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Friday Ramble: Give me feedback!

Since April just won’t come fast enough, I’ve decided to start my own feature or two here so that I have something to blog until the new season rolls around. I also figured that I’d need something to fill the gaps in April while I wait for all the shows I’m interested in to come […]

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D.Gray Man Episode 61-64

I know that Christmas’ over, but Santa Cross is watching… Note to readers: I will not be posting this week because of school work on Wednesday and Thursday and it’s also that Japan is not going to show D.Gray Man either due to the New Year’s Celebration programmes they have there. So bear with it […]

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D.Gray Man Episode 59

Sometimes I pity poor Bak dear….he seems to be a punching bag to Allen and Fou… Sorry I haven’t been updating for some time now, it just that I’m busy with many things in school lately, mostly band practice. Wait till tomorrow and then things will resume to normal for me. I’ll be reviewing Vampire […]

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D.Gray Man Episode 58

I’ve finished watching the episode, and I have seen something very interesting: 1. In this entire episode, Bak or who ever the person is kept saying God and this annoys me. I hope this show won’t turn out into some show which has a lot of debating issues on religion later on. But I’ll just […]

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D.Gray Man Episode 57

That’s must be it, Lenalee X Lavi, anyone? And I can see any second now one of them is going to fall off very soon… the pole’s look thin… There are good news and bad news for the Exorcists in Asia. But first, the bad news (Or rather some good news now that Tim took […]

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