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Soul Eater 03: The Prologue Ends

OMG! It’s the rare limited edition Pokemon…Symmetru! [Intro] This week I’m bringing you the start of our new, out-of-the-box Soul Eater blogging. Episode 03 was the end of the Soul Eater prologue and I think it’s an appropriate starting point for our “SRS Business” blogging. After the obligatory summary and thoughts I’ve begun work on […]

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Soul Eater 02: Get Ready!

*sigh* Why do the retards end up with all the cute girls? [Intro] I’ve explained my disdain for episode summaries. I’ve rambled about the Friday Ramble and my One-Shot War ideas. Sweated my face off working on the site theme and the majority of the previews for the current season. I’ve pestered and harassed you […]

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Soul Eater: Late Night version and other Spring Updates

For those who haven’t heard already (or didn’t read the tiny hint I gave in my previous Soul Eater post), Soul Eater is set to air on two different days each week. On Mondays, the regular daytime version is released, and on Thursdays a “Late Night” (LN) version will be released. Although everyone kept calling […]

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Soul Eater Episode 01

  I’m currently shaking from a 25 minute non-stop intake of Soul Eater crack. I’m seriously shaking with excitement as I sit here trying to pull my brain together in an attempt to write up some kind of episode review for you guys. I guess we could start off by saying that I was so […]

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