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A Retrospective on Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

[NO SPOILERS] I thought I’ve written everything I already could about this show at the end of that year it aired. I still am amazed that it’s already been 2 years. I feel compelled to think about this show again given the recent events in Japan that make the disaster depicted in this show seem […]

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Giant Robo: One Anime for Old Men

It is the fate of every man to grow old as the years go by and yet while I get older the average anime protagonist is still a snot nosed whiney little puke that is still under 18 years of age. But while new anime series have failed me as consistently as the Miami Heat […]

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Some Favorite Lines From Anime and Manga

Some lines in anime just stand out as exceptionally dramatic or memorable. Something you’ll quote in seriousness or jest or just as a fun memory of a show. So along the lines of a post I did a year or so back, here are ten quotes and selections of dialog that I’ve always found particularly […]

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Wishes For the Robot Anime of the FUTURE

Despite much complaining and loud whining, robot anime actually persists. Sure, there aren’t any 80’s style 4-cour shows like Armored Trooper VOTOMS or Fang of the Sun Dougram, but then again there aren’t any 4-cour shows left anyway. Yes, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood finished last year, but even that show was some version of a previously […]

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Adversity: The Essential Ingredient to Drama

I meant to post a response to ghostlighting’s underdog post, with the recent win by Cleveland Cavaliers to break their record 26 game losing streak I finally have enough motivation and words to make this post. I mentioned earlier about how sports anime don’t stack up all too well against real sports, but now I […]

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Super Bowl Sunday: Reflections on Dual Fandom Wielding

So right about now were I bigger man I would congratulate Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I am not a bigger man and they are a hated rival. Even if my 49ers suck I will never congratulate the cheesehead foe, but at least it wasn’t the Dallas […]

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Wandering Son: The Ballad of Chi and Sasa

One of the things that bothered me about Wandering Son was my inability to comprehend Nitori and Takataski’s desire to physically convert to the other gender. I understand that there is at least one confirmed gender reassigned character I didn’t quite understand their desire or insistence that their gender identity be manifested physically. It was […]

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Interstellar Flight: Watching Anime with Fellow Fans over the Internet

My anime and manga hobby is too, a social activity. It isn’t quite enough for me to watch a show by myself and be content to enjoy it by myself then move to the next one. I derive a lot of gratification sharing the experience with others. It is why blogging is so enjoyable for […]

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Sengoku Basara 2 – Where’s the TRUE GAR?

What I expected. Sorry for being absent lately, I’ve been busy with various things (like university! Oh boy. Buying time management skills plz.), but I’m still here. I’m pretty far behind on a lot of animes, but one that I caught up on and finished recently (read: one two three four weeks ago and I […]

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The Axis Odd Couple

What at first started out as a comment to a post on National Socialist Chic eventually degenerated into a long winded rant that just didn’t feel right as a comment. 2DT brings up an interesting point about the fascination with the sharply dressed dudes of the Third Reich. The simplest answer to the seemingly overabundance […]

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