Kuroshitsuji Episode 10 – Ice is pretty


Before you go, here comes the fillers again, let me assure you that this is worth watching because of the amount of hilarity, and “foreboding” at the end of the episode. I will not spoil you too much but this is an episode I feel that “fillers can be done decently well if they know what they are doing.” The episode is obviously yet another attempt to make people go into seizures over the quirky characters of the series.

Yes, my lessened anger is due to the non-existence of the four retards. BANZAI TO IMPZ!



A man was running away with a sapphire ring from some Irish Mafia, when he was hunted down and hurled down the bridge on a cold silent night. Due to the thick ice forming, there was a market bazaar. The usual crew (minus the idiot four) visited this ice sculpture fair. Elizabeth and her butler Paula were here too secretly to buy Ciel a gift for his birthday. The Irish Mafia was also here for the festival, looking for the ring. In the bazaar, they saw a limited edition of Phantomhive’s handmade toys but it was just an imitation. Ciel explained that the prototypes were burned after the arson killing. Sebastian said that these rare toys were like the country, where only a very small group of people could survive.

In the Bazaar, they met up with a Scotland Yard officer. Ciel was taunting him for being idle, but he said he was here for a job. The man actually wanted to ask Ciel for help and reached out for him. However, Sebastian flicked his hand away, saying that Ciel is frail to touches. Aberlin brought Ciel to a chinese restaurant and said that they found a male corpse under the ice. He was a criminal, and the Yard were trying to find a sapphire ring he stole. Lau then appeared, saying that the sapphire ring has such an allure despite the deathly fate that will await anyone that owns it. Aberlin was surprised that Lau knew about the ring of hope, only for Ciel to dispel that myth. Lau is bullshitting as usual.


Ciel asked why Lau was here. It turned out that they were in his restaurant. Ciel asked Lau if he knew about Henry Hope’s sapphire ring. After the death of his mistress, the jewel was split into two fragments. It seemed that the ring was stolen after a raid during transporting the vehicle. Ciel then replied that he was interested in the case. Elizabeth was also having trouble finding her gift, and rejected Paula’s gift suggestion. Aberlin said that they can find clues by going to the Undertaker (as people die from frost). It turned out it was the same Undertaker they knew. Aberlin entered, and Ciel told Sebastian to prepare for the Undertaker. Strangely enough, a fury of laughter resonated.

Undertaker told Aberlin that he should change his job. Everyone was surprised at the outcome, and Ciel realized that Aberlin is surprisingly amazing. Aberlin asked for Undertaker’s advice and he agreed while showing them the ring. It was on a statue, and it would be awarded to the winner of an ice sculpture competition. The man who spoke of it was Viscount Druitt, the man who admired Ciel’s trap beauty. Aberlin tried to take the sculpture by force, but was told to join the competition in order to get her. Aberlin was worried and slipped off the fact that the Yard wanted to get the ring due to its connection with various kidnapping cases. Ciel now realized why they wanted the ring. Aberlin continued that the disappearance of those owning the ring was true too. Ciel was getting more interested in this case now.


Ciel ordered Sebastian to win this contest. Elizabeth was sad that she broke Ciel’s ring, and wanted to buy something to appease him. In the contest, the Yard’s sculpture was an old officer (sucks with 5 points), Lau’s sculpture was too erotic (X for everyone except Druitt who gave a 10) and Sebastian’s sculpture was clearly superior in every single way. The judges praised him for his well-thought plan. The Irish mafia knew that they could not beat Sebastian, and shouted that they would be taking the ring by force. Aberlin realized them as the bomb-blasting arsonists in the recent London cases. Aberlin told Ciel to escape. Ciel told him to leave if he wished, but Aberlin said that he could not leave any innocent citizens behind.

The Irish man asked why Ciel is not fleeing, and he said there was no reason. They then have an obviously fanservice of Sebastian ice skating around and easily dispatching the enemies. The man threw bombs at Sebastian, but he did not realize that Sebastian was skating in a circle. That caused the ice that they were standing on to collapse, and the prize (and the ring) sunk to the sea. Ciel said that Sebastian used to say that Aberlin’s naive attitude to solve everyone is stupid. However, Ciel said that such an idiot might be useful at times. Back at Elizabeth’s home, she realized it was a fake and started crying. At the end, a puppet reports to his master and told him that the fragment would go to a great owner.



I was definitely enjoying myself in this episode with all the hilarity that was present in the scenes. I actually did not realize that the idiot four were not in the episode at all until my girlfriend pointed out that none of the Phantomhive workers was in this episode. I am not sure if this is the main reason that explains why I enjoyed this episode much more than the previous one, but it is definitely a contributing reason to explain the feel-good factor in this episode. I really hope to hear what you guys think of this episode, because I might be extremely biased. As usual.

I personally loved the sustained appearances of Lau and the Undertaker, both quirky characters that are definitely hard to find in a series. I might not mention it that often, but these two characters are my two favorite characters in the series. Lau is just very hard to read because he can be downright ruthless even though he is usually used in comedy relief. I mean, who can resist someone who spoke like a pure genius before going, “So what are you guys talking about?”

