I'm back!

I'm back!

You should see how much I’ve grown. Or not.

Yeah, it’s been almost a year since I last blog anything. 3 more papers till I’m finally free from my nightmare of having to take paper after paper after paper after paper after paper…

Oh, sorry. Did I rant too much? Silly me.

Yeah, so while I was away, I still get the chance to see quite a few anime series, some as good as Kimi ni Todoke, Umineko and Eden of the East and the crappy ones like Asura Cryin’ (Did not cry, you piece of junk), Miracle Train (Man, I don’t anyone watches it, but I only watch it for the sake of boredom.) and 07-Ghost (I’m starting to hate Studio DEEN ever since I watched Vampire Knight, but I’m still respecting it due to their involvement in Umineko, which is still as awesome as the 1st episode.)

Before I began ranting how much I’ve struggled over the year, let’s get into it. (Note: List of anime I’ve watched is not in order of the worst to the best and vice versa. I just jot down things that my brain pops up.) Erm, I’m getting extremely loquacious, let’s move on.

Note: Will be listing a number of series from Production I.G, Studio DEEN and Bones. It’s a good year for them, fortunately.

Eden of the East


Ahh…before it was aired, I thought it was some kind of unoriginal crap I’ve been getting after watching crappy anime series again and again. But the 1st episode proved me wrong. Love the ED sequence especially, with the creative use of paper, paper and more paper. And the best way for our main protagonist Akira to suffer from amnesia. (Why is he naked in the first place? D:)
Unfortunately, the story suffers in the middle and towards the end, but it get me some time to get used to the terminology of the series and know what on Earth is going on. But I shall praise for the clean animation (Though I’m not used to the character design. I guess that’s me.) and the decent use of CGI as many series which used CGI turns out like shit in the end.

Score: 8.5/10

Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood


My friend and I sometimes compared this with the original series that aired a few years ago. Coming to a conclusion, this series is very, very faithful to the manga (With some minor changes of course, but it doesn’t affect largely on the series.) unlike some other anime series like Vampire Knight and 07-Ghost which butchered the plot in the face of fans of the manga series. This series mixes humour and seriousness together quite well, keep it up, BONES (Thumbs up.) and also triggers my emotions at certain scenes (Such as Winry meeting the murderer of her parent Scar and the recent Ishbal massacre that made me feel sympathetic towards the soldiers who are involved in this war and angry for those who started it.)

Yeah, it was good with unexpected plot twists (For those who avoid reading the manga or just too lazy to check it out. I’m one of them) and the animation was crisp and detailed. It’s still ongoing, so go check it out if you can, though you have to tolerate the violence and gore in some of the episodes (Warning to those who can’t stand gore.) The music is good, anyways. (Rush to check out OPs and EDs.)

Score: 9/10

Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Man, it’s getting more and more exciting. Until now it has been a very one-sided match between Battler and Beatrice, but episode 19 has gotten my feet up together to see the awesomeness once more, most of all the inclusion of Battler’s half-younger sister, Ange, and the use of blue text, which pars the power with Beatrice’s red text. Of all the WTF moments they have, this series is probably the 1st of all series I’ve listed to have it (Next to FMA: Brotherhood.) Though some parts Studio DEEN cut are also very crucial to the story (Which there are too many of them to list down.), they still do quite a great job on it and keeping as much consistency as possible, all thanks to the director who also did on Higurashi. (At least they did the right thing to picked someone experience to do Umineko, or else I would have switched this series off long ago.) I love the OP, but I don’t really get what the ED has to do with the series though I’m starting to get the hang of the ED. And unlike VK and 07-Ghost, they avoid showing their flaws as much as possible.

Score: 8.5/10

Kimi ni Todoke


Feels so familiar, now that I’m leaving school after my papers are over. Time for me to get a part-time job before my magic paper pops right in front of me before I know it. Back to the topic, it’s unique in its own way and the character design is on par with the manga. The pacing is good, as least for those who just want to chill in everyday life and make yourself happy. But most of all, I feel the same way as Saint Sawako Kuronuma, feeling the same way of being somewhat of an outcast and starts to open up to have friends who really care about her. Like FMA: Brotherhood, I’ve cried several times in the series, just like how Ouran has made me laugh of their shallow jokes and nonsense.

