I.D Analysis – Bokura ga Ita 24 & Sumomo momomo 11


Back to this format of the Impzie Destructive Analysis (aka short summaries + thoughts compared to detailed ones), Impz has been burdened with his project work for a while and hence have no time to blog a full entry on Bokura ga Ita 24 as well as Sumomo momomo episode 11 (truth for this is because Sumomo momomo episode 11 is too sinful to post a parody on it). Just look above to understand why I cannot make a parody out of this. The summaries are brief, especially for Bokura ga Ita, considering that I generally make a full entry for Bokura. However, with the personal activities, it is impossible this week. Full summaries will resume next week for Bokura ga Ita for the viewers who are looking forward to the detailed summaries!

Anyway, this is a no frills summary and thoughts, so time to move!


Bokura Ga Ita Episode 24



It’s clear by then that her mother did not have enough money going to Tokyo but she told Yano not to find any jobs because she wanted him to concentrate on his final year examinations. Yano was with Takeuchi as he tried to hunt for jobs, with Takeuchi looking for a job. Yano also said he would not tell Nana because she would be very hurt when she learnt about the news. Back at Takeuchi’s home, her sister was saying that it was good that Yano left, but Takeuchi did not want to get Nana that way. His mother also said that Yano’s mom was very incapable, but having a child so cool-headed as Yano was a good thing.

At school, everyone discussed about their choices of universities, with Yano assuming that Nana wanted to go to Tokyo university since that was what they had originally planned. However, she changed her mind to go to Sapporo, with Yano pissed very badly. He thought that all she wanted was to be away from him and considering that he was contemplating about leaving Tokyo, Nana’s remarks hurt him a lot. Takeuchi then effectively ended his chances by rushing over to Nana, telling her about Yano’s possibility of going to Tokyo and told her to stop him.

Nana did not want the relationship to end, hence she rushed over to Yano’s place. Eventually, Nana confessed once again that she liked Yano and Yano said that he never had any intentions of leaving her. However, Nana said she would respect whatever decision he made on the Tokyo trip and that she would never abandon him, like anyone else. At the end, they discussed about their prospective universities, only to realize that Nana had difficulties getting to a Tokyo university. Still, she insisted she would do it, without thinking of anything as Yano seemed to change his mind of sorts where he made a backup plan. However, Nana found out that he was intending to go to Sapporo and perhaps….did something to that piece of paper.


Takeuchi, why? Why the hell did you …..do such a thing to kill off your chances? Last episode, I was stating how cool you are, trying to beat your love rival to pieces with your courageous words. Now, you are just what you said you are, a coward that always walk around a circle and never attempts to leave it when you can find happiness out of it. Takeuchi really disappointed me a lot in his actions this episode, even though I am still blindly supporting a Takeuchi x Nana. That said, I do not think Nana will be with anyone at the end of this show, as this show seems to be heading toward a sad ending (considering the preview for episode 25 is about Yano leaving). I just have a feeling I will feel very low after Bokura Episode 26, so I probably will be shaking sadly by the time it ends.

Also, I fully respect Yano. He is finally out of his insecure side and facing the future courageously. From the spoilt and arrogant brat that he was in the earlier episodes, he is finally like a man and I believe that he is good enough for Nana. Actually, Nana is starting to be less desirable with her immense insecurity in relationships. She is not ready for it and sadly, I think she jumped the gun too fast. I cannot believe that I am saying this considering how much I praise her earlier on in the series. Her weaknesses are exposed very plainly for the past three episodes.

I brace myself for an eventful, beautiful and theatrical ending. Bokura ga Ita is really one of the best shoujo series of this year, if not the best.


Sumomo momomo Episode 11



The crazy fiance came to the school to challenge Koushi-dono as he tried to find a way out of this. Looking at Momoko, he thought that he found an ally, only to realize that the challenger simply wanted to fight him and was not an assassin. Momoko, being totally oblivious that Koushi was completely weak, asked him to fight. Koushi also tried to use his law knowledge to batter his opponent, only for the opponent to be too stupid to understand his laws.

Eventually, Sanae rushed home to wear her costume and saved Koushi at the nick of time. However, everyone was swooning over her….assets and revealing clothes, with her totally embarrassed by the lechering looks of the guys. The fight went on, with Sanae completely beaten up as she realized that she was not strong enough. Eventually, she remembered that her power improved with the amount of clothing she shed, as her limit to power was her embarrassment.

With that, she started to strip even with the embarrassment, with her power increasing as all the guys had a major explosion from the ….revealing of the hot body. For the sake of Koushi, she was almost naked as she did the ultimate Horse clan kick. She then won over the beefy man and was glad that the whole event was over. The next day, we see Iroha and her baka brother selling the pictures of her, with her turning white and fainting immediately.


This is heaven for all who loves fanservice. There is so much blatant fanservice in this episode that it is almost sinful. I am almost contemplating to do an evil parody about Sanae being the “prawn star” but decided that this would be too dangerous like real porn. Hence, I have simply done this in a I.D analysis fashion to hide it since I do want to blog and say…SANAE’S BODY IS HOT HOT HOT!

She has to wear that costume more. Period.

Anyway, that’s it!

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  1. korockid
    Posted December 19, 2006 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    sumomo mo momo mo has the intelligence of… nevermind…
    im still watching it.. why? why? the loli’s? the horrible fight scenes of zodiac symbols in CG? why?

  2. joez
    Posted December 19, 2006 at 1:03 am | Permalink


  3. Posted December 19, 2006 at 1:07 am | Permalink

    hahahahaahahaha….it;s really fanserive all the way, but the fact that it’s hilariously funny….and that it’s dummy proof…kinda worked. It’s a good switch from all the serious shows i have been watching, tee hee

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