Remembering 2009 Part II: Lovers and Fighters

Well my situation isn’t so dire but I need to get some stuff done by the end of the week…

I really must apologize for the horrid lateness of this post but I wanted to get out anyway since it would have slighted EO since he contributed so much to it. My situation has changed significantly in past few months and I will go a spiel about that later on, but I still wanted to take care of some things before the end of April. Also while the new season is decent it still makes me miss the heydays of last year. Well in any case read it if you want. At any rate I still have a G-Gundam, post to work on. Part I is here.

The Honorable Order of Noe

Origins: Created in 2008 in the aftermath of the Noe-Hiromi-Shinichiro Conflict, inspired by the sadness in her famous song. Bestowed upon those brave souls who, though in the end unsuccessful, pursued true love with passion, purity of purpose, and the truest of tears. Inspired by the noble example of Noe Isurugi in her quest for both true love and worthy tears, she left a never-ending impression on her love interest and all who witnessed her determination in conflict and gracefulness in defeat amid the deep sadness of that loss. Her story is one of the most touching and most tragic of anime loves denied, and in her memory we bestow the Honorable Order of Noe upon those martyrs to True Love who conducted themselves with honor and dignity in the face of their undeserved fates.

Kikiyo (posthumous) – Lover. Fighter. Giver of Alms. Inuyasha’s first love, Kikiyo was denied her life of happiness by Naraku’s despicable trickery. She endured many years apart from her love, though in time learned the truth. Even as she was apart from Inuyasha and tried to steel her heart in preparation for what must be done, her true love for Inuyasha never faded. But a higher purpose called her onwards, to protect the loves of those that Naraku might try to destroy if he isn’t stopped. All the while her love was true and beautiful, and in the end she sacrificed herself in the battle against Naraku, dying in the arms of her love, death’s cruel touch denying her the life of happiness she truly deserved. Kagome may be the official love interest, but those who knew Kikiyo’s kindness and purity of her love for Inuyasha recognize who the most deserving was.

Shizuku – Despite clearly being the best woman in the Natsuru sweepstakes and being the claimer of the first kissu all her efforts were for naught as Shizuku’s seduction of Natsuru boy-type ended inconclusively, the only part one can take heart in is that Shizuku can and SHOULD go yuri can claim Akane whose first kissu she had already taken. Mikoto would likely fall as easily after having her first kissu stolen. Still sad to see that a top class Yuri predator did not get the grandest prize of all Natsuru Girl-type…

Akane – Poor Akane not only is she basically at the bottom of the Kampfer combat Rankings at least she made up for it by having a foul mouth and was willing to go Yuri to claim her Natsuru. If only she gave into her violent nature and really aimed to gun down Sakura she could have at least won some Yandere points, sadly seeing as how she is the least powerful and how Dark Sakura is Undefeated of the Yuri poor Akane probably wouldn’t have gotten far… Still her love was true and she battled for a place in Natsuru Girl type’s heart and competently tried to play the partner card she was dealt with. Maybe next time she can win supposing they even dare to make a second season…

Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge

Indeed but there are a few who are…

Origins: There have been few combat formations as renowned as the famed Rosen Ritter that served as the principle combat force of Yang Wen-li in his battles against the Empire, and though they are seldom remembered their legend remains. Despite the great shifts in the fortunes of their leadership and the political landscape they stayed in the fight long enough to see it’s final conclusion. The Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge is awarded for meritorious conduct during a major engagement without misbehaving before the enemy. Only those who are actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy, and performing satisfactorily in accordance with the prescribed rules of engagement are eligible. For those who display exceptional prowess in close quarters combat the Master Cloth device is authorized in addtion to the Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge for those select few that have carried on the legacy of the late Master Asia of the School of the Undefeated of the East. Despite the lamentable decline in the number of students enrolled in the School of the Undefeated of the East there was still a need to recognize talented martial artists that might have impressed the greatest warrior in all of Gundam. To this end the Master Cloth device was created, which is a simple a ribbon that made from one of the articles once wielded by the great master. Only those who can come close to matching Master Asia’s ability to take down mobile suits with a simple piece of cloth can claim the honor of receiving a small piece of his worldly weapons of textile. While weapons change the spirit of the warrior remains eternal so it is that this award is bestowed on worthy warriors no matter their martial discipline, for the School of the Undefeated of East is always welcome to adopt new techniques whatever their source.