The only problem with the series is the male lead (Don’t bash me up, it’s only my opinion, not yours.). Don’t really know if a person like Kazehaya can exist in reality, but to me, he’s trying to be to please everyone (Or not) but he could just be trying too hard or become a yes-man to everybody (Except for a few instances.) But other than that, the characters are quite lovable, especially Pin, the temporary homeroom teacher of our fellow main characters. Just really wish that an anime series can stand out in their own way rather than being just carbon copies of each other.

Score: 9.5/10 (Yes, call me biased, or whatever.)



With plenty of bitches (Liang Qi), woman that fight and show off their guns (Alphard and Canaan) and very annoying girls who always acts as damsel in distresses (Maria Osawa, Yunyun but not as much as Sugoi Girl as some of our members in THAT put Maria as), I only watched the series for its animation awesomeness and the UA virus that has been affecting very important people, such as the Vice-President of Japan and the villagers who were infected by it. Well, it’s the only Type-Moon series I’ve watched, aside from the Kara no Kyoukai movie series, so I don’t know if this series is a miss or hit. I empathize how many of you by your reaction of Maria’s character (And speaking of Osawa, I almost mistaken from a pr0n star by the same name, only that her surname is Ozawa instead of Osawa). Also, that reminds me of a girl in Miracle Train that somehow talks like Osawa at the beginning of episode 5 with sugoi, sugoi sugoi!!!! Still, once again, P.A. Works has prove us right that they can do action scenes as well.

Score: 7.5/10 (All because of Maria. That’s why.)

Asura Cryin’


This series is trying too hard to squeeze too many things, mainly a mecha theme, a harem (And a very stereotypical one in that.), science fiction, magic and way too many things that I found myself unable to count after 5.

The animation doesn’t really stand out (Seven Arcs, why???) and the only reason why I watched this series because I thought it has potential aside from it’s animation, but I was wrong. Let’s not talk about all these things, shall we? At least it has the guts to try out something new, but the 2nd season has pushed the series in oblivion. So I’m going to end my rant here, once and for all.

Score: 4/10



I only start watching this series till the end at the middle of the series, ’cause the earlier parts has turned me off. Despite GONZO in the brink of bankruptcy and all (So sorry if I am inaccurate at GONZO’s position of that time. I was away from the anime world at the earlier part of the year.) and it was quite consistent, from the looks of it. This series gives us some time to get used to the world they are living in, and imagine what will happen to the world. (Please do not talk about 2012 all over again for me. I’m somehow sick and tired of this prediction, may it be true or not.) But they pulled a rather rushed ending, but I think that’s GONZO for you.

Score: 7/10

Valkyria Chronicles


Probably one of the most decent anime adaptation from a console game. Been very wary of reviews that anime adaptations from a console game doesn’t live up to an average anime standard (Maple Story, Ragnarok etc.) but for Valkyria Chronicles, it’s still quite acceptable (I don’t own a PS3, if you ask.). But also, I’ve been doing some research about the game too (And it’s sequel releasing next year in Japan.) and found out that some parts in the game are missed out but there’s no way for us to do anything, now that the damage has been done. But unfortunately for me, I stopped watching the series halfway (One reason was that I was too stressed if I am able to continue this series, so I didn’t really see the later half.) but it was still quite both a surreal and refreshing experience for me.

Score: 8/10



This series has left my friend crying and lamenting in a corner, for obvious reasons. The anime doesn’t live up to the standards as the manga.

At first, before the airing of the anime, my friend encouraged me heavily to catch this series, “’cause the manga’s really good,” she says. Then, after the 1st episode aired, she went fuming away, and only stayed to watch it to compare the difference between the anime with the manga. Me, like she said, I picked it up, but the 1st episode gives me a feeling that it’s gonna suck. (Sorry, fan girls, if I have hurt your feelings about this series, which I will explain later below.)

Now and then do I pick up any random episodes as for and when I like and watch it, but seeing the characters and story unfold very slowly and painfully has got me click ‘back’ whenever I get really upset. Speaking of which, whenever I watched any of the scenes in any episode, I always have this Vampire Knight (anime) vibe onto me, telling me to stop watching this piece of crap and do more useful things instead of hogging in the computer all day long. It was a bad experience watching all the characters having stale personalities, but the animation and special effects are still decent. (When I asked my friend about it, she told me that the anime is only the exam arc or something, ’cause I never want to try getting into the series, fearing that the manga will hurt my feelings more.)

Score: 6/10 (At least the animation and special effects are decent.)

