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Friday Ramble: Give me feedback!

Since April just won’t come fast enough, I’ve decided to start my own feature or two here so that I have something to blog until the new season rolls around. I also figured that I’d need something to fill the gaps in April while I wait for all the shows I’m interested in to come […]

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Rosario + Vampire Episode 3/4- The Gonzostrophe

T_T indeed Yukari-chan . . . T_T indeed I’m really not one to post big negative posts or rants, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. First, I must apoligize to Hinano for alas, after the first 2 episodes I was hopeful that this show would be fun and not totally blow ass. However, after […]

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Rosario + Vampire Episode 2- And Then There Were Two

Know your place This week’s episode covers chapter 2 in the manga, the introduction of the second member of Tsukune’s harem, Kurumu, the boob girl. It stuck pretty close to the manga once again this week, just adding some extra boob effects on top of the smushing Kurumu usually takes part in ;). Oh and […]

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