Code Geass R2, Episode 22- Emperor Lelouch

And across the world, there was a great thump as the world of otaku collectively facepalmed.

Well, if last week was a drop into the silly bucket, this week was a rainstorm. At least last week I laughed through most of it. Unfortunately, I spent most of this episode rolling my eyes or finding minor amusement in quick character death. Maybe the cliffhanger would have gotten me if it hadn’t really been spoiled or if this wasn’t a Sunrise show, but alas my previous adage holds true.

I did find this part extremely amusing. I’m always up for the addition of meido to the cast, especially when it’s irritating and completely useless royal characters who get knocked down a few pegs. However, this does not make them good meido, just ones that are great to laugh at.

Most likely absolutely nothing for awhile, just like you’ve done for the past several episodes. The OotBK has been reduced to side characters in this show unfortunately. And although it was kind of neat that Lelouch is “freeing” Brittania, it’s not exactly for the most charitable of purposes.

Interesting to see these two working under Lelouch now, but I guess they like working with Suzaku, or really like the Lancelot. However, I don’t really see Lloyd and Cecile as just blind scientists following them around for kicks. Both of them (even Lloyd) display some pretty amazing insight and awareness of what’s going on around them and in the world.

So let me get this straight, the scientist who created the weapon is being chased all over, but everyone is cool with the guy who actually ordered its usage? Yeah that makes a lot of sense, everyone just loves Schniezel! I’m sure right after Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world chased after Oppenheimer right?! Ok maybe not, because this is Code Geass, where logic doesn’t matter.

What’s with this romantic music while these two guys are talking about their feelings after a nice horse ride? I’m headed more and more for Crusader’s camp, I’m really tired of all the blatant BL crap they put in this show. Add that to those really fruity looking uniforms they wear, who the hell designed this junk, a blind guy? And I suppose this “Requiem of Zero” is their final project to make the world a better place, but we really aren’t given much in the details.

The Knight of Four has been on the official website for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t really done anything in show. Amusingly enough she gets a couple of lines and is immediately annihilated by the Strike Freedom Lancelot Albion. I guess the black Rounds had to be the one who got the lowest amount of screen time and was first to die this week right?!

At least she had more speaking lines in more than one episode. In fact she’s garnered her own small following of fans as I’ve seen a bit of fanart pop up for her on 4chan and AS. As a parting gift to us viewers she gives us one emo facial contortion for the road. Sorry to see you go, but this cast is way too big.

I’m really not sure how to speculate on this one, some sort of relationship or rivalry between Bismarck and Marianne had been hinted at in episode 20 when Anya/Marianne was talking with C.C., but there isn’t much explanation. And with the death of both of the characters I doubt it will be discussed in the show, we’ll have to look for side materials. That being said, I’m going to ask a question here. How does sealing your eye shut prevent you from seeing the future? Can’t you just see it on the back of your eyelid? Oops, I shouldn’t be discussing plot holes in Geass…

Well, at least that’s three more members of the named cast who got eliminated this week. Cast inflation has been a huge problem during R2 so I’m glad it’s being reduced somewhat. I always thought the Rounds were somewhat superfluous anyways. It had been awhile since we had a real 1 on 1 KMF fight that was worth much of anything though, was happy for that at least.

A mecha pilot in a Sunrise show questioning his loyalties in a fit of emotional anguish?! Say it ain’t so! Ahhh Gino you are still a completely useless character. Be thankful Kira Suzaku decided to let you live because you were BFF before and to leave more openings for yaoi doujins.

Well, I’m going to hazard a guess that the person who departed was Anya. In the meeting watching Lelouch’s announcement there was Schniezel, Cornelia, Kanon, Diethard, and Anya. In the group shot at the end of the episode, Anya is no longer present among them. Not that this was the way in which I predicted Anya would defect over to Lelouch’s side, but it’s been a long time coming if it indeed works out that way.