And there are some series that aren’t worth mentioning, but since mentioning, I’m only giving a three-sentence review about it and only watched them out of boredom and curiosity. So don’t ask why.

Note: I’ve only watched a glimpse about the shows, or read about others review of the series’ below either from word-to-mouth or from random sites :

1. K-ON!: Too much moe blob, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! (Especially Mio, I don’t see why so many Japanese otaku or whatnot picked her as a waifu if she exists in real life.) but it doesn’t appeal to me. Dropped.

2. Haruhi Suzumiya: Didn’t bother to watch it. I’ve heard from several reviews that the 2nd season is quite bad, especially the Endless Eight arc. Dropped.

3. Phantom: I’ve heard from some anime sites that said that the story and action is pretty good. I shall pick it up someday, though I don’t know if this is a good time.

4. Pandora Hearts: Again, some anime sites actually praised the plot as an underrated series. The animation reminds me of those 90’s anime style. I was still very young then, about 5 or 6.

5. Saki: MAHJONG POWAR! Reminds me of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, which I don’t really even bother. Oh well, epic fail. (Only watched the 1st episode, and then it turns all crappy of yuri undertones and the WTF power-up like those seen in typical shounen titles.) Dropped.

6. White Album: Only watched the first episode of season two, shut the series down after completing the same episode. A no-no for me. Dropped.

7. Cencoroll: Impressive, given that this is done only by one person (Besides Makoto Shinkai). I was still quite confused what the plot is about rather than fighting one another with monsters or something.

8. Higurashi OAV: It was really well written both humorous and serious. I kind of loved the last episode of the OAV, at least the mahjong part was not as creepy as Saki. (Should pick it up, even if you don’t know what on earth is going on in the previous 2 seasons.) Unlike all the other series, I watched the entire series from the 1st to the last.

9. Maria Holic: At least it was funny and the animation style kind of separates this from the rest (Except for Kimi ni Todoke, which also uses their own unique style). I would want to catch a second season if they have it, despite the yuri theme, gender bender and Catholic schools aspects.

*10. Bakemonogatari: Fine. Some of you insist on this series, I shall talk about it in 3 sentence (Or not.). Okay, I confess that I didn’t have time to watch this, but I’ll definitely watch the entire series when my paper ends on Wednesday. Back to the topic, I only watched episode 13 of the series, and I was pretty surprised (In a good way) of the way the characters speak and the artistic style. (I guess Director Akiyuki Shinbo has many series in his hands this year.) Do I intend to write this within 3 sentence? Yeah, so I shall check back to Bakemonogatari within this week, if I have the time.

So there you go. Maybe the few anime series may not be so few after all. Yikes! While I was away, I too picked up my obsession with Avatar: the Last Airbender (Ya, I know this sounds out of the blue speaking about non-anime stuff in an anime blog) and I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep to be released early next year in Japan after some disappointment with 358/2 Days from some fans of the series (But I’m still quite happy the story and gameplay turns out in the end.) with plans to get my on PSP, in which my brother has one but often uses it when in the army.

Three more thing before I forget. One, I won’t be blogging any series from the beginning till the end (I’ve learnt my lesson after Vampire Knight and World Destruction did to me.) and may just pop out anywhere as I like. Two, I need you guys to comment and mention the worst fathers (Sorry, no non-fictitious names of dads here.) in animation history (That includes video games and non-anime series, such as Avatar. Movies outside Japan are not allowed.), though I have some on my mind. I’ll tell you the reasons why I’m doing this later on when I come up with the post. Three and lastly, I’m having the urge to change my name in THAT, but I don’t know if it’s possible till I ask one of the THAT writer, so until then, sayonara.

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  1. Posted November 6, 2009 at 10:45 am | Permalink

    They’re all suddenly returning at once.

    BTW, no Bakemonogatari?

  2. ExecutiveOtaku
    Posted November 6, 2009 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    Welcome back! As Scamp pointed out, no Bakemonogatari? I’d highly recommend it, it was the best of the previous season.

    As for your fathers thing: pretty much every father in Gundam, especially UC. Amuro’s dad working all the time and only caring about the Gundam to the point of going insane from it, Kamille’s dad in Zeta, Athrun’s father in SEED. There’s also Spiral King in Gurren Lagann throwing away his daughters. Emperor Wakamoto Charles vi Britannia in Code Geass. Both of Hayate’s parents in Hayate no Gotoku. And of course there’s always Gendo Ikari.