Herman Yandell (posthumous award) – For the meritorious performance of his duties against the hated Zekes who had him out matched technologically but not in raw courage and determination. Herman Yandell took on Zakus with his humble Type 61 and triumphed. Such a feat has yet to be matched in these new AU Gundams where Gundams are ll but impervious to serious and lasting damage. Despite his own personal nightmares Yandell fought on where a coward would have entered a fetal position and begged the White Ogre for mercy, but it was not so with Yandell, for he sought instead to slay the monster and succeeded marvelously by blowing off the balls of the White Ogre as recompense for the numerous Feddies who died in trying to defend the Earth from those who sought plunder her resources. Death may think she had won a victory but Yanell went to Valhalla where he earned a seat at Zeus’ table and will return to kill more Zekes at the end of times and make the White Ogre his bitch once more.

Arleen Nazon, Karppi, and Kuzuwayo (posthumous award) – For exceptional performance of duties in the lead up to Operation Odessa their understrength-ed RTX-440 platoon charged into the teeth of Zeke positions to assist the faltering charge that Major Giggles ordered. Not only was the momentum of the charge restored but they blasted hole in the fortified Zeke line that was later exploited in full. The Zekes had thought themselves safe from any Federation attack in their trench lines and bunkers. However Nazon, Karppi, and Kuzuwayo demonstrated the folly of the Zekes and their love of fixed defenses and amply showed them how the Federation regarded them as mere monuments to Zeke stupidity. There was no need for newtype powers or some sort of Trans-AM to tip the balance in their favor only GUTS, BURNING COURAGE, and RIGHTEOUS FURY. IN THE NAME OF SHINING ZEUS they cast down many arrogant Zekes in their Zakus, Goufs, and Doms I hear many were SMASHED INTO ATOMS. Also they proved how much fucking lose and fail that oversized shitty Hildolfr really was… Also they showed how much of a pusscake tread head Sonnen was. After all why wallow in angst with drugs when you can channel that disgrace into Righteous Fury that allowed for the ultimate high that one can only get by killing Zekes. For sending numerous Zekes to the depths of hell Nazon, Karppi, and Kuzuwayo are awarded the Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge against tough odds and opponents such as the dreaded Gouf, Rick Dom, and Zaku with little more that technically compromised Guntanks and good old fashioned Feddie courage.

Kurogane House (with Master Cloth) – For meritorious service during the BIG FIGHT against the Armies of Dr. Hell without mecha and only miscellaneous items made of Alloy Z. While all the bad guys used guns some of them fought with nothing but fists, beads, and even a tooth pick… How much more badass can one be? To kill a legion of gun wielding maniacs with nothing more than a tooth pick is a feat that has seldom been equaled and yet to be surpassed by any mere mortal, while Camille needed dead people to do his dirty work Kinue only needed a strand of thread to personally slay the enemy and relish in combat without anything getting in between her and the dying screams of her enemies. Every one of them is pretty cucked up but you will never hear much if any angst from their ranks for the love BIG FIGHTS and do not shrink from them or waste time with a contemptible teenage whine of morality. All Tsubasa had to do was point at a target and it died. Each one of them is a hero with few equals and are most deserving of the Cloth of Master Asia for their martial skills are infinitely superior to many a mecha character.

Kati & Patrick Colasour – It is no small feat to face a Gundam these days and survive to tell about it let alone get the BEST END over all the Gundam Pilots. While they were blessed by Almighty Zeus it was because of love that they bested those CB terrorists who were only powered by anger, hate, and wangst. Love will never die and it would not let these two die at the hands of a vile foe that was unworthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as hero. Kati was a proven survivor how had already survived the Solar Wars and was so talented that she survived both Gundam Insurgencies with her morals intact and her sanity as well. Patrick had always wanted to be an ace and he finally proved it when he became less concerned about a kill count than protecting his comrades and his beloved. He improved immensely after meeting his one and only and was not only able to survive viscous mecha combat against Gundams in a mere GN-XIII but also become a real team player as well instead of some insolent glory hound. Through a combination talent, intelligence, tenacity, and ample amounts of infamous Colasour luck they proved themselves on the field of combat by besting their enemies who ultimately reached for the Trans-AM button and ass pull time and again to lower their difficulty to Casual…. Their efforts did not go unnoticed by Zeus and it will not go unnoticed here.