Dear Viewers,

We at Sunrise don’t really intend to do any real character relationship development for anyone aside from Lelouch and Suzaku, and perhaps Lelouch and C.C. Thus, we decided to throw Kallen fans a bone and inserted this scene which we wrote in about 2 minutes just so you will leave us alone. Have a nice day, lulz.

-Sunrise Writing Staff

I found myself laughing more at the TL joke than the scene

He..he…he…MADE THE LOLI CRY?! That’s second degree loli abuse! Execute! Execute! The writers are definitely making an effort to make Lelouch look like an asshole who has thrown away all his morality, but I’m not buying it. They’ve pulled this kind of stuff before, and by the conversation he had with Suzaku, C.C., and Lloyd with the horses, he’s probably got some grand plan to make the world a better place. In one episode he wouldn’t just abandon his principles for no reason, he made them abundantly clear in his confrontation with mommy and daddy last episode.

Nina x Rivalz end?!?! I’m going to guess Lelouch wants her for some FLEIA of his own, or to combat Schniezel. I was quite amused at the fact he told his subordinates to basically throw Rivalz away. Lulz indeed.

They are also definitely doing their best to make Schniezel out to be an asshole here too, nuking the imperial capital and building some huge fortress stuffed with nukes. Yeah, and the whole Nunally thing doesn’t help his case either. Like I said last week, it seems like a very rushed final villain, I would have preferred the end to be Lelouch against Charles.

Sigh, now it’s just getting worse. I’ll once again reiterate that nobody is dead in a Sunrise show until you see the body. If it wasn’t so damn predictable even without the spoilers maybe I wouldn’t be so disappointed. It just seems like yet another episode cliffhanger involving Nunally, and this is what, the third one this season? It’s getting a bit stale. And really, it’s obvious she’s going to be manipulated by Schniezel and that he has no real intention of letting her rule over the world. Of course he’s going to be the puppet master pulling the strings, because he’s portrayed as an ambitious and power hungry guy.

Yeah, so this entry is a bit shorter than it has been in the past, but I just didn’t have much to fanboy about or bask in the entertainment. This show has always had plot holes and silliness, but usually there was so much entertainment in unintended humor or fabulousness or whatever to make that stuff not matter. However, this week I found that the entertainment was lacking, so I started to notice all of the stupidity. I mean I guess Sunrise has a slim chance of redeeming themselves in the end, and I don’t really want to judge the series as a whole before it’s done, but frankly, I’m not amused.

Next Episode:

Low quality extended preview of episode 23.

Schniezel looking evil, a blurry Gino (?) and Kallen hanging out near Mordred, Lelouch having a bout of emo and Suzaku slapping some sense into him, and Sayoko lives! From the extended preview, a large battle, C.C. approaching a very pink KMF and Nunally holding a…detonation device? Lordy, if she starts blowing people up with FREIA I’m going to flip.

Crusader’s Angry Drunken Rant

The Knight of Zero will kill all the women for a Pure and Yaoi world…

Victim #1 We hardly knew ye…

Victim #2, Twelve-san you will be missed…

Nina’s punishment will be to spend the rest of her life with Rivalz, it is a fate I think that is worse than death…

Such tragedy to have a lovely “Knight of the Rounds” killed off mere seconds after her introduction. Well Lulu and Suzaku have made it their mission to piss off every woman they ever knew, I guess that any heterosexual pairings will have to now exclude Suzaku and Lulu. Their new outfits certainly were fabulous, though in Suzaku’s case the pantyhose on his arms out fit really make me cringe. So yes not content to jumps shark once with the float packs they have now jumped shark on the shipping department with Lulu and Suzaku being much more than friends now. Such a pity that Cecile and Lloyd are going along with this, poor Kaguya now lost her husband for good. Lulu is now officially unforgivable for using Strike Freedom to threaten Tianzi.

