Kuroshitsuji Ep 13 – It's the Indian Arc!


For the manga fans who have been growing tired of the fillers, the anime finally returned to the roots of the manga series. It’s the Indian Arc! Prince Soma and Agni has finally arrived at the small screen, and will the transition be smooth?

Oh yes, it will. Might I add this as well: It’s even better.



A new case of British citizens getting hung upside meant that Ciel was involved again. It turned out that all these victims came back from India, and they decided to explore the East End where a congregation of Indian immigrants live. Ciel accidentally bumped into a thug, and they tried to exhort money. However, they are interrupted by a prince and his butler. The prince initially ordered Agni, his butler to attack Ciel because they thought that the British elite was bullying his countrymen. Agni was able to rival Sebastian in solo combat, surprising Ciel. However, when Ciel asked whether Indians are brutes to assault people who are merely passing by, he asked Agni to turn on those thugs. As long as they appeared, they disappeared while mumbling about a girl.

Back at home, Lau suddenly appeared at the house followed by the two Indians. The Two Indians happily came to stay at his house, saying that it was common sense to invite a savior home. They then took a room, while Ciel asked who he was. The man introduced himself as Prince Soma and explained where he came from. The next day, Ciel was woken up by Agni and Soma. Agni happily called Ciel a small kid, and asked him to guide them around. However, they were interrupted by Sebastian who explained that Ciel had lessons to undergo. It was violin lessons, and Ciel was asked to play a piece of Bach.


While he played, the two Indians were praying to their god, Kali. Agni explained that Kali was a war god that killed a demon. However, she succumbed to the lust of bloodshed, only to recover after stepping on her husband. After that, her unclean feet made her realize her mistake. Sebastian remarked that she was a powerful god. Soma continued to pester Ciel, only for Ciel to challenge him at fencing. Soma clearly did not know fencing, and Ciel was at an advantage. Ciel was about to strike, but Agni blocked Ciel’s acupuncture point. Agni apologized for his actions, stating that he did it just to protect his master. Sebastian said that he could not allow that as a butler of Phantomhive and challenged Agni to a duel.

The two of them fought to a draw after their foils broke after a hard contact. Ciel asked Sebastian whether Agni was another freak but Sebastian said he was human. However, Sebastian said that Agni should not be regarded as a normal human due to his immense powers. Later that day, Bard wanted to cook for the guests, but was told to do nothing by Sebastian. Sebastian asked Agni to prepare a fruit salad. When Bard asked why he was ignored, Sebastian totally overlooked him. Agni managed to make the three idiots of Phantomhive useful, surprising Sebastian.


Agni explained that everyone has a talent, and it is just learning how to use them. Agni continued that God has provided a path of everyone, and only need to listen to God to follow this path. Sebastian said that Agni was a great person. Agni said he was someone who was about to be hung for his violent crimes, only for Soma to save him. For a person who has forsaken God, he found a god. He said seriously that he found the light of Saintliness on Agni. Sebastian mumbled that the real gods were useless, and dismissed it when Agni asked what he said. At the dinner table, Soma presented a terrible drawing, and they wanted to find this slave girl called Meena. She took care of him since young, and she was kidnapped by a British citizen to Britain.

Ciel asked whether it was necessary to do so much for a slave. Soma shouted that Ciel would not understand the despair of losing her. Ciel retorted that he could not understand how someone can be in despair over something so trivial. Ciel said that he did not care, and told Soma that there were things that you could not do anything even if you wished to get it back. Later that night, Ciel decided to accompany Soma, and explained that it was not for Soma. Soma said that he had to leave though, and said that he was not free like Ciel. Lau entered the room, and they wondered about the two suspicious Indians.



All right, I admit. As much as the fillers are decent, the manga fans do have some logical reasoning to dislike the fillers because the manga chapters are really much better. Soma and Agni are really interesting characters to start off. Soma is that arrogant prince that thinks that everyone should consider him as the center of attention. Agni is extremely devoted to his prince, but his serious demeanor can somehow be funny. I personally find his zealous adoration to Soma to be funny, whenever he goes into a speech about how great Soma was.

Anyway, it is definitely going to be an interesting conflict for Sebastian and Agni. They are like parallels of each other, each capable in their own means. Sebastian is malicious, stoops to absolutely everything to get his task done and only believes in himself. On the other hand, Agni is one that uses kindness and borrows power and strength from everyone. Obviously, he is the type of person who believes in people. That makes it really discomforting for Sebastian because he already concluded that the three idiots were completely useless, only for Agni to use them effectively for a task. That really shows the disparity of the two butlers in their attitude toward things. Sebastian is just a devil butler, after all.

