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Musings of a Zentradi Invader: My Time Among the Middle East Miclones

Every Generation needs a few good Zentrans, this generation got stuck with the likes of me… So I finally made it back home with most of my person intact save perhaps some of my sanity but I doubt anyone would notice a slightly larger spike in my insanity. I was reminded of how two very […]

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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Those With Power…

Are badass? Yes, but more than that. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is certainly one of the stranger shows of the Summer season. In essence, as someone on a forum said, “The creators crammed the slice of life adventure of Slayers into Legend of the Galactic Heroes and made the two share the time […]

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On What it Means to Call Anime Characters One’s Favorites

We have favorite shows, and we also have favorite characters. Sometimes our favorite characters aren’t even on our favorite shows (if we look at our top 5 lists). Here I will look at our habits of favoring anime characters and speculate a little on why we do it the way we do. In any case […]

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Fight Japan! The Dialectic on the NEET Problem in Anime

No, I’m not. Any regular person can be a strong one. Japan is and has been in a rut for the past decade. Between the slowly aging population, economic stagnation, high levels of public debt, and the ever growing NEET problem, it feels like Japan is experiencing a torrent of problems that aren’t really getting […]

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Rainbow and Japan’s Postwar Disillusionment

Can you even begin to imagine what this is like? I have to say that between Angel Beats and Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei last season, I had my share of both heated discussions and intellectual thought. This season I’ll be dabbling here and there, trying to find a show I’ll end up consistently blogging, but I […]

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A Different Kind of Porn, a Different Kind of Wank

So I was watching Nurarihyon no Mago the other day, and I noticed two things: I liked the music, and I liked the backgrounds. I can’t really comment on the content of the show (I don’t yet have an opinion either way), but watching it did make me think back to a division of anime […]

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The Dogs of Conflict: Who’s the Over/Under? or, Giant Killing is Best Done Between Giants

For the purpose of this discussion I posit that the ‘cult of the underdog’ in contemporary culture is best represented by the David vs. Goliath story. In Biblical Israel, their Philistine enemies were trouncing them in battle due to their super soldier, a literal giant named Goliath. The battle ended with David, then a 12-year […]

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A Look At How Anime Is An Art

It was actually some comments on my “Why We Watch Anime” post that got me thinking about this. Part of how some people perceive anime that separates them from the average anime viewer, I feel, is their perception that anime is an art form on the level of painting or literature or music. I don’t […]

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‘Blogging: Never Before Have So Many People With So Little To Say Said So Much To So Few’ …So why do we do it?

I wonder what was your first experience of blogging? Mine was of randomly Googling an anime I’d gone gaga over at the time (Saiunkoku Monogatari) and then stumbling across an episode summary and commentary for it on THAT. My reaction to this momentous event was two-fold. Firstly, it was pleasant surprise that someone would put […]

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Wherein I Combat an Assumption

This is totally relevant, I swear. One of the first things you learn in editorial school is to check your assumptions at the door: we can do without them, thank you very much. They don’t quite tell you how, though, and it turns out they like to pop up where you least expect it. In […]

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