Alphard al Sarshes (with Master Cloth) – While many can claim to be good fighters, it is Alphard onee-sama who dominated 2009 with her martial prowess that came from extensive training married to a keen intellect. Not only was Alphard capable of fighting against Canaan who had superhuman powers, but she was also capable of winning most of her bouts. While there are some who rely solely on superior technology or some superhuman talent instead of skills it wasn’t so with Alphard who commanded a network that was capable of humbling superpowers in incredibly violent displays. She was through and through simply a bad ass woman of action whose feats of arms would have given Inspector Tequila a run for his money. While her brother Ali was most capable of killing Gundam Meisters, it was Alphard who achieved a perfect balance between “evil” doing and making money. Having been born into a family whose glory had sunk immeasurably low, she trained hard and became a hero in her own right and restored their fortunes to their zenith. Sadly her younger brother Ali was unable to replicate her success, though in ruth he made good headway but never could surpass onee-sama. Her last fight with Canaan to save the latter from the shadow of Siam was to cost her dearly but even while maimed she never gave into despair and continued her work. Such was her greatness that her rival decided to emulate her and let go of her hatred. For having survived a lifetime worth of conflict, and continuing the struggle despite the loss of a limb, Alphard has not only earned her Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge twice over but her Master Cloth as well as she remains formidable despite the deterioration of her condition as Master Asia soldiered on despite his disease.

Canaan (with Master Cloth) – Despite an over reliance on her skills Canaan was nevertheless a formidable opponent though her youth amply demonstrated itself in her battles with Alphard. She had raw talent but it was undisciplined and her repertoire was incomplete as her teacher was cut down by Alphard as he had become old lecherous and WEAK. Against regulars Canaan is usually more than a match for them and was able to evade the attentions of Liang Qi in a gunship for a time until Alphard came to her rescue and fought off Liang Qi in a helicopter dogfight. Eventually after many tries and Alphard’s assistance Canaan was able to best Alphard one time in the field of combat. Despite their history Canaan generously tried to save Alphard but alas it was not to be as Alphard chose to shoot off her own arm in an extreme fit of being tsun tsun. For having fought with and survived every encounter she has had with Alphard, and winning even once Canaan is awarded the Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge with master Cloth, she has many years ahead of her, and not that she has dropped Maria like the SUGOI dead weight that was Maria, perhaps in time Canaan might surpass even Alphard.

Kuroko (with Master Cloth) – While she is young and inexperienced Kuroko is also talented and a quick learner. As the love child of Alphard and Liang Qi, Kuroko was taught how to fight at a young age. Even while her powers were still developing she was capable of taking on men twice her size in close quarters and emerge victorious. Her skills are augmented by her devotion to her work and to her onee-sama and while Kuroko is already skilled and with the Power of Love she is indeed powerful. Even when she is seemingly out matched Kuroko can come to grips with a situation and overcome any opponent. her bravery is beyond question as her pursuit of victory did not lead to a desperate last stand but rather it resulted in a masterful gambit that tore up a building and the fragile mind of her illusionist opponent in equal measure. For exemplary service in Judgment and adroit application of all of Alphard and Liang Qi’s teachings in regards to close combat Kuroko has earned her Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge with Master Cloth. May she one day join the School of the Undefeated of the East and master the ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE.

Prince Ali (with Master Cloth) - While Ali was almost always in his sister’s shadow when it came to infantry and commando heroics Ali did not waste his time with petty jealousy and instead sought to carve out a fearsome reputation as a mecha pilot. Not since the appearance of the esteemed Yazan Gable has there been a real robot pilot of such high caliber. His organization was rather short lived but the damage done to the Dylandy family was immeasurable. Despite the false lies of Neil and Lyle the Dylandys were no more Irish than Idi Amin, for they were expelled from the Irish community long ago for failing to appreciate Guinness and wished to supplant the most Irish of lagers with non alcoholic Azadistani “beers” such as Behnoush. For this most heinous of Heresies Zeus came to Ali in a dream and commanded that the Dylandy’s be punished for attempting to bring ruin to Ireland. When the surviving Dylandy’s returned as terrorists scum Prnce Ali signed up with the French Foreign Legion to to smite them in the Name of Shining Zeus, he succeeded in killing one but alas Lyle laid him low through means most foul and dishonorable, thankfully Zeus did not forget Prince Ali and cursed Lyle to a life of loneliness and fapping over some grave until the end of the hated and un-Irish Dylandy line. For his gallant service in the defense of the AEU and the Federation Prince Ali is posthumously awarded the Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge with Master Cloth in recognition of his superior martial prowess.

