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aniblog tourney!!!!, or, give me new blogs!

5camp put together an aniblog tournament. I think THAT is in it again. People have already talked

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Welcome to THAT’s New Home!

No, it’s not an immense floating space fortress with gilded walls, but it will do. Welcome readers and friends to THAT’s new site! We’re happy to bring you our content on our own domain with better loading times and fewer technical issues. It’s been a long and difficult process moving over all of our content […]

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Hello to anyone who’s found their way here, this is ExecutiveOtaku for a quick announcement. Currently this site is under construction, and we’re having a hell of a time trying to pull the old content here, specifically the images. Currently we’re operating on the current/old site, but when this one is ready we will […]

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New blog design feedback cum Poll post

I can’t believe the stupid perverts (i.e. Crusader and Calawain) laughed at my title post. What’s so funny about the title anyway? So, let’s get the key thing started first. We need your feedback on our new spanking blog design. Kabitizin of Sea Slugs Team fame helped us with this wonderful blog design, and we […]

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Introducing: Mabdese, 23, Libra. Loves long walks on beach and shoujo.

Welcome to blogging Mabdese! (added by ExecutiveOtaku) Dearest readers, friends, and hangers-on of THAT!  ExecutiveOtaku here, and it is my pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of our blogging team/family/international hikkikomori conspiracy: Mabdese! She has impressed us with the breadth of her interests and experience in the fandom, and we hope you will […]

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Reverting back to fspring – Strange blog theme failure!

Well, it seems for some reason that Modicus causes a total 500 internal server error when we try to revert to it, so you have an old-school styled theme, aka fspring, (when we first started) for the blog. Obviously, it might not be as awesome as our last theme, but I am quite sure that […]

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THAT Anime Blog's new template – Give us some feedback!

You can probably tell that we have made a major change from our previous blog template. So, the most important for us right now is to get your feedback, because we always want to see if there are any plausible changes we can make to improve your blog reading experience. We do have to admit […]

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Anime Blog Awards 09 – It's here again! Give us some thoughts!

It’s here once again. Do check out the official first entry of the awards. We need your feedback and help in this second installation of the ABA to make it bigger, better and more enjoyable. Have fun and keep up with the updates on the blog! We need your brains!

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What kind of mascot should THAT have? We need your help!

Thanks to Mellow Bunny, THAT will soon have a new spanking professional blog design that will be hopefully completed by the end of the year (just in time for the winter season). This was the conversation that went on after he agreed to design the blog for us. Bunny: that reminds me does that have […]

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Some new things in T.H.A.T – Future plans and a sinister comeback

With a full accessory of bloggers in T.H.A.T anime blog, we are introducing a few new features to the blog to make it more user-friendly for our new and old readers of THAT. First up is definitely the twitter tool on the sidebar. Despite its origins for emo-chicks talking about their sad life in livejournal, […]

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