I also like how they discussed about the relationship between India and Britain during the colonial period. There is a long history of abuse and white politics in India, and there is a reason with the number of rebellions that has caused a simultaneous time in the history of British India. A little bit of history can be read in Wikipedia about the conflict between India and Britain during the years of colonialism in the mid 19th century.


Also amazing is how they managed to make Prince Soma less obnoxious than the character in the manga. Who is the seiyuu for him anyway? I am not familiar with the works of Shinnosuke Tachibana, the seiyuu for Soma but he is doing a good job to make Soma an arrogant punk but yet not an obnoxious idiot. Maybe that view will change after a few more episodes since this is a very long arc, but I got a feeling that the anime version will be better than the manga version for one. Of course, you can always complain about the minor details (no Lau and female fanservice!) but it is probably done to squeeze enough episodes within their requirements.

I also feel that Lau is acting stupid just to make fun of Ciel. His character is definitely way more sinister than he lets up to be. No one can be the Mafia Lord and a major businessman of a country without unscrupulous and vicious means to keep his power. That makes his random funny appearances even more interesting because you are waiting for the time where he turns all sinister and creepy. Oh my, I just cannot wait to have such a moment very soon!

On the arc itself, it seems to unravel very slowly. An obvious link got to be with that girl that Soma is trying to find: Meena. We know little of her, and she might be one of the suspects that are causing trouble. Soma and Agni feels like the type of people who would not bother with such petty crimes, but that is what I said about Grell beforehand. See how crazy that shinigami turned into. I think that it will be a pity if Soma and Agni turned out to be the perpetrators but I think it is highly unlikely if it will be a long arc. The real suspect is probably still hidden in the plot.

So, are you glad that they went back to the manga material or EXTREMELY GLAD that it is back?

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  1. Blist
    Posted December 27, 2008 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    hmm, I’m glad that they animated Indian arc but not extremely going crazy about it, lol. The fillers were nice and what I feel really happy to see Indian arc is because it means we’ll see Kuroshitsuji for another 12-13 episodes at least! I hope they’ll animate Noah circus arc too! (to manga fans: the latest episode is so awesome! Don’t you agree with me? XD)

    I saw many comments said that they don’t like Agni’s voice, but it’s likely what I had imagined, deep and calm voice. On another hand, I really like Prince Soma’s voice!! But I couldn’t find who he is. So he’s Shinnosuke Tachibana? gotta do some research about this!

    It’s a pity they cut some scenes from manga, but I guess they must made it according to their plan for the whole series. It’s interesting that one is obviously in God’s side, and one is a demon, but they become good friends. Agni was so funny when he told the story of Kali goddess.

  2. icelogue
    Posted December 27, 2008 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    It’s great that the animators are getting back to the manga; fillers can only be tolerated for so long.
    The voices don’t seem to fit the characters, but voices are something that you get used to. By the end of the arc, I’ll probably love the voices. :)
    The only complaint I have is Soma’s and Agni’s hair color. It seems way to odd for them….
    @ Impz
    AAHHH!! You make me want to tell you what happens! It’s not fair!

  3. Cherubium
    Posted December 27, 2008 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    I am very happy that we are back on track.

    I can’t wait until the end cos I actually like it when Lau shows his true image and his little sister has some fun.

    I don’t think that this arc will be very long though cos it could be wrapped up in less than 5 eps like Jack the ripper arc.

  4. Blist
    Posted December 27, 2008 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    I forgot to mention the thing they did that I really like! The new BGM for Indian arc! They’re very nice that just makes me wonder whether they add many fillers coz they need more time to prepare new things for Indian arc. It’s funny when Agni talked about his meeting with Soma that it should be very impressive story, but Sebastian acted like he didn’t give it a shit.

    I agree with Cherubium, and think that this arc should be like… 3-4 eps long?

  5. Posted December 27, 2008 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    YAY! Kudos to Impz! The manga arc has finally arrived after weeks of waiting! Oh, am I so glad! Hope they don’t drag it for too long.

    P.S.: I think Soma and Agni’s hair colors aren’t what I’ve expected from the manga to the anime.