On the story itself, it really tells little except as a setup for something seemingly more sinister. We still have no clue about the missing girls in the kidnapping case, and I do not think that it is mentioned just for the sake of it. It’s a nice quick fact that is thrown into the picture without elaborating too much. My belief is that they will be expanding on that, as well as the mystery puppet/master in the next episode. I could be wrong, but it seems like it will link to Elizabeth too.


One thing that I must praise the animators here is the continued animation quality. Of course, this is no Madhouse animation quality but it is done in a consistent way so that even filler material has the feel of being authentic. The story is also done nicely, playing on the strengths of the characters that are portrayed in this episode. Of course, any attempt to bring the Undertaker into the story is a job well done. He’s such a freak, even if the reason for his appearance is rather flimsy.

I also wonder if the ring is truly the second fragment of Henry Hope. I might be totally wrong on this but it seems that the first fragment of the ring is the ring of Phantomhive. If so, who is this Henry Hope and why does the ring end up as the inheritance of Phantomhive? I do not think that I will get the answer anywhere, but it’s interesting to take note of it. I also like the straight character Aberlin. His entrance to the story is very critical to show the difference between Ciel/Sebastian and the naive, even glorified belief to protect everyone. In a life where Ciel learned that protecting oneself is the key thing in the world, it is a nice contrast.

That is why I believe Ciel said something about Aberlin’s existence in the end. Without Aberlin, Ciel will be completely consumed by the devilish fire that would one day eat him whole. Nonetheless, everyone will be agreeable that Ciel showed a lot of surprise when Aberlin did not want to escape without him. I guess that is why despite being absolutely boring as a character, it enhances the quality of Ciel and Sebastian.

Oh, last thing, Viscount Druitt did a deus ex machina. True or False?

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  1. eipu
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 5:11 am | Permalink

    Elizabeth too has a butler, female style? THAT is just SOO cool.

    OMG, you are absolutely right on Lau and the Undertaker. I gotta say that they’re my favorites as well, next to sebastian,of course. Lau is just SOOOO funny and surprisingly, his comedic line never gets old, at least for me, i wonder why? And undertaker, i love him simply for being quirky.

    The story seems interesting, but i’ll hold my opinion on the episode when i get to watch it subbed. But I’m really glad this turned out to be a lot better than the previous episodes. When i saw the caps before reading the summary, i was thinking what the hell that dude aberlin was doing in this episode. But it actually turned out to be a good thing.

  2. Elena
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 8:27 am | Permalink

    Without saying too much; it sounds like it is taking elements from later manga chapters.

    I’m glad you liked this one:) I liked the previous ep better (for the wrong reasons, hee hee) but I like how this is going.

  3. Prufrock
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 8:28 am | Permalink

    I laughed so hard at this episode despite the fact I was watching the RAW version and had no idea what they were saying most of the time, give or take a few lines. Then again… I usually chuckle a lot each episode, regardless of whether or not it happened to be shitty on the story end of things.


    At first, I thought the puppet at the fair = Joker. I feel a tad bad for Elizabeth for still being distraught over breaking Ciel’s ring when… yeah, Sebastian totally fixed that shit. Anything with the Undertaker = awesome (especially when good ol’ Mr. Scotland Yard tried to walk “in” the door). Lau is so perverted, but I love it, especially his random-ass sculpture (why should I have expected that?) The Viscount surprised me, but he’s so flamboyantly fabulous (did you see that jacket? Christ) that it’s okay. Annnd the cliffhanger at the end was pretty cool. At least it has ME wanting to see the next episode. I can’t say much for Aberlin until I see the subbed episode with his lines. I do, however, agree with what you said about him helping to enhance Ciel through his altruism.

    I also love how they always make Sebastian’s little “episodic talents” (ice skating…?) retarded, yet pulled off with such amazing skill that it’s… well, not retarded anymore, but epic. Just when you think something can have Sebastian making a fool of himself. NOPE. Oh God, I love it.

  4. Blist
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Seems like this episode is win judging from everyone’s feedback. Yeah, I think this one is the best of all fillers so far! I laughed so hard coz there’re just too many funny scenes (ex. Undertaker’s door – who the heck design this? / Lau’s usual gag but always works) What made me delight must be the re-appearance of almost all of side characters, but Count Druitt is quite unexpected as I thought we won’t see him in this series anymore. He was kind of creepy for me, but now he’s just one funny character, hahaha.

    The best scene in this ep for me is when Sebastian threw Ciel away. If I was him, I must shouted “Damn you! SEBASTIANNNNN!!” while being thrown away like that (and Ciel’s face was like saying the same as that, hahaha). That’s why, when they showed Ciel and Sebastian standing so cool on the ice boat, I couldn’t help but felt that Ciel’s legs might be actually shaking (lol) but he tries so hard to act cool.

    I think this might not be a filler anymore, but anime’s original ending arc? Just my guess coz it looks epic and will concern about Ciel’s past. hmmm I feel bad for Elizabeth too. She still feels guilty for breaking the ring, not knowing that the ring was fixed and everything’s fine now = =’

    “Sebastian said that these rare toys were like the country, where only a very small group of people could survive.”
    what a negative comment, Sebastian – -” well… he’s a demon after all.

