nagi searches for idolatry. As […]

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Forgotten Gifts of Christmas Past: My Gunpla Pile of Shame

No my Christmas was never this awesome, but behold my pile of shame… Well I have been rather more busy than I anticipated during winter break, given how my unit doesn’t need me until the week after Christmas to help ramp up for inspection I decided to clean out my closet and go over my […]

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I'd rather watch it without subtitles (not a sub vs dub post!)

Really, it’s not. It’s a sub vs raw post. “But you can’t- they’re not- You, sir, are a retard.” Ok, the two aren’t substitutable or even comparable, by the standard of any anime fan who’s not fluent in Japanese. My Japanese is only at a level where I can understand 83% of any written passage […]

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Last day to vote, my fellow Americans…

So yes today is the last day for you procrastinators to vote if you have elected not to vote early or by mail. I don’t care who you vote for but I trust that this time you guys can make your own conclusions and vote for the only qualified candidate…Michael Wilson. Special election day gift […]

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Cultural Impact

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Sunrise Latrinenparole

Greetings from the 501st Character Reserve, Provost Marshall of Miscellaneous Jobs Well Code Geass is over and Gundam 00 has not aired yet so I decided to visit the Sunrise pilot barracks to get their views on some of that fresh meat that will be sitting on the shelf now that it’s done with. Lastly […]

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[LWC 65] Serendipity Notion Revisited

↩[LWC 64] After having read this post, and after observing a certain prevailing trend amongst entries and comments around my familiar regions of the blogosphere, I’m going to have to elaborate and modify an earlier argument in which it was stated that it is not the reader that creates meaning but the author. This whole […]

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Manga Fan-translation: Nekomimi Murasaki vs Tsundere Ginko

I stole the scans off of a Chinese forum, translated it and removed their credits. Also, the title to this post is a lie. I’m a bad, bad man. Note: You can get a higher resolution version of all the images in this post by clicking on them. Hope all you animal ear fans and […]

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