  6. Kaitune
    Posted December 27, 2008 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    Aren’t you glad that the three idiots are finally proved to be useful for once? (LOL)

    Lau is the character that I always feel he isn’t an idiot just because he is an idiot (even though he is pretty funny when he acts like that, the timing is always so right) He seems more like a character who is actually laughing and making fun of everybody around him. However, now I am slightly more curios about his ‘little sister’ thought.

    Some people who read the manga feel that this arc is a bit off since it seems as if the manga is turning into a cooking manga, but I still like it a lot because the ending of the arc is really satisfying.

  7. Posted December 28, 2008 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    @Blist: Huh, why did they not like Agni’s voice? I think that his voice is how I imagined it. It is deep, calm, serious yet somewhat funny when it is trying to be overly serious. I wonder why they disliked it in the first place. Are the comments in livejournal? I got to read about those comments.

    I think the only scene I really dislike being cut was the opening scene where Lau’s appearance and introduction as the mafia executive. Nonetheless, I have to say that my favorite moment is when Ciel and Sebastian are serious about playing Bach’s music when the two Indians happily started to pray at their Kali statue. That was so classic comedy at its best.

    Do remember that Sebastian is a devil and he has a huge disdain for the real gods. That is perhaps why he finds the whole story to be whatever to him. For a man who does not believe in faith, whatever Agni said is just a joke to him. Sebastian, as I mention in my thoughts, believes only in himself and no one else.

    @Icelogue: I actually find that their hair color fits their character well. In a way, the purple hair of Soma makes him more punkish and exotic as a prince. I am surprised why people think that the voices don’t seem to fit the characters.

    I thought that Prince Soma has a mature yet somewhat punkish tone to his words, which I feel shows the nature of Soma. He is not someone who is a great person (due to his naivety) but he is a real good person without any real world knowledge. The voice seems to hit those characteristics.

    @Cheru: Really? I thought that the arc can be wrapped up in around 5-6 episodes. That will leave 1-2 more arcs for the series, and I do not think that I can complain.

    On the Lau part, my favorite scene of the whole series. Those eyes …

    @RV: Wasn’t too bothered about the hair, heh! Ya, I don’t think they will actually.

    @Kaitune: Hmm, useful? I think it just shows how amazingly great Agni is at using people. I would probably lose patience and call them to stop doing anything. If better, feed them to the pits.

    Lau is probably more sinister than those who are already dark. He will only strike when you are at your lowest, and I think he is the comedic relief that can turn into a venomous snake at an instance.

  8. boo
    Posted December 28, 2008 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    back to the manga!
    *happy happy* :D

    Well I quite liked the anime original ovas- though I thought there were WAY too many characters- I did like the extra bits with the undertaker in…

    Well I’m just glad that it’s the Indian arc- I guess it’s because there will be less suprises that the fillers if you know what will happen next…

    The purple hair for the prince seems odd…but I think the butler’s one is good.. Blah can not remember names for my life ><

  9. CatzCradle
    Posted December 29, 2008 at 6:09 pm | Permalink

    Lovely post, Impz~

    Btw, since I can’t really tell since you made it sound so vagure, but have you read the manga counterpart yet?

  10. CatzCradle
    Posted December 30, 2008 at 12:55 am | Permalink


  11. Posted December 30, 2008 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    @Boo: Well, the issue is that the fillers really felt like a little empty within because it just didn’t have the depth of the manga. It’s a huge pity that it happened right when the show got great, and alienated quite a few of the viewers. The Indian arc is definitely one of the arcs that will be exciting, so i think those disgruntled readers will come back soon enough.

    Why is everyone complaining about the hair of Soma @_@ It’s so queer as I thought it fit him just all right.

    @Catz: Ya I did. However, I do not want to put too many spoilers to those who have not read the manga. So, I am writing as though I know little about the manga to make it more appropriate for general speculation and reading.

  12. Aldalena
    Posted January 3, 2009 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Wow, Agni and Soma look exactly the way I imagined them!! Except I thought Soma’s hair would be black, but oh well. ^^’
    And so I finally get to hear their seiyuu~! Prince Soma is voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke. The only role of his that I am familiar with is Benvolio from Romeo x Juliet…
    Yasumoto Hiroki is Agni’s seiyuu. He voices Chad/Sado from Bleach and Yagari Touga from Vampire Knight. He’s also going to be voicing Germany in Hetalia, which is scheduled to begin near the end of this month! Yay~ :3

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