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Armored Trooper Votoms: Peace is Hell

Meet the vile traitors of the series, thank goodness none of them are bishie. So with a little down time due to lack of training M1151s that the Army was willing to let us use I decided to start retroblogging Armored Trooper Votoms after having seen Roots of Ambition and Pailsen Files. I hope to […]

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Going On Crusade…

He’s my new CO I think he has aged pretty well despite being a butter bar…but he is damn good, I mean real good. It seems that for now I will have a bit of Internet access courtesy of Uncle Sam although the training schedule looks brutal and having to share one washing machine and […]

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MS IGLOO 2 – 3: The only good Zeke is a dead Zeke and the only thing better than that is a dead Zeke you use to grease the treads of RTX-440

Not so fun now is it Zeke? Now the Feddies got GMs you are so FUCKED. So I was stuck in Virginia until Saturday for another C-School in the same ratty old barracks. At least though I finally got a hold of episode 3 of IGLOO 2 after multiple tries on a slow connection. While […]

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Saving Yourself: A Short Guide for the Damsel Who Refuses to be in Distress

While there are many damsels in distress there are few damsels like Alphard. However any lass can become an ojou-sama from a distinguished family that has been continued for a thousand years, skilled in both literary and military arts,  with wit and beauty, the intensity of summer, the grace of autumn, the pride of winter, […]

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CCY17: Worse than Superman 64

I see shit sucked so hard Steve Jobs wouldn’t let lolikit use the iPhone even if lolikit paid him. Too bad because I think there was an app to fix the fail. Being bored as all hell I decided to play this lolikit fellow’s game which I have to say sucks…its more of a grind […]

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How Kawamori Trolled Me in IRL – Round 01: Morning Musume

Sometimes life can imitate art retroactively….this is the sea story of one such incident. Well seeing as at the time of writing I have been in ordered into a short exile by my employer I might as well rant about all the bullshit I had to endure at AX from asinine panels to the underwhelming […]

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Mecha is magnificent, but it is not war. (A response to 'War Sucks!')

A Zeon worth fighting for. Well now that work is out of the way and I am currently waiting for orders during Spring Break I am finally able to fully address IKnight’s “War Sucks!” post in a fuller manner. IKnight raises an important distinction between the war sucks theme and the prevalent misnomer that it […]

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Convention Meals: Getting More Bang for Your Buck

So with convention season reaching a fevered pitch during the spring and summer I thought that it would be fun to introduce the finer points of one of my convention staples, the MRE. Now I know that the thing says COMMERCIAL RESALE IS ILLEGAL, but there is no actual law that I have seen and […]

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Gundam 30th Anniversary Project: HELL YEAH more UC inbound!

Sherry’s got the Gundam, Hughes is in the truck, and if we are lucky the Zeke will take a Kampfer. If not he’s a loser. Well I am not sure if this is new or not but here’s some pics some gentle/m/en dug up recently. Well I can’t read moon, but judging by the hubbub […]

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How to Avoid Academic Failure in Higher Education (or How Fancy Lala Changed My Life/Moyashimon Gave Me Over Inflated Expectations)

Soon this will all be behind me. So I got the news from my university Dean’s office about a week ago, I’ll get my degree early…but the catch is that I will be getting a B.A. in Microbiology with a minor in East Asian Studies and English, instead of the B.S. in Microbiology with a […]

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