Code Geass R2, Episode 24- Sky of Damocles


Well, I’m really not sure what I think about this episode, it left me more scratching my head then anything. I think we all got trolled again by Sunrise. So, the final boss was the badass villain because…he’s apathetic? I mean, have you ever heard of the primary villain being a lazy guy who doesn’t care all that much and only plays the game he’s sure to win without much effort? Strange, and almost as strange as Nunally’s eyes.

The OotBK without Lelouch gets played by Schneizel until the very end. How sad it is. I find it amusing they advertised Xing Ke as some guy who is as strong as Suzaku and as smart as Lelouch, yet he gets out played by Schneizel constantly and completely. Ougi I understand because he’s portrayed as a moron, but Xing Ke is just a lolicon now.

Who cares, save it for the epilogue

I always thought Toudou was smarter than all of this too, but I was wrong again there. Just goes to show you how ridiculously charismatic and cunning Schneizel is. It appears Toudou will at least survive this though, and hook up with that blushing woman who’s name I don’t know.

Tamaki actually manages to delay Suzaku for like 5 seconds, but unfortunately it looks like he is going to live through it all too. Once again, quite a shame that the writers missed a chance to kill off more characters. Tamaki is just a waste of airtime.

Supameido, we salute you!

Nina is somewhat redeemed, or at least the writers attempted to redeem her. In the end, instead of being a crazed tablehumper she became much more rational and realized that she was responsible for FLEIA and thus had a responsibility to stop it the best she could. Thinking rationally is actually a rare trait for characters in this show and thus I was pleasantly surprised.

As much as we all would have liked to see a final makeout scene here it was not to be. This isn’t Macross so this is about as romantic as the show is going to get for the lead characters. It’s ok though, I’m sure they’ll make out in the end, and live happily ever after on Jupiter or something.

Really, I generally stopped caring about Kallen. This season they have raped her character so bad that I say fuck it, go ahead and kill her off. Seriously, she has turned into a complete and utter retard who all of a sudden hates Lelouch. She stood by him through all the betrayals and lies of the first season and a half, knowing about everything. But now, she decides she has to side with Schneizel and kill Lelouch? What kind of stupid character development is that?

This is certainly a first, Schneizel’s angry face.

I really have no idea why Gino is fighting against Lelouch at all. Is it because he killed the Emperor? He seemed to be adamantly against Schneizel’s coup d’etat and was under house arrest as a result. But hey, now he’s cool with Schneizel and just rages at Lelouch. And he knows of Damocles and what it’s intended to do, yet still…More retarded character development, or lack thereof.

Just so you guys know, I’m now totally cool with her dying by the end of this too. She’s become worse than Euphemia, because her idealism and morality have been so corrupted by her ignorance of Schneizel that she desperately wants to kill Lelouch. Lelouch, the brother that actually stayed with her and took care of her for all those years despite her disability and their circumstances. How’s that for family loyalty, eh?

Orange-kun, fighting with his storm of loyalty and pimptasticness until the very end. Man, you are one of the few characters who have drastically improved in likeability over the course of this series. In the beginning you were kind of pitiful in a really humorous way, and at the end of season one it was laugh out loud humorous. But now you are just completely awesome, and your storm of loyalty will be remembered for all time, and will be passed down to your future children with Sayoko.

This fight was nowhere near as delicious as I had hoped it would be last week. I think part of that has to do with the destruction of Kallen’s character, because a fight over Lelouch’s affections would have been hot. Instead Kallen just rages around and beats her soundly through a better machine and more experience, acting rather cold throughout. I did enjoy C.C.’s reactions though, I missed that kind of C.C. during the moe moe phase we had for awhile there. She’s got a reason to survive now, for that promise Lelouch made that made her change her mind about giving her code to Charles. She looks mighty sexy in that screenshot, mmmmmmm.

