Hakushaku To Yousei Ep 7 – The Fairy-Style Sort-of-Engagement

I think I can cue 13sugars to go KYAA KYAA KYAA here.

Thirteensugars is supposed to write the introduction of the entry, but she was a lazy piglet that refused to write anything. The honest truth was that I (Impz) procrastinated over the entry due to some unpleasant real life events during the previous week. Hence, I was not in the mood to write at all.

There is a quick recap of Episode 6. It turned that Paul Ferman was a spy for the Scarlet group. This Scarlet group is a resistance unit against Prince, and they mistook Edgar to be a lackey of the Prince. As Edgar confronted Paul about the ring, Paul tried to poison Edgar and he was unable to do it. However, it was too late as someone lurched at Edgar. The knife was poisoned, and Edgar’s life was in danger.



Lydia knew that the only way to save Edgar is Kelpie, since Kelpie’s blood has the ability to dispel poison. After Lydia promised to go to the fairy world with him, he gave a drop of blood and placed it in her mouth. He told her to give the blood to Edgar mouth-to-mouth. At the mansion, Nico knew what Lydia was going to do, and asked her whether she could leave her father. Lydia was embarrassed to give Edgar a mouth-to-mouth transmission, and realized she could kiss his hand. When there was no effect, Lydia got close to kiss Edgar. However, Edgar woke up. Edgar said that he was left behind by Lydia in his dream, and could not remember how he lost her. Eventually, in the dream, he realized that it was his forceful personality that made Lydia leave.

Edgar said that he was never troubled by the presence of Lydia, and begged Lydia to stay with him. He asked Lydia to try liking him. Lydia said that she might give it a try and told him to rest since he was weak from poison. Edgar was glad that it was the first time she did not outright reject him and went to sleep. The next day, Lydia’s father came over, and said that she chose to live among the fairies. Edgar asked if there’s a way to keep her in the human world. Lydia’s father said there was a way, but it was up to the fairy (Kelpie) who took her. He added that they could only accept it quietly.


Edgar wondered if Lydia really chose Kelpie. Raven mentioned Nico, and Edgar knew he had a source. Nico told him the story. Edgar was happy that Lydia left him in order to save him, and felt that Lydia did it for her love. Nico quickly reminded him that Lydia is very eccentric. Of course, Edgar asked if there is a way to get to Lydia, and successfully bribed Nico with some regal hood and boots to get the information he wanted. After thinking, Edgar promised Marigold to marry their queen and decided to get the ring back.

Edgar looked for Paul in the Scarlet. The Scarlet was surprised that Edgar was still alive. Edgar said that the Scarlet was an organization that protected the Earl, and asked them to support him. He said the proof of his heritage through the sword. The Scarlet group hesitated for a moment before charging forward. However, they were stopped by Paul. Paul explained that Edgar was not a lackey of Prince, and they were similar since Edgar and the Scarlet were persecuted by Prince. Edgar asked to join forces with Scarlet and get back the ring. Edgar proclaimed that he would retrieve the “white bow” and teleported into the fairy world.


Lydia was with Kelpie in the fairy world. Kelpie tried to get fresh with Lydia, only for Lydia to slap him. Lydia reminded that they were not married. Kelpie heard a distraction and left. Lydia suddenly heard Edgar’s voice, and thought it was a hallucination. It turned out that Edgar was really here, and Nico was the one causing the diversion. Edgar asked if he would do nothing after realizing Lydia did this for him. Lydia said that he already promised Kelpie to be here, and could not break any promise. However, Edgar said Lydia already broke a promise after agreeing try to love him. She denied it, saying that she might consider. Edgar said that she should not leave without giving an answer.

Lydia realized what Edgar did and told Edgar that he would have to be the husband of the fairy doctor after receiving the ring. Edgar decided to propose to Lydia, and told them that the agreement only worked if he wore the ring. He did not wear it a single time. Kelpie and the fairies finally found them. Edgar begged Lydia with a flimsy reason that an agreement with humans could be broken, and told him to accept his proposal to save him right now. He also mentioned how lonely Lydia’s father was to persuade her. Despite being reluctant, Lydia put on the moon ring. They then transported back to the human world.

The next day, Edgar thanked Lydia for saving Paul. It turned out that Edgar did not think that Paul’s drawings were great, but accepted it nonetheless (revealing his rather playful character). Edgar also asked why Lydia did not put on the ring. Lydia said that the ring was good as a prevention against playful fairies. Edgar replied that he would visit her father as a formal proposal. Lydia was shocked as she thought that the proposal was merely a human promise that could be broken. Edgar reminded her that she actually agreed to it, and he did not remember saying something like that. Lydia tried to wriggle her way out of it by saying she has work to do.

13’s thoughts


We do apologize for this much delayed entry. Impz thought it would be fun to strangle in anticipation those who were looking forward to reading THAT’s HakuSei summaries. I, of course, said that it was a terrible thing to do… Terrible!

And so, without further ado, knock yourselves out.

Okay, I was disappointed when I saw THAT kiss. I thought there would be more… but it seemed like Meirin from Kuroshitsuji saw more action than I did from HakuSei. Lydia’s act of saving Edgar in exchange for her going to the fairy world with Kelpie was something I pondered quite a lot. Did she do it because she was eccentric? Was it because she just couldn’t stand not doing anything to save someone? Or maybe, just maybe, there was something there that wasn’t there before that could mean more than just a charitable action on Lydia’s part? Had Edgar’s labors of love, if what he felt for Lydia was true love at all, finally gave fruit, even only for a tiny one? We, those who were unfamiliar to the novels, could only guess. And what a fun thing to do it was!

