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Your Completely Biased Sai Mecha Elite Eight Voting Guide and Image Dump

Make a contract with me and become a true follower of the mecha Way. -or- The Declaration of Team Real Robot. So I’ve set up and have been running Sai Mecha, the Super Dimensional Robot Tournament, for a bit now and we’ve arrived at the Elite Eight portion of the tournament. Up until now I’ve […]

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Design a Macross Patch Competition – The Winners

Voting has concluded and we thank you all for your votes. All the designs were nicely done and a worthy reflection of their creators’ love for all things Macross. While we had originally intended to pick only one, due to how close the votes were between the top two, Crusader has decided to have both […]

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Design a Macross Patch Competition – Voting

We’ve received entries for the Macross patch competition and the time has come to vote. Five very nice designs were submitted, and now it’s time to choose. Vote for your favorite in the poll, and at this time next week we will announce the winning design. The designer will receive the actual patch as their […]

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Design a Macross Patch Competition

Crusader has a proposition for you. Much like the Crusaders of old, our blogger is engaging in some commerce while fighting in distant lands. He can get custom patches made in his current location, and here’s where you come in. Design an approximately 4 inch/10.16cm diameter Macross patch and submit your design to us. The […]

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Why Is It (Almost) Always Three? Small Unit Organization in Gundam and Macross

If you’ve watched enough of the two biggest mecha franchises you might have noticed that most mecha teams seem to operate in units of three, when they do operate in coherent units. But why units of three, why not units of four like modern fighter aircraft? Tanks offer a more varied model, where platoons have […]

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Newbie's First Valkyrie – VF-1S with FAST Pack model kit

There’s something inherent in being a fan that compels one to want to experience the shows you love in various forms. Watching anime is the start, but the community abounds with different ways that people delve deeper into the experience of anime and the community surrounding it. Blogging, making AMVs, cosplaying, and drawing are just […]

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SDF Macross: Do You Remember Love (plus promised Macross Meal culinary tribute)

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas holiday, and after my week off (and the site undergoing work), it’s time for the Macross movie, Do You Remember Love. In it the series has been altered (in ways that change the story and aren’t canon) and shortened into movie format. The familiar characters and mecha have gotten […]

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SDF Macross episodes 34 to 36 – The Long, Long Goodbye

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and I’m going to miss this series that I’ve enjoyed and come to love over the past four months or so. There was so much to enjoy in the 36 episodes, from the aerial combat to the love triangle, to the memories of those lost and the little technical touches […]

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SDF Macross episodes 32 and 33 – I, Claudia

Kamjin’s insurgency makes its first coordinated attack, choosing to take hostages at a Minmay concert, and while this is significant, for most of these episodes the conflict shifts to the relationship battlefield. Hikaru and Minmay being reunited brings out some intense jealousy in Misa, but even when things appear bleak Claudia’s intervention and wise counsel […]

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SDF Macross Episodes 30 and 31 – Children of the Protoculture

There continue to be reasons for both hope and pessimism for the future of the Terran Zentradi with integration and alienation both continuing in their separate ways. The mission to capture the Zentradi weapons factory satellite is launched, another joint operation between humans and Terran Zentradi under the New United Nations government. But while this […]

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