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Reflections on a 3rd Year of Fangirling…

Hello, loves! It’s been a while, but I couldn’t let my 3rd blog birthday pass without something to mark the occasion. Basically, the last twelve months have been mega busy on the personal and work fronts, which meant that I fell behind with watching and blogging the more recent shows. However, I shall quickly add […]

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Reflections on a 2nd Year of Fangirling…

Um, basically, it’s my second blog birthday today and I wanted to mark the occasion, share a few memories and thank yous, and then bugger off again for another few days or so, lol. Seriously though, the last 12 months have been even more of a roller coaster than the previous ones, but, overall, they […]

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Hotarubi no Mori e and the unbearable lightness of feeling

‘Don’t forget…’ A canopy of trees glimpsed through a blue-tinged mist, the quiet sounds of early birds, a dew-soaked spider web nestled among still leaves, the winding mossy stone steps of an outside shrine, the hazy surface of a flower-strewn lake, and a silent masked man seated on a rock in the middle of it. […]

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‘To reign is worth ambition, though in Hell’: on the rise and fall of men and monsters in Berserk

Image courtesy of Lyaska Hail, horrors! hail, Infernal World! and thou, profoundest Hell, Receive thy new possessor – one who brings A mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven […] To reign is worth […]

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‘The most important place to me right now is here’: on photos, memories and home in Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

 Natsume, you really should say this stuff out loud… In short: this week’s episode of Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (no. 11) was amazing. In not as short: it’s probably my favourite episode to date, as it focuses on Natsume’s backstory and development and finally gives us information about his parents, as well as some really great […]

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Anime and ‘the uncanny': case studies on Shiki and Another

Creepy. Even if you’ve only seen the opening episodes of Shiki (Autumn, 2010) or Another (Winter, 2012), the chances are that you’ll have noticed the distinctly creepy atmosphere in both series. Clearly, these are horror shows, but I think that both particularly excel (albeit, in differing degrees) at creating and sustaining genuinely unsettling feelings within […]

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Natsume’s Book of Friends s.4: Feelings vs. Duty in the Exorcists’ World

How different Nanase’s decisions are to those of Reiko, Takashi and Natori… In last week’s episode (no. 8), we were teased with the promise of Reiko’s appearance, but, in the end, we were left wanting and shown how powerful even her off-screen presence can be. Rather, that episode focusses on another female figure, as does […]

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The defense of Taichi – It’s me against the world!

Blasphemy! DFCs and small breasts rule the world! Chihaya!!!!! I’m a new writer in THAT. My nickname is Impz. I am going to write a single post about how I love a random anime and then I will disappear into thin ash like the thousands of defunct bloggers in the blogosphere ahead of me. Of […]

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Natsume’s Book of Friends s.4: Fear and Loathing in Natsume

T_T This post is largely about the latest episode to air, episode 4, of the fourth and current season of Natsume’s Book of Friends, but contains light spoilers for the previous seasons. It’s a stand alone episode focussing mainly on the story of one youkai, one of the many who have encountered Natsume to date, […]

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Aniblogger Testimony – Dressing down while dressing up… (on Beneath the Tangles)

Hello, something a little different from me today. Recently, a very nice man called Charles asked me about my own experiences of being an anime fan. This lead me to make a guest post on Beneath the Tangles, a wonderful blog that explores the connection between anime and Christian and spiritual themes. So, if you’re interested, […]

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