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Regular Battleship Yamato: The only thing as noticeable as Strike Witches Lack of Pants

I started watching Strike Witches on the recommendation of a few adherents to the cult of Yuri, and while it was quite striking in many ways the omission of pants and skirts was not the only thing I noticed. I never saw the first season and while the lack of pants is distinctive, I am […]

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The Axis Odd Couple

What at first started out as a comment to a post on National Socialist Chic eventually degenerated into a long winded rant that just didn’t feel right as a comment. 2DT brings up an interesting point about the fascination with the sharply dressed dudes of the Third Reich. The simplest answer to the seemingly overabundance […]

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Musings of a Zentradi Invader: My Time Among the Middle East Miclones

Every Generation needs a few good Zentrans, this generation got stuck with the likes of me… So I finally made it back home with most of my person intact save perhaps some of my sanity but I doubt anyone would notice a slightly larger spike in my insanity. I was reminded of how two very […]

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Mission Accomplished, Achievement Unlocked, I am Still Alive…

Me and My buddies went Zeke hunting, twas a good mission and many Zekes lost their lives and limbs and most deliciously of all their pathetic HOPE for salvation. Tenshi’s blade might be for Aiur but I have returned and it has been a rough adjustment trying to get back into civilian life again kind of like […]

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Obligatory Belated Blog and IRL Birthday Post

T’was a crappy cakey with no pineapple, but the ice cream was okay. Being out in the suck with bandwidth being at a premium (there is only one internet connection for a whole barracks worth of sailors) I have more than enough time to ponder about random things. I just marked my 25th Birthday not […]

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Duty calls…

I am doing some field work at the moment… [EO’s edit: this post was originally titled “Going on [that word which is part of our blogger’s name)” but that particular word seems to get filtered by the local internet in his current part of the world.] So if you have noticed a dip in productivity […]

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Remembering 2009 Part II: Lovers and Fighters

Well my situation isn’t so dire but I need to get some stuff done by the end of the week… I really must apologize for the horrid lateness of this post but I wanted to get out anyway since it would have slighted EO since he contributed so much to it. My situation has changed […]

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CNN vs. Eroge

LOL Censorship… So CNN put up a story about Rapeplay one year after the the whole controversy blewover, and yet it has become a lighting rod that has encouraged a bunch of eroge loving anti-American commies to come out of the woodwork to praise the open letter penned by Mr. Nogami Takeshi. Let me make […]

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2009 Honor Roll Part I: The Strategists, The Ruthless, and The Heroes

Unlike that honor these do not require a beheading… With the passing of 2009 we thought that it was time to recognize those who showed individual competence during the course of the year. While it is the habit of many to judge series here we prefer to recognize the characters that made their shows a […]

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS 03-04: New Friends, Old Enemies

With the balance of power shifting with the new era of peace it seems the Thieves that stole the bald lady have been using them gold bricks they also nabbed to get high positions in the local police. The Boone family is out hunting escapees so that they can’t finger them in court since their […]

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