Up in the morning to the rising sun. Gonna run all day ’til the running’s done. Suzaku is a son of bitch! Got the blue balls, crabs, and the seven year itch. I love working for Uncle Sam, let’s me know just who I am. Lulu and Suzaku were laying in bed. Lulu rolled over this what she said: a gimme some, PT, mmm good, mighty good. Good for you. Good for me. – excerpt from Britannian cadences

Strike Freedom is a GOOOOOOO!

Cornelia-sama :3

I love Cornelia-sama, she wants to put poor Nunnally on the throne.

Nina made a 180 and might suffer from pair the spares with Rivalz. As such I think we can forgive table humper Nina now, for the rest of her life she will have to live with Rivalz and that is certainly a fate worse than death. So ironic to see that now Schniezel is the good guy for trying to promote Empress Nunnally. I love how my Cornelia-hime wa willing to give the throne to Nunnaly for the sake of the people, Cornelia is just about the only reason I have left to soldier on through this ordeal of BL and mediocre mecha. I delighted in how both Suzaku and trembled at the sight of mecha Nunnally who will be opening a can of whup ass on both their BL hides. Do I care how Nunnally got out, not really considering how much bullshit this episode was. It was as if the yaoi clique made this one especially to troll the hetero people by killing off two lovely women, and destroying Lulu’s harem. Well mission accomplished. All HAIL BRITTANIA?

Next time the wheelchair of DOOM!

We have the technology…

Rolo lied, Lulu cried?

There is one more woman ypu must kill for LuluxSuzaku…

You can’t leave me for her, what about us?

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  1. tommykn
    Posted September 13, 2008 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    it’s clear to see, that everyone posting here is disturbed by the outcome of the episode including myself, of course.

    most likely kallen will fall in these last 3 episodes, like mentioned before from some writers, way to sad to think about it.

    acutally, i don’t like imagin other people living happily, after the main protagonist dies, therefore they should all die with him.
    dying in a heroic way is always nice to see, thought i think each of u prefer something else.

    i really really wish, that only once the truth will be spoken by lelouch AND very impotant, those who listen have to believe without DOUBT – i would prefer kallen to be that person (since i like the outcome of kallen x lelouch), but it seems impossible, it doesn’t fit in his scemes.
    furthermore, in my opinion, the writers don’t intent to let lelouch end with anyone, especially kallen – the kiss proved(?) it.
    the kiss was just a fan sercive and a parting gift from kallen to lelouch and us !

    now nearly every important girl is gone from lelouch, euphie, shirley and kallen all left is nunnaly and c.c. :'(

  2. Reina
    Posted September 26, 2008 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    Wow, this really made my day. =) Your reasoning kicks ass.

  3. Posted October 16, 2009 at 4:04 am | Permalink

    kallen has the most personality than the rest…and about that statement by sunrise saying that the c.d’s just for suzaku and c.c.?? nahh…they’d never ever say something like that…they wanted fans to argue,crave, and ask for more,,they’re not that dumb to kill a huge ship dropping something so made-up… they loved fans to make their own theories, conclusions, hypotheses….

    besides, i guess lelouch has a thing for kallen the most…there’s this undeniable sexual tension bet. them…and lelouch had initiated two kisses though the first was for a cover and the second one was for comfort….
    so lelouch could be the shinji , kallen’s asuka, and rei’s c.c…

    but hey, i don’t deny the possibility that lelouche’s living with c.c. at the end of r2…hmm..who knows….to each his own…and the movie,,i guess it’s true…i saw it at the jap. official site….


  4. Posted September 26, 2011 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    I don’t know what you think of Xingke Li, but he made it into my top 5 of Chinese anime characters

    Btw, I think that the R2 of Code Geass wasn’t as good as the first, but yet, I am expecting the R3 like a real fanhuman.

  5. Code Geass Akito
    Posted October 9, 2012 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Honestly the ending was amazing I really hope that the make R3 but I sort of doubt it. :(

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