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What is THAT blogging for Fall 08? (+ Some site news)

After 3 weeks, we are proud to finalize the list of animes that we will be blogging here in THAT. This is our final list excluding Prince, as he has not finalized the series he is going to blog as yet. You can also check out the list on our topbar, under Fall 2008 list. […]

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How I gathered from the feedback…

Just to make sure I am not making any point here. Gathering from the feedback of various commentators, I have decided on the series that I will hold on to the very end. First choice: Ga Rei Zero Verdict: Until it screws itself up, which is generally likely (the skeptic speaking in me), I am […]

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Extrange is Interviewed by MellowSPACE

This was mellow_bunny before I’ve trained him. Mellow_Bunny, an old-time friend blogger contacts me on #animeblogger, my usual place in IRC. He wanted to make me an interview for his blog! So I think: ” Hmm, E-Penor glorification of my persona? Should I accept it or not?” Anyway, this is the end result, posted on […]

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Some little improvements to T.H.A.T

I am still very jealous. As usual, with the changing of the season, we have updated our current blogging list for summer. I also decided to improve it by providing a link through for each series. Just click on the image in the page, and you can explore all the entries on the specific anime […]

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ABA results: The Blogger's choice awards are out!

If you didn’t know, the results are out quite a while ago. Mellow Bunny, being the laziest bunny ever in history, is still working on the award images. We will definitely inform you once it is done. For now, you can haunt him on his blog. Cheers!

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Happy Birthday – Extrange!

THE CAKE IS A LIE. Yes, that’s right, today I make my 24th Birthday. Although I haven’t been around much (I’ll explain why in my next post), I’m still alive and kicking. 24 years of enduring a harsh academic path, hours spent studying and reading, to reach this conclusion: I still don’t know how to […]

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It's time to leave THAT… for a while

I guess I am not loved because I am an international user? I guess I am not welcome? Anyway, by the time you see this entry, I am already at the airport, flying off for my business trip for the 8th World Media Economics and Management Conference . So, I hope that the blog doesn’t […]

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It's time for someone's eternal 21st birthday!

It’s May 7th on the eastern hemisphere and it is someone’s birthday. Not mine, but my girlfriend Thirteensugars. Once again, that silly moomoo is going to have yet another 21st birthday (the truth is that if I reveal her age, I might not live to tell the tale). Happy birthday, my silly lazy girlfriend who […]

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THAT Battle Royale – Month of April

Well, due to Sea Slug’s excellent introduction for a blog metrics plugin , we decide to give ourselves a pat on the back with the competition among authors of THAT in the month of April. Of course, since I am an evil dictator, I will reveal the lowest too to make fun of them. For […]

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Riex brings the WTF!

THAT Wallpaper of the week: Everylittle thing by Xyric. Thoughts: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. This is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen. But it’s still fscking awesome. If I was one of the Pokemon in the wallpaper above, which would I be and why? Rating: 8/10 Pokemon + Gay Expressions + Rainbows = WIN…points off for the background […]

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