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T.H.A.T. Is Now Recruiting!

Make a contract with us and become a magical blogger! Friends and readers, T.H.A.T. Anime Blog is currently looking for one to two new bloggers. We’re looking for enthusiastic potential bloggers with Totsugeki Love Hearts,  with passion that burns red like the East, and can occasionally spout off a good rant. If you’re enthusiastic about anime and […]

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2011 Spring Anime Season Preview

Welcome to T.H.A.T. Anime Blog’s spring 2011 season preview. A whole bunch of new shows are coming out in the upcoming season, as well as second seasons of several more. The THAT team’s expectations and predictions below the cut. Preview information comes from Scamp’s Spring 2011 chart, Neregate’s chart, ANN, MAL, and/or Wikipedia. The traditional […]

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Tomoe says hi.

Tomoe says Hi.

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Mission Accomplished, Achievement Unlocked, I am Still Alive…

Me and My buddies went Zeke hunting, twas a good mission and many Zekes lost their lives and limbs and most deliciously of all their pathetic HOPE for salvation. Tenshi’s blade might be for Aiur but I have returned and it has been a rough adjustment trying to get back into civilian life again kind of like […]

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A vote for T.H.A.T is a vote for hot cool Tomoe yuri love!

The yuri compels you! Our opponent this round is Anime Instrumentality, an excellent music blog. I am quite sure that if you like anime music, his blog is the blog to look for music reviews. Now, I think it is the cue for a pitch to vote for us. As usual, we won’t tell you […]

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T.H.A.T Loves Tomoe!

Do you love her too? More information at your friendly T.H.A.T Anime blog in the future. Very near future.

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Welcome to the Team! T.H.A.T.’s Newest Bloggers

You needn’t look at the lack of mecha that has devastated Crusader to realize that THAT is exposed to many different threats! THAT! To ensure that this symbol of team blogging will endure for all time, they have been selected! THAT! To prepare us for the future, the Titans, er, the new bloggers now rise! […]

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*Insert reason to vote for T.H.A.T in Aniblog* plus other admin matters

I really wish for the next beautiful anime series like this. Sigh. Just a quick update on the various things involving T.H.A.T. 1. We have just restored the contact form here,so it is easier for us to respond to you. We are also open to ideas from advertisers who are keen to advertise on the […]

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Answer the call! T.H.A.T. is looking for new writers!

Applications are now CLOSED. Thank you and we will get back to you soon! Friends and readers, we are currently seeking new writers for the blog. After speaking to my superior (non-commissioned) officer and obtaining the imperial seal of approval from His Royal Trappiness, I have been authorized to open up the application process for […]

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Duty calls…

I am doing some field work at the moment… [EO’s edit: this post was originally titled “Going on [that word which is part of our blogger’s name)” but that particular word seems to get filtered by the local internet in his current part of the world.] So if you have noticed a dip in productivity […]

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