Liang Qi (with Master Cloth) - While Liang was always taking orders and directions from Alphard onee-sama Liang Qi rarely if ever strayed from her duty and love for onee-sama, sadly in the one instance she did disobey she picked a fight with Alphard. Let it never be said that Liang wa lacking in skill or insane courage for she had the gall to have a helicopter dogfight with Alphard, and even dared to enter hand to hand combat with Alphard and survived as a mere mortal for almost a minute, and unprecedented feat. That Liang survived for even that long is a testament to her skills as a martial artist and how much she honed her athletic abilities to being able to fend off an Alphard assault. Also for kicking the crap out of SUGOI Maria and slapping the antenna bitch, Liang Qi certainly deserves no small amount of recognition. For daring to pick a fight with Alphard and lasting as long as she did Liang Qi earns her Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge with Master Cloth, sadly Liang Qi killed herself in a fit of yuri powered jealousy that could have been averted had Alphard reciprocated a little.

Ginnin (Posthumous Award) – As the only pilot to have ever humbled the over powered Gundams of Gundam 00 Ginin was in class all his own, a feat almost unequaled with exception to the black bag operations of Prince Ali. However Ginin was but a humble grunt who rose through the ranks of the common Feddies. The vertean pilot survived the First CB Intervention and stayed on so that he might end the CB threat for all time sadly the Government of Hilrod 00 meant that terrorists were appointed to positions of power and Kurdistan would again be under the dominion of an incompetent Azadistani harlot. While all those who fought against wept and cried about insignificant things Ginin embraced the suck and strove to be a good captain to Louise and that loser Andrei. Unlike that most un-Irish Lyle Ginin too lost a loved one that was near and dear to his heart but had the common courtesy to never rub our faces in it to incite pity. As a leader he turned Louise from an air head into a decent pilot, sadly Ginin’s untimely demise ensured that Louise did not reach her full potential as a pilot and that Andrei remained lackluster and laughable. Nevertheless for his gallantry and service to the Feddie cause and exceptional execution of his duties under the Col. Katie, Ginin earns hsi Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge for his role during the First and Second CB interventions.

Baron Ashura – Despite Baron Ashura’s despicable opposition to Almighty Zeus at the dawn of time, Baron Ashura not only survived the BIG FIGHT against Zeus and Mazinger Z, he/she/it also duped everyone else to get BEST END. It was shocking to see that the supposed butt monkey of continual failures would emerge victorious in the end against the likes of Tsubasa, and Zeus. Nevertheless for the miraculous feat of having not only survived until the end but for also kicking Mazinger Z a couple times in the face Baron Asura earns a Rosen Ritter Combat Action Badge for ruthlessly adhering to old loyalties and trying to redeem itself after having been the harbinger of Mycenae’s destruction at the hands of Dr. Hell.

Taiga Aisaka (with Master Cloth) – The fight against student council president Sumire was an epic moment in both close combat and the (literal) fight for love. Just fitting into 2009 (aired on 22 January), Taiga’s personal duel against Sumire on behalf of Yuusaku was actioned packed and moving. When she realized that her love for Yusaku was one-way, Taiga did not despair or enter a state of emo self-pity. She knew that Sumire wasn’t being honest with herself in regards to her feelings for Yusaku, so Taiga did something about it. In boldly confronting Sumire in an epic kendo and fistfight duel, she forced Sumire to admit her true feelings and set in motion a chain of events that would eventually bring the couple closer together. Love is as intense of a battleground as the plains of Odessa or the vastness of space, and Taiga fought well and was an inspiration to all. There’s a reason the scene is in my (EO) top ten moments ever.

The Order of Waspinator

Origins: The tale of Waspinator was one of constant failure and struggle. Despite being the least powerful Predacon, Waspinator always managed to survive while his peers died all around him. He never gave up despite the cruelty of his situation and in the end became master of all the apes on Earth. To honor such tencaity that few these days can match the Order of Waspinator was instituted to honor those determined few that shed blood, sweat, and tears to get BEST END in their respective series.

