How about going on a date with T.H.A.T anime blog?

Note: Joo, our resident female blogger, is on the pen. That also means she’s blasphemous as usual toward me and Alkanphel. Also, this poll is fictional. Even if you win anything, you do not get any dates from us. Well, maybe the red dates, that stuff is pretty tasty. We will think about it.

Signed, Impz

So yeah, because i have to continuously think of new and refreshing ideas for the polls to keep the viewers excited and blahblahblah. I couldn’t think of any other topic and the ones I’ve thought of before were rejected and forbidden by Impz. Like the idea on the “hottest that.animeblogger” – we all know trappy Impzie will win handsdown, thats a really redundant poll. Or perhaps, MY favourite yaoi pairing (JXJ) private joke – I bet I’ll not only be faced with a screeching nyoro but also be wrangled alive by two co-bloggers. XD

In an attempt to stay on the safe side of all things and still make the poll seem fun. I introduce to you the approved, acknowledged:

“Which blogger from T.H.A.T. Anime blog do you want to go on a date most with?!”

We have a few up and running contestants. Some with overwhelming fandom and popularity already, whereas some are lurkers in the dark, shifters who are rarely in the public eye. You’ll learn more about them in the later part of the post as i begin to reveal more about their deepest and darkest *muahaha* secrets (that’s if i know of any in the first place. lol).

1. Impz


First and foremost, we have our TRAPPY-SAN! our LOLLIPHILE! our notveryCHARMING pimpzie! Woops, i mean… IMPZIE! Aw, come on.. Who can ever refuse a date from the leader of the pack, the ultimate fangirl from the rest?!? Impzie also known as pimpzie (yours truly’s nickname for him), has a gentlemanly side behind him despite all his fangirlish demeanour and nyoro antics. Impzie’s size fits that of a nice cuddly teddybear, you’ll definitely feel safe and secure around him. Lmao. If you’re looking for someone to fangirl with, to giggle to, to ogle at cute lolies together, she’s the man! Easily bribed with any cute stuff, popiahs, donuts and easily read like an open book, Impzie’s the one you’ll want to go on a date with most!

Note: You make me disturbingly wrong. I do not do that much of such stuff, only for a while. I do admit that I am easily bribed. Sigh, re-doing your whole report for the price of one donut. Sigh, I am nice at the wrong times.

Signed, Impz

2. Alkanphel


Alkanphel, the one top-secret blogger who hates having anything in relation to him revealed online. A superbly loyal one piece fan (he tried converting us irl. lmao), gungho for any good food and adventure all around. DOESN’T fangirl or go nyoro like pimpzie does. A direct opposite, not meaty either so no teddy bear girls/guys. Witty and sarcastic sense of humor that makes you feel like stabbing him in the heart a thousand times over sometimes. If you’re looking for someone who _REALLY_ enjoys his food, capable of intellectual conversations and someone to rave over one piece/Naruto etc etc etc. Vote for him and his rubber band arms, as well as his random interjections of words.

Note: Everything said above is completely and absolutely true :D

Signed, alkanphel

3. Mr Admin


Mr.Admin, Dan the man. Silent, reserved at times, kinda hiding low for now due to school. A pro. at graphics even though he doesn’t admit to it and always denies. How humble can a person get and it is something everyone should learn from him! He’s a sucker for good food too. Guo ties and shui jiaos. :] An avid music lover with a large database collection, witty and cheeky at times. Cuddly teddy bear that needs an occasional bap or two at times. -baps. letter?- If there was an anime character that i think would suit him most, it would be Kyon from TMSH. He has almost exact facial expressions with high tolerance for demanding and exasperating people like me. Haha.

4. Joo


Joo, also known as the real life Tsundere, is how Haruhi will be like in real life. She is very fierce when it comes to it, glaring with that kind of “I am going to kill you now if you do not comply” look. However, she is extremely pretty too (enough to be on various advertisements in magazines), with the height to project her slim figure as well, which makes her both beautiful and highly dangerous if you are shorter than her. Prone to speaking, as well as having strange antics, you will never have a bored period with her at all. She is also extremely creative on various ideas during the course of the outing, which makes for fun and great surprises. So what are you thinking at all, she’s the choice to make for a good date. Did I mention that she will look excellent as Nanao in cosplay, both in height and appearance wise alike?

Note: Jan over-exaggerates.

Signed, Jooo

5. Lupus


Lupus, is our man deep in the South, just that he’s more to the north currently due to moving around. This man loves his manga and he often watches a lot of manly manga, which results in his character seemingly like a very bishounen version of Sagara from Full metal panic. However, he professed to be a very lazy person, just like Shikimaru from Naruto, meaning that he has this intelligence that can give you the thrill in anything you do. Just when you think something will turn stale, he will shift the momentum of fate in your life. What else do you want from a man like that who can fulfill that innate need to be surprised, amazed and engrossed in a date?

Note: In real life I’m like a less smart and more lazy version of Shikamaru, complete with Shadow-bind ninjutsu. If you’re into kinky shadow-binding, feel free to vote for me.

Signed, Lupus

P/s The previous poll? Trappy-san emerged winner! -claps- Thanks to all who voted, once, twice, thrice or many many times. >:D hahaha. I know I voted more than once.

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  1. sentinel011
    Posted January 15, 2007 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    the poll’s been rigged! D= (actually there’s no way to know if it is or not..)

  2. Posted January 15, 2007 at 7:25 am | Permalink

    ya, it’s actually rigged. Someone or something is doing an ip spam but i am trying to fix it right.

    Well, somehow X_X

  3. alkanphel
    Posted January 15, 2007 at 10:50 am | Permalink

    We should just write off this poll…

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