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An Ode to This Glorious Year of Yuri

The dream that will come true someday (Becomes) a mere unheard whisper That is lost within the light  shone by the night Soon enough, her eyes will open  if it is fate At least  yes, only now… So with this year about to conclude it is worth mentioning what a glorious year of Yuri it […]

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Saki, Episode 25 (END)- With Final Impressions

Well unfortunately it had to end, but it was quite a journey along the way. One can only hope that in a couple of years when the manga has had time to develop the national tournament some non-bankrupt company will be able to rescue it and produce a second season. Cross your fingers.

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Saki, Episode 19- This Hand of Mine…

Oh yeah, I was so pumped for this episode to air and it totally delivered. Edge of your seat comeback victory with my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! Plus Saki uses her Nanoha friend beam on Koromo and the last scenes are full of yuri blushing and hand holding. This show is […]

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Saki- Gonzo's Redemption

Gonzo may be going completely bankrupt in addition (and likely because of) to recently making mostly crappy shows, but they’ve scored one hit at least. Superficially, Saki is about mahjong, but it’s actually more about yuri, power levels, and not wearing panties…and is a surprisingly solid entertainment experience.

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Powerchord, East Wind, (屮゜Д゜)屮♫

[←122] Kaioshin: Is it because Saki gets right into the whole Mahjong affair while K-On lingers until the very end of the episode? I’m not quite sure what it is specifically, but it’s probably a combination of the above and the fact that I find the Mahjong fair presented to me in Saki’s opener fair […]

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