    (Hmm, why are so many bad fathers in mecha? Did Tomino’s issues just set the tone for everything else?)

  3. Posted November 6, 2009 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    Welcome back – we’ve missed ya!

  4. Posted November 6, 2009 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    welcome back nice reviews ;D totally agree on Asura Crying, to many themes shoved into one show, should have just stuck with magic/mecha.

    @ ExecutiveOtaku
    rofl i noticed that too..

  5. Posted November 6, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    @ Executive Otaku: Didn’t have time to watch Bakemonogatari. Sorry, since I have very important papers to attend. So I’m only limited to watching the list of anime I have watched below. Yeah, I’ve heard from many of you that it’s pretty good with its creative animation style and story. Unfortunately, since I don’t want to get Fs for my papers, so I sorta left it out. Sorry~

  6. ExecutiveOtaku
    Posted November 6, 2009 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    @ Reverse Vampire

    Heh, no need to apologize, I’m not the Anime Police or something :P Just keep it in mind if you end up having the free time to go back to a previous season show. What kind of classes are keeping you so busy, btw?

    Also, guess I should introduce myself in case you haven’t been lurking since your last posts. I started here in July as a writer, though I was a reader for almost 2 years now. My intro post is here. Good to have you back!

  7. Posted November 6, 2009 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    @ Executive Otaku: Well, all sorts of classes that ended quite late, but not as late as my band practices as before. Our teachers forced us to do paper after paper after paper after paper to get ready for the big test, and it’s the hot season to add to my troubles, so I have a hard time concentrating in class sometimes. Glad that this will be over after Wednesday, which I will be free~. And get to work on THAT, since all the other bloggers have been writing only episodic reviews and it’s time for this blog to have a bit of feminine touch.

  8. ExecutiveOtaku
    Posted November 6, 2009 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    @ Reverse Vampire

    Ah, well good luck with your work. Your editorials or non-episode posts will be a nice complement to all the episode stuff we’ve been doing. I do have my second editorial in the works, but that won’t be ready until mid-next week at the earliest. Have a big paper of my own to write, heh.

    On the different username thing, let me or Crusader know if you want to do that and one of us can set that up for you. (You can contact me at executiveotaku AT yahoo DOT com with your desired name and pass should you decide to change your username.)

  9. Posted November 6, 2009 at 10:26 pm | Permalink

    I think that Nagi (in Negima) has to rank right up there in the “bad fathers” list.

  10. Posted November 6, 2009 at 10:28 pm | Permalink

    Oh, yeah: surely the worst father in anime history has to be Gendou in NGE.

  11. kazekaeru
    Posted November 12, 2009 at 2:24 am | Permalink

    Well…on the bad fathers, here’s what I can remember:

    *Astro Boy: The Original Asshole Dad in Anime….Dr. Tenma – this guy SOLD his son to a circus…sure, Atom was not his real son, but that is no excuse. He built Atom so he could become his son, falls short of his expectations and dumps him like last week’s trash. This guy was so bad that Tezuka later decided to include an explanation in a newer version of the original manga that Tenma was drunk when he sold Atom. When you are the author of a character capable such an evil deed that you HAVE to give an excuse…that’s reaching a new level of bad parenting, fictional notwithstanding

    *Urusei Yatsura: Mr. Fujinami – Ryuunosuke’s Dad…Insisted that his daughter was MALE, raised her like a man and refused to acknowledge she was…well…a she. A complete ass that Loved the Sea!!

    *Ranma 1/2: Genma Saotome – this guy was an asshole through and through, trying to profit from his son every step of the way. He was based of Mr. Fujinami though….

    *Toradora: Taiga’s Dad – ditching his daughter as easily as spare pennies….a coward.

    Do step-dads count in your research? ’cause I have a couple that should have been killed again and again….

  12. Posted November 12, 2009 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    I guess I kinda left out one crucial info on my research of bad fathers.

    Of all the bad fathers in any series, please keep the series from 1994 onwards till the present. ’cause I’m born somewhere in the 1990s and going too far back will be quite hard for me to do my research.

    I appreciate your kind offers and ideas of the worst fathers in animation history. I shall get the post up to the blog during the weekends, or not (Don’t know why I kept procrastinating all the time.)

  13. blind_dead_mcjones
    Posted November 19, 2009 at 11:40 am | Permalink

    welcome back,

    all i’m going to say regarding valkyria chronicles is that you are more fortunate in only watching the first half, as it just goes downhill after the fouzen episodes

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