Code Geass R2, Episode 20- Unfit to be Emperor

Lelouch, about your mother, I have something to tell you…

This episode left me with many more questions than I have answers once again. While last week was a “shit hits the fan” episode, this week we are back to setting up the next confrontation. The writers manage to reveal some supernatural tidbits along with a surprising character appearance, but only give us part of the truth. And unsurprisingly, Schniezel continues to forward his scheme for world domination.

Suzaku has gone from total moralfag to total anti-moralfag. It’s a progression that started when Euphie died last season, but it was kicked completely into place by the firing of FREIA and asserted powerfully during the coup scene later on. Nina, on the other hand, is just continuing to be irritating in her denial. It’s hard to believe that she was that blind to the effects of her weapon, and even if she really was I really don’t care about her at this point. Do us all a favor and kill yourself, reduce the cast numbers please.

Is it bad that while watching this scene I was thinking of what a great doujin it would make? I mean, I can’t be the only one thinking of Anya/Marianne x C.C. master/slave doujins right? Please tell me I’m right -_-

Edit: Lulz apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Uh, wtf? They gave us lots of hints that Anya had some connection to all this, but aside from some disputed spoiler magazine stuff that came out this week, the Anya is Marianne thing was a bit surprising. What I find amusing the most is Marianne’s personality. Despite the fact that one of her children is dead and her other child is on the run and being pursued by half the world she seems giddy and playful. It shouldn’t be too surprising considering the past, because if you think about it (even in this scene), it seems every time she talked to C.C., instead of worrying about her children and the state of the world she just kept trying to ship C.C. and Lelouch like a giggling fangirl.

The note about her personality, along with this statement, lead to some interesting speculations about Marianne. She asks C.C. is she’s still our ally, suggesting yet another faction that exists that perhaps is more important to Marianne then her children. You could go to the complete worst case scenario in thinking she’s only trying to use Lelouch to accomplish whatever goals this faction has.

Sealed her own code? From spoilers and what’s been shown in the episodes I thought Charles had taken it, so color me confused. Why would she seal her own code and memories if Lelouch was going to rescue her? Was this just an excuse for the writers to include moe moe C.C. for a couple of episodes? Your guess is as good as mine.

Hard to figure out exactly what her geass is at the moment, because we don’t know what exact state she is in. Did her geass transfer her soul/mind/essence/etc. into Anya? What happens to the real Anya? I’d also like to know what violation of the contract C.C. was complaining about. From what I gather this stuff should be explained next episode to some degree, and I hope they are thorough about it because this felt pretty rushed. Maybe they saw that they were running out of time to do everything they wanted so they are skimping out on some of the details to hurry things along. Wouldn’t be the first time anime production didn’t go just as planned.

O RLY?! If you tell the world Zero has MAGIX HAX they will laugh at you?!

O mighty penguin army, ye shall serve me!

I don’t think Orange-kun is going to buy that line of BS Ogui, he’s gonna come for you with his STORM OF LOYALTY. And Kallen once again affirms that she’s the #1 candidate to bail on the Black Knights to go back to Lelouch.

First thought? They skimped on the animation budget a bit this episode in several spots. It’s alright though for this type of episode, they will save it for the flashy action episodes and the final one I hope. Second, Lelouch now apparently does not care about the moral implications he’s just going to form up an army of mooks to take on daddy.

I love the happy music playing here, perhaps it’s called “Prelude to a Coup d’Etat?” Lloyd here is my hero, telling Suzaku to kiss his ass and calm down before he gets his new upgrade mech.

Oh dear, Suzaku is saying nasty things about her Guilford because he wants to become Knight of One. This scene was pretty hilarious, seeing Suzaku flex his “results man” muscles. A coup d’etat is a wonderful idea, and obviously it was something that Schniezel had been planning to do anyways. His reasoning and justifications for overthrowing the Emperor are pretty much a pile of bullshit, but that doesn’t matter to Suzaku. However, to those of us who have studied politics and history, many a government have been toppled by plans hatched in a small room by a few men.

Kaguyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Don’t cry, I’ll comfort you!

Gino, the next candidate to bail on Brittania and join up with Lelouch.

A sword Suzaku? Really? A sword? Leaving the matter that a sword wouldn’t kill the Emperor (seems neither Suzaku nor Schniezel know he’s immortal yet), we’ve seemingly added yet another geass this episode. This one was a bit more obvious, in a show about geass powers in your eyes, having a powerful character with his eye sewn shut radiates signs that he has a geass as well. Although we are left without knowing what his geass is.

Diethard got his ass kicked by someone, and made a really easy observation: Ogui is a complete idiot who can’t lead anyone and only thinks with his dick. Stuttering about and being useless, man this guy needs to be dead soon.

The Knight of One is so badass that merely crossing swords with him triggers Suzaku’s “live” geass.

The waifu is pissed OotBK, and she knows who is going after the Emperor, or so she thinks. She’s got some business to settle with Ougi, her husband is dead and she’s none too happy. Frankly, this little alliance between the OotBK, China, and Schniezel is unlikely to continue. Too much bad blood on all sides in addition to all of the manipulations and falsehoods being thrown around.

Not sure I like where this is going, when Marianne playfully asks if they should help Lelouch. Not sure that C.C. quite likes where it’s going either, perhaps she’s having second thoughts on where she stands regarding Marianne’s faction. Considering her attachment to Lelouch I hope she sides with him in the end.

CG goop with arms and legs sticking out looks really tacky.

The Emperor does not look pleased at the interruption

A lot of people have been saying, “omg Lulu is stupid why didn’t he just blow up the exit outside and not trap himself in there,” but that’s not the point. To Lelouch the only reason he has left to exist is to take out the Emperor, and doing so remotely and then living on would not be desireable. By his statements to Rivalz and to himself earlier in the episode he was not planning on coming out of this alive. Also, this allows him to find out the truth about things, because one figures if they are sealed in there for eternity he may learn what’s up. It does sound like the line for a corny episode of a sitcom though, a father and son who hate each other get locked in a room.

Next Episode:

Low quality extended preview of episode 21.

Next episode, a father and son trip to the library to find out all about Marianne and geass, it looks to be a truth revealing episode. “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate,” (“abandon all hope, ye who enter here”) is a quote from Dante’s Inferno, in which that quote was inscribed on the gate to hell. Uplifting stuff eh? Also, the Knight of One kneels before Schniezel.

Crusader’s Angry Drunken Rant

I was going to do an Anya image dump to cover this space here, but looking through my pictures I found that I had very few SFW images of her. Kind of disturbing isn’t it?

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  1. jack
    Posted August 27, 2008 at 6:01 am | Permalink


    Or it means he’s got three families of refugees using his foyer as an emergency shelter.

  2. HalyconIsAnIdiot
    Posted August 27, 2008 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    I think people are forgetting the most important part of this episode: that is the fact that Marianne is obviously still alive so Lelouch’s entire revenge quest was all for nothing. It’s hilarious that he’s still blaming others for the deaths of his loved ones when he is the one responsible for their deaths. If he hadn’t been so hellbent on revenge at the start of the show, and just decided to live normally like his sister, none of this tragedy would have befallen him.

  3. CJ
    Posted August 27, 2008 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    Not really, the emperor would’ve still carried out his plans which, from the looks of it, means the end of the world and if Lelouch hadn’t done nothing he won’t be able to stop him as we all know he will in the end. You’ll see

  4. Panda
    Posted August 27, 2008 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

    I had to pause the show when they showed that Anya was Marianne. I was floored.

  5. troops
    Posted August 27, 2008 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    When is episode 21 coming out?

  6. nark narks
    Posted August 28, 2008 at 9:46 am | Permalink

    To be honest i’m just enjoying it as the delightfully overblown piece of melodrama that geass is. It’s got be watching anime again and for that i’m glad :D

    Just waiting for UK release of series one now, which i have a feeling won’t be any time soon :P

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