The whole Prince and Scarlet Moon thing became more interesting now. Why was the organization of the Scarlet Moon against whoever Prince was? I initially thought the Scarlet Moon group actually belonged to Prince. And also, it was clear to me now that being the Earl of the Blue Knights was a tougher job to take on compared to just a regular title, what with problems it entailed both in the human world and the fairy world, not to mention an eccentric sort-of-fiancée the current earl had to deal with. And of course, there was his past to consider. Who exactly was Edgar? Was he really a son of a duke who supposedly committed treason and murdered his own family?


My most enjoyable scene in this episode was when Kelpie made a scandalous advance on our heroine. I almost said, “Dude, you’re doing it wrong. Use the 90-10 rule on her!” Honestly, I thought every guy should have a book of Art of Seduction 101, or something to that effect. Then again, they would probably still make a blunder of it. It was also hilarious how Edgar tried to bribe Nico to help him get Lydia back, and how Nico almost gave in for the hat and boots he was being promised to.

Another interesting thing that piqued my curiosity was about the discussion between Professor Carlton and Edgar after the professor informed the earl that his daughter would no longer be working as the earl’s fairy-doctor advisor. I wondered how the professor made his wife fall in love with him and kept her by his side. Edgar could surely use some tips from him.

Oh, how I wish the novels get licensed here. Or if not, perhaps a kind saint would be gracious enough to translate it for poor unfortunate souls such as myself. My silly boyfriend was reluctant to indulge my request. Anyway, let us know what you think about this episode as well.

p/s: I am not silly. You are a silly piglet.

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  1. ianrush21
    Posted November 23, 2008 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    nice. thanks for the summary!

  2. Blist
    Posted November 23, 2008 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    ohhhh~ Impz! You evil >.<” Now I understand why ThirteenSugars called you, your evilness now. I had been waiting for ages for THAT’s Hakushaku summary! T__T Anyway, thanks for this post!! Really glad to see this when the page showed up! XD

    Kelpie is too hot and sweet (in his own way) to resist. Every time he shows up, there’s always a smile on my face, like when he gave Lydia a baby chick after eating its mother, lol. Yes, we all should buy the book Art of Seduction 101 and send it to him. He definitely needs that in order to beat Edgar.

    Man, Edgar just tries so hard to get Lydia’s heart, even seems too persistence to me. Never thought he would chasing her desperately like this, but it’s interesting. Anyway, Edgar & Lydia, just get married and do something like real kiss already!

    and ThirteenSugars~ here is my gift for you, a very cute pic of Sesshy! ^.^

    If you like it, take it as a bribe that the post for ep.8 won’t be delayed, hehehehe.

  3. Posted November 23, 2008 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    I’m actually translating the novels!!! =D Just for my own use,lol. Good review, now I’ve got to wait for the subs of this =(

  4. 13sugars
    Posted November 23, 2008 at 7:06 pm | Permalink

    ~ianrush21~ No problem. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

    ~Blist~ (cracks up) I want that kind of Sesshy too!!! (lol)

    ~Maura~ Why you little selfish… I demand you share your translations with us, too! It’s a crime if you don’t! :D

  5. Posted November 23, 2008 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

    Haha when I finish the first chapter I’ll post it up on my site =D But it’s very tiring to translate lol!!! But Edgar keeps me motivated.

  6. Briar
    Posted November 24, 2008 at 6:10 am | Permalink

    Personally, I think that Lydia will try whatever she could to save whoever it is, even if it isn’t Edgar. To me, Lydia’s growing feelings for Edgar are seen more in the way she blushes and interacts with Edgar, and how she refuses to believe that Edgar is serious. There is so much chemistry between them, I can completely forgive the lack of any kind of physical intimacy. I like the anticipation anyway. :D And half the fun is watching them circle around each other.

    You know, that blond hair is actually growing on me. I think I am beginning to like him better in blond than in brown. And yes, I’m still obsessing over this issue. Edgar is growing more and more cool. That twirl with the sword is just so kya worthy.

    Does anyone else think that the final guy-in-black appearing at the end looks a lot like Edgar? Is it just a common anime trait, or is there something more to it? And what-tis-name… Yomi? Yami? (Raven’s sister) sudden appearance was quite a surprise to me.

    The plot dost thicken. I’m definitely looking forward to more.

  7. Lacus
    Posted November 24, 2008 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    thirteensugars, ShadowDreams is listing the differences between the novel and the anime episodes on her blog located here: http://kagedreams.livejournal.com/


  8. 13sugars
    Posted November 24, 2008 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    ~Briar~ Indeed, Lydia actually resembles a typical Victorian wallflower miss. It’s really so much fun to see how a “reformed” rake, or somewhat reformed, Edgar woo her.

    I’ve always liked Edgar in blond, though you’re right. The brown-ruggedly handsome image fits him as well. And yes, I, too, felt my soul twirl when I saw how he handled his sword…. hmm, somethiing sounds wrong in that last statement. :D

    Who’s Yomi/Yami? @_@

    ~Lacus~ I follow her entries too! She’s awesome! ^^

  9. Posted November 25, 2008 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    Thanks Lydia,

  10. Briar
    Posted November 25, 2008 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    I must be channeling “Ga-Rei”. I really can’t remember the name of the woman I’m talking about (Ami?), but she’s the one at the top left corner of your last screenshot. She mysteriously appeared to observe the happenings, and then later she talked to the Edgar-lookalike aka the guy with the black fey dog, where he said (paraphrasing inaccurately) that the servant cannot forget her master. I think this was either the last scene after the credits or the last scene before the credits.

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