Sayoko, you are one awesome liar. It is highly unlikely that she would go through the effort of escaping from Schneizel and Nunally and risking death to serve Lelouch again only to go around and betray him. He never threatened her, she came back of her own will, so I’m curious as to what exactly their plan is. Lelouch told Lloyd, Cecile, and Sayoko to make plans for Apate Aretia, whatever that is. A quick google revealed some guy’s site that indicated Apate was Greek for “’Deception,’ daughter of Nux,” and Aretia was a Phoenician Earth goddess. Probably an apt title for what they are trying to do.

Well, Sunrise must have heard Crusader’s cries for vengeance, so they brought her back this week. Aside from that, Sunrise, for the love of God please let characters stay dead. On the other hand, I found it really amusing that Schneizel is so apathetic that he wont even kill his own sister who betrayed him. What a wacky final villain.

Just…no…just no, Sunrise

They laid it out really clear for us here, Charles wanted the past, Schneizel wants today, and Lelouch wants the future. Schneizel is generally just apathetic and prefers to not indulge in things like hope or happiness and just wants to assert peace. Lelouch is in the end, a dreamer, who hopes for a better tomorrow, albeit one forged through blood.

This was quite satisfying to see Schneizel finally beaten by Lelouch. However, I will say that the way he was beaten was supremely lame. There’s just no way he could accurately predict Schneizel’s responses in that way, the lines were too perfectly matched. Against Mao I can buy, because Mao was an idiot, but Schneizel would be too smart for that. Oh well, I’ll just ignore it for now and laugh at the fact that Schneizel is now motivated to do something. Through the geass he is no longer apathetic and instead greatly desires to serve Lelouch. That’s kind of a scary thought.

BL ALERT, BL ALERT. Avert your eyes! If that was my first time seeing this character I’d swear he was a girl with that look. It’s also really, really disgusting, and I’m sure all the yaoi fangirls screamed out in orgasmic pleasure.

Good riddance, worthless.

Mmmm, probably not because I don’t think he can go that far. We’ll probably get some sort of long talk about the past and feelings, and maybe they’ll all blow up. Or not, there could aslo be a twist of some sort. Once again, those eyes are really freaking creepy, maybe they just look big because she’s had them closed the whole series.

Next Episode:
Low quality extended preview of episode 25.

Not going to bother posting shots because it’s all frames from episode one of the first season. Taniguchi likes to have parallels between the beginning and end of his seasons, as I pointed out in the first episode of R2. The words spoken in the extended preview are also very much like the end of the first episode of season one. Credit goes to Koshimizu on the following translation:

R2 Turn 25 Preview:
I might have been a wonderer long since that day.
Sick of this world that couldn’t be changed, but even in my lies, I refuse to give up in despair.
Yes. My name, my experience, and the power I’ve obtained…
All of these might be paving the path to finding the “truth”.

R1 Turn 1:
This corresponds to the climax of Stage 1:
I’ve been lying to myself long since that day.
Lying about being alive.
My name is a lie. My experience is a lie. Nothing but lies.
Sick of this world that couldn’t be changed, but even in my lies, I refuse to give up in despair.
But I’ve obtained this power.

I don’t think this is going to be a recap episode really, but I’d guess Lelouch and Nunally are going to have a conversation about what happened. They also probably just didn’t want to give anything away about the ending.

Crusader’s Angry Drunken Rant

My Cornelia-hime lives! Clearly my round the clock buzzing of Sunrise by fighter bombers has brought them to heel. I forgive them to the outrages they have committed against my Cornelia-hime. Now I must call back those B-52s…

Also best of luck to Villetta who carries Ougi wehrbeitrag.

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  1. Eirias
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

    It is actually Apate Aletheia. Aletheia is a concept of truth, though perhaps not precisely the way we think of truth. Rather is best thought of as reality, something that is not obscured or concealed (lethe). Hence a-lethe-ia.

  2. Posted September 21, 2008 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    @Semtex: If you saw Guilford turning into sparkles in episode 18 then you were probably hallucinating at the time. Literally all that goes are his Vincent’s legs. Maybe you should actually go and watch the episode again.

  3. sevenTsix
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Most confusing show ever!