  5. icelogue
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Did anyone notice that Grell is going to be in the next episode? If he is, I hope Madame Red will be in it, ’cause I have a feeling that it’s a flashback. I cant wait for the next episode. Romi Paku and Jun Fukuyama, that would be AWESOME! (Madame Red & Grell)

    The dark undertones at the beginning of this episode sent me into giggles. The more dark Kuroshitsuji is the better it becomes.


    Yea, it’s very entertaining when all the side characters have a get together and it spells a good episode.

    Yes, ice is very pretty. It’s shiny….

  6. Kaitune
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    Since I have lower my expectation due to the past episode, this episode does looking quite good to me, however, I have to really check it out before I can confirm any though I have about it.

    May be the production team finally finds out how to create original stuff and does it well.

  7. Cherubium
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

    Hmm I actually think Druitt did a deus ex machina cos everyone would rat him out being the ring leader for selling those girls/traps/supposed body parts. Why is there an image of trappy Ceil?

    Lau and his fetish with his servant.

  8. Eskel
    Posted December 9, 2008 at 1:43 am | Permalink

    It looks like everyone has made nice and long posts, so I’ll go with a short one:

    Viscount Druitt = HELL YEAH!!! 8D

  9. eipu
    Posted December 9, 2008 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    @ Eskel

    haha, i didn’t expect to see him again after the trap episode. So i almost squealed when I saw him, and as usual, he looks amazing ^^ This episode won me over (after the subpar previous episodes) with Lau, the Undertaker and the viscount ^^

  10. Eskel
    Posted December 9, 2008 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    @ eipu

    He’s one of the main reasons I want the Indian arc to be animated. :D

  11. Posted December 9, 2008 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    @Eipu: Yes, the butler is a bit clumsy and ditsy but I just think that it is good that Elizabeth has a butler too. I actually like Paula quite a bit because she is quite an airhead that complements Elizabeth’s energy very well.

    Lau’s jokes never gets old because it feels just like him to do that. I mean, sometimes you really think that he will be serious but he just cops out by going “huh, who is that?” Now that is true comedy at its best.

    I think it is actually nice than the previous episode but I might add that I might be biased because the idiot four did not appear a single second.

    @elena: I see. This is very much better but being a guy, fanservice just does not work for me. ^^ Well, even the fanservice for males is something that generall turns me off, so I am against fanservice in general.

    @Pru: Hahah, it is actually funny so you are right to smile about it. My girlfriend doesn’t really understand 50% of the dialog when she watches her raw but she enjoys it nonetheless. Don’t feel strange.

    Anyway, Elizabeth really cares about Ciel despite being a total failure at doing it. I actually found that quality of hers endearing despite her bratty behavior in general. She just doesn’t know how to express her feelings toward people. Lau is so perverted with his gals that it’s awesome.

    I just feel that the episode does well to make us think about the next episode. That’s how you make fillers, to make people actually anticipate stuff.

    @Blist: Do you really have to ask who designed the door for the Undertaker? I am appalled because only someone with great aesthetic and crazy antics will be able to pull off something like this without being an idiot. Also, I wonder what Aberlin said to the Undertaker. I want to know!

    This is not a filler? I am not sure because I do not really read the manga that far ahead but it might be. Anyway, I think it really deserves another 13 episodes so that they can cover the Indian arc. That will be very fun.

    Sebastian does not believe in trust at all. He is a demon and he has no notion of loyalty, only a contract. He is in dungeons and dragons alignment to be a Lawful evil character. He abides the law, but will try to get his way out of it if he can. He does not believe in how people will be selfless enough to help others. He finds Aberlin stupid, which is why Ciel commented that stupid people like Aberlin might be good for the world.

    @Ice: Yes, he is. Girlfriend is very excited because she finds him funny.

    @Kaitune: Well, I am hoping for something decent to close off this series.

    @Cher: Well, they did explain that Viscount Druitt actually bought his way out of an extended jail term,

  12. Blist
    Posted December 9, 2008 at 11:39 am | Permalink

    @ice: it is. I hope they’ll make more an episode like this in the future :D

    I saw Grell in the preview too and excited to see him again. His psycho and weird-but-funny behaviors just make me love him! hahaha.

    @Impz: Nope, this isn’t in the manga. It is a filler but I suggest if we should rather call it an ‘anime original ending arc’? again, nice work for filler. I hope other fans are please with this episode like us.

    I agree with you and you really understand Sebastian very well, Impz. Are you also a demon Thirteensugars summoned here?

  13. she
    Posted December 12, 2008 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

    This is primarily still a filler, but it started so early, the studio is able to manipulate the storyline into their own and continue it off from there as separate from the manga (which is nothing like this really). It’s somewhat like Fullmetal Alchemist which they changed majorly since the beginning. Although the difficult part is making this anime coherent enough that it doesn’t become something insanely different from the manga altogether. For fillers this studio does a pretty good job…except for the dog one. That annoyed the crap out of me.

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