Patrick&Katie – Clearly the wedding to beat of all of 2009 and even better that it was two of the most deserving charters that made it out alive without being some fifth rate terrorist with morals. Patrick and Katie were pretty much marooned in the wrong series. Had there even been a level playing field Katie could have given Gundam 00 a more nuanced tactical flavor where her sharp skills would have paid off. Patrick belongs more in a Macross series given his justifiably ambivalent attitude toward politics as seen by teenagers and desire to fly a variable fighter (Enact) and woo the only real woman in the show while ignoring the crappy Minmay clone that was Princess Poverty and her Kaifun clone, Jihad-kun. Love will never die and this was especially true of Patrick whose love for Katie shielded them from harm, his persistence was a sight to be hold as few would have struggled across two full seasons to catch a big break and the woman of his dreams. Patrick’s critics might dismiss him as a joke but at least Patrick survived fighting a Gundam, and found love while Almighty Zeus BIG BANG PUNCHED Neil, Emilio, and Anew INTO ATOMS…if that is not proof of divine favor then I don’t know what is considered as such in a Sunrise series.

Dark Sakura – Sure she was an annoying airhead who was utterly devoid of personal charm in the beginning, but she made off with a White Kampfer yuri harem and single-handedly locked down Natsuru Girl-type as the default mode for what is at best a middling series. She wasn’t defeated and ensured that there is still a possibility that there will be a next time, only I hope that they do better in every aspect. Besides without her Kampfer Akane wouldn’t have been possible, and that would have been a significant loss to 2009.

Senjyougahara & Araragi – Literal blood was spilled making this ship work, but it paled in comparison to the emotional effort needed to achieve the legendary BEST END confession scene under the stars. Starting, like many relationships, with just a chance encounter and some curiosity, both characters came together and to accept each other in their own, sometimes very odd, ways. Especially on Senjyougahara’s part there was a great deal of obstacles overcome as she grew to trust Araragi in matters both supernatural and personal. Both sides had to work for it, and there was a great deal of past emotional baggage to contend with as well as the more practical problems of expelling and subduing various supernatural beings.The starlight conversation was the moment of supreme awesome during the summer season, hundreds of words could easily be written about how touching it was, and was finished with the excellent Kimi ga Shiranai Monogatari. Add to this the way that their BEST END was cemented with the bento boxes of love in an episode shortly after and we have one of the best BEST ENDS of all time.

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  1. Posted April 25, 2010 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    wow this is laaaaate, but congrats for putting it out finally. It’d royally suck if you trashed the draft.

    You get the Order of ghostlightning for putting out long post is long but is not a bad thing.

    • Crusader
      Posted April 25, 2010 at 12:12 pm | Permalink

      I wish I had more time than I used to, next year I will be doing things ahead of time.

  2. Kherubim
    Posted April 25, 2010 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    Ehh… Gunsou, the Red Kampfer of sexy voice and sword on a chain is called Shizuku…

    • Crusader
      Posted April 25, 2010 at 12:12 pm | Permalink

      Sorry Fixed gawd it was late…

  3. ectholion
    Posted April 25, 2010 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    the order of Waspinator…lol

    • Crusader
      Posted April 25, 2010 at 10:07 pm | Permalink

      Glad some one out there still remembers the master of all apes.

      • ectholion
        Posted April 26, 2010 at 8:40 am | Permalink

        oh the days of beastwars… and who could forget the master of all apes and his EPIC BEST END!!

        • Crusader
          Posted April 26, 2010 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

          Even if Beast Wars will be seldom remembered it was a kiddie cartoon that actually aged pretty well in terms of content. Sad to see that kiddie toons these days have less to offer for older folks. HOORAY for cartoon violence!

  4. Dandos
    Posted April 25, 2010 at 10:49 pm | Permalink

    Three cheers for Taiga!
    Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

  5. Cris
    Posted April 26, 2010 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    what anime was the screencap at the beginning of this post from?

    • ectholion
      Posted April 26, 2010 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

      Mazinger Z i think

    • Crusader
      Posted April 26, 2010 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

      Shin Mazinger Z from 2009 to be exact do check it out some good Super Robot that seems rarer with each passing season.

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