  4. semtex
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    @Kaioshin Sama

    Well I was probably fooled by the sparkles and the lost signal part, plus I forgot the possibility of the eject button…still I would have preferred him stayed dead. Now thats hes back he and Cornelia can start making mini Guildfords :P

  5. sevenTsix
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 7:29 pm | Permalink

    @Crusader:*wink* Relieved to see that your babe is still alive.

  6. Posted September 21, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    we’re one episode from the end and I can’t even feel things building up.

  7. FireStarter
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 11:34 pm | Permalink

    To explain why Lelouch were able to predict Schneizel’s response in a conversation, perhaps Lulu was behind them the whole time talking to them while the video had no sound at all. They didn’t notice b/c Schneizel was too engaged in the conversation, Kanon and Diethart were refrained.

  8. Dark Water
    Posted September 21, 2008 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    *Yes I realize how fanboyish this sounds* I really only half care about the main story any more. All I want is for both C.C. and Lelouch to live the series and end up as a couple. I think Kallen is an interesting character and all, but I don’t like her for Lelouch. Let Drugzaku have her. I got into this series about a year ago, and in all honesty it was hearing about C.C. and her possible relationship with Lelouch. Basically, so long as they end up together (and maybe find a way to die together, though that wont happen and I know it) I will be happy.

  9. Blade Skills
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    I agree with the review.I’m also dissapointed in Kallen.When she asked Lelouch the trueth I was angry that he didn’t say anything,but now I think he has some reason not to.He could have explained himself to the rest of the Blackknights as well,but maybe that would make things pretty easy for him so I think there is some reason he chose not to that will hopefully be told to us in the end.I wished that Kallen’s character would have remained consistent,but the one thing this series has shown us is that the people are never always the same.

  10. lilu
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    Everything is allright with Gino.
    In 23 episode Schneizel said that he didn’t has any army only Damocles and Mordred.
    Anya is with Schneizel.
    Look again 23 episode Kallen’s and Gino’s little conversation. There was said that Gino is with UFN and Black knights. In other words he has chosen not to side with Mister Nuke Schneizel nor with Mister Geass Lelouch.

  11. SoSo/Karin lover
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    I wonder how this show will end?

  12. Halcyon
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    At the end of Geass, Lelouch is going to go back to the World of C with C.C. and leave the rest of the world behind.

    The epilogue starts with Lelouch and C.C. living together in the World of C like the Honeymooners. C.C. says something to piss him off and Lelouch says “One of these days, [C.C.’s real name] BANG! ZOOM! TO THE MOON” and he points at Jupiter.

    Either that or Lelouch grants C.C.’s wish by going with her to be absorbed by the collection unconsciousness of mankind, thereby getting rid of both the Code and his own geass and breaking the cycle of CODO GEEASSU.

    Then you see the Emperor’s Face flashing inside Jupiter cackling “KEIKAKKU DOORI RUROOSHU”

  13. Maipeisu
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    I knew Nunnally would open her eyes (just ask Cal.) Btw has anyone taken notice of the CLAMP butterflies that adorn her (like the one around her neck), especially the scene in this ep where they fly across the screen? She’s the lynchpin of series, I”m guessing. Keep in mind that CLAMP has a major hand in this animation as well, though its a bit difficult to say just how far their influence extends.

    As for everything else, what more can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’m happy that Diethard experienced a most fitting demise ^_^ and that Cornelia is back amongst the living, even if it was some BS.

    A Code Geass director’s cut would be nice…

  14. Folen
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    I HATE Sunrise for what they do with Kallens character! I think it´s only because the writers want to make a big final Kallen & Suzaku fight…! But she is still my favorite female in this show and my heart still beats for Kallen x Lulu…ok, ist´s clear now, that that never will happen, but I´m not someone who say “Oh, kallen x Lulu wouldn´t happen? Then I´m now a Lulu x C.C. Fan!” -Never! I don´t really dislike C.C., but I just like Kallen (the old one) more… I Hope they´ll make her like she was before the end of turn 22!
    And Gino…at the beginning of this season I really like him …but now, his character has changed into a big fool! unlike Kallen I somehow really dislike him now…I hope so much that there isn´t a gino x kallen end!!! Before that it maybe would be better if kallen and suzaku would both kill each other in the next episode, thought…

  15. Myu
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    Gotta love Sunrise. They create a guy that has two goals in life to justify everything he does – taking revenge on his father for his mother’s murder and making a better world for his sister. And here we are, finally at the end, and guess what? He has disposed of his mother and is ready to sacrifice his sister for the sake of Future. Add some spice and bake in an oven for 30 minutes. Makes 4 servings of clusterfuck.


  16. Halcyon
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Gotta love Sunrise. They create a guy that has two goals in life to justify everything he does – taking revenge on his father for his mother’s murder and making a better world for his sister. And here we are, finally at the end, and guess what? He has disposed of his mother and is ready to sacrifice his sister for the sake of Future. Add some spice and bake in an oven for 30 minutes. Makes 4 servings of clusterfuck.

    Did you miss the part where his sister was chucking NUCLEAR BOMBS at him left and right and his army was disappearing like the US Economy?

    I wouldn’t blame Lelouch. Hell, if my little sister was throwing RPGs at me, I’d slap the taste out of her mouth.

  17. Sean
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Code Geass S2 has strated off extremely strong, but unfortunately the climax peaked around episode 21~23. Just the fact that Ep.24 is becoming such a drag where everything seemingly makes no sense and is being rushed, just ruins the whole series.

    To me, it simply seems like the author realized that there’re no more villans to pilot Knightmare frames to combat Lelouch + Suzaku, so he just dumped everyone else to the side fighting Lulu. Yes, having Suzaku and Kallen on the same side will be too overpowering, but I’m sure that’d satisify the fan a lot more, plus Sunrise just demonstrated again their inability to pull descent plot twists. By rhia point, like many others, I just want to see the last episode to get it over with and move on to Gundam 00. What a shame, great series finishing weak.

  18. Posted September 22, 2008 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    I think the biggest kick I get out of all of this is that the people who claim the show makes no sense keep claiming anew with each episode that the series makes no sense as if they’ve discovered a new development in their own mind’s eye. With episode 21 the previous episodes were the ones that “made sense”, with episode 22 suddenly episode 21 was among the ones that “make sense”, with episode 23 that was the episode where it all stopped “making sense” and so on and so forth. Leaves me to wonder if way back in the beginning it was episode 2 where the show “stopped making sense”, but then again I wasn’t really paying attention.

    Oh well, if the trend carries by the time we hit the end of episode 25, 95% of the series will have made perfect sense and been awesome to people so I guess that’s good stuff. Am I right folks?

  19. raindog
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    @ Halcyon
    Did you miss the part where his sister was chucking NUCLEAR BOMBS at him left and right and his army was disappearing like the US Economy?

    I wouldn’t blame Lelouch. Hell, if my little sister was throwing RPGs at me, I’d slap the taste out of her mouth.

    ya theres no reason to bring our crappy economy into this

    i know its dying, you know its dying, most people with a quarter of a brain(calawain, you, impz, asdaf, anyone form south east U.S) know its dying must you bring it into this as well. why halcyon why

    also anyone think theres a chance of a Code Geass Movie

    Code Geass: lelouch of the rebellion after R2 the movie R3 C.C.’ secret
    , jupiter invades

    oddly enough knowing sunrise the Tittle would be that long

  20. Mytilene
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm | Permalink


    20 points to Nina for becoming a strong, independent female character, another 10 points from Kallen for being a vengeful harpy, 10 points to Lelouch for FINALLY MAKING SENSE, 2 points to Kanon for being hilarious, and a bribe of 50 points to Sunrise if they don’t go the chap way out and have Suzaku die for the cause.

  21. raindog
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 4:06 pm | Permalink


    suzaku deserved to die in series one and in the begging of this series.

    Now he just need to become paraplejic

    just kidding he can live and have childern with that chick from r2 episode 12 who got lelouch’s hat

  22. KYPMbangi
    Posted September 22, 2008 at 8:18 pm | Permalink

    I vote for Orange x sayoko end

  23. ircLunasm
    Posted September 23, 2008 at 12:20 am | Permalink

    Somehow I just feel that the Chinese federation x Japanese gonna join up with Nunaly and this will be the Black x White fight

  24. Posted September 23, 2008 at 4:58 am | Permalink

    Nunally looks weird with her eyes opened… maybe it is too big

  25. Myu
    Posted September 23, 2008 at 6:31 am | Permalink


    I wasn’t criticizing Lulu (god, there’s a bitchslap just waiting to be delivered to Nunally). I was just admiring Sunrise’s ability to screw with the plot.

  26. LDC
    Posted September 23, 2008 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    wow, gayass is deep.

  27. Posted September 23, 2008 at 6:03 pm | Permalink

    well, i’ve been reading this for a while, and felt like commenting(bordeom is great motivation >__< ) so i may be confused. hell, main reason I’m still watching is to see the big fight of Suzaku vs. Kallen(I’m neutral for who i want to win..don’t want anyone to rip my face off virtually)

    Hopefully the finale will clear some stuff up and have some great battles

    (sorry if this has no point..just thought i’d say SOMETHING)

  28. Jaedreth
    Posted September 27, 2008 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    ZeroR2: You seem to have a keen grasp of the intricacies in this series. How do you know it’s going to 31 episodes?

    If Nunnally pushes the button or Lelouche uses his gaess on her, I’m going to be upset.

    1) Zero *would* use his gaess on Nunnally. Without hesitation.
    2) Lelouche wouldn’t. He did all of this for her. Not unless his Gaess was for her to “live on” like Suzaku.
    3) I think it would be a cheap way to resolve this conflict, which is why I don’t want the writers to solve it that way, despite the fact that Lelouche/Zero might actually use that strategy.

    Either the next episode is going to be the last episode and rock uber hard, be the last episode and falter, or string us along and be an ok episode, if there are 31 episodes. If they give us a Death Note ending, I’m gonna boycott Sunrise.

  29. asdfas
    Posted September 28, 2008 at 2:23 am | Permalink

    Calawain, using the “this is my blog and my opinions” excuse doesn’t mean people can’t tell you when you’re wrong. You can’t expect people to not correct you when you’re basically slandering characters for things that they shouldn’t be slandered for.

    OotBK: Yeah it’s different, because they are following a guy that wants to take them hostage and rule the world through fear rather then the guy who actually intended to free them the whole time. He wanted to destroy Brittania by using the OotBK and in the process, free Japan, which is what they want.

    They didn’t know what Schneizel’s plans were. As far as they were concerned, Schneizel was the last standing Britannian “rebel army” against the new emperor. Lelouch might have been their saviour once, but given his actions as emperor, he was clearly no longer their saviour. Even the whole Zero Requiem plan was never about “saving the world”, but simply Lelouch wanting to commit suicide in a grandiose way after killing his parents.

    Let’s say the BK never betrayed Lelouch. Well in that case, Lelouch might have gotten a little farther with his original plan but at some point Marianne would have intervened and revealed to him of their Ragnarok plans. Lelouch would have likely abandoned the BK at that point and gone about Zero Requiem, since nothing would have changed.

  30. Carlos
    Posted April 13, 2012 at 8:19 am | Permalink

    There are many things I disagree with, but there’s something you haven’t understood at all and I think you may need an explanation: Sayoko, Cecile, Lloyd and Nina didn’t betray Lelouch. He knew that, soon or late, he would be killed (Zero Requiem, y’know) and all the ones that supported him would have the same fate. That’s why he had to pretend Suzaku was dead, and that these four betrayed him. Even though for a while they’d be in jail, after his death they would have the chance to survive and have a normal life.
    Maybe you should rewatch the last chapters now that you’ve seen the whole series, you would understand some things you didn’t the first time :)

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