Maid-sama episode 2: Depression kicks in

Misa-chan is not happy. So am I.

The depression part is not part of the episode. My feelings are. Same teenager’s stage where you get all angsty and moody…

Wait. Did I hear that everyone hates angst? If everyone hates angst so much, let me put myself into a massive mood swing and be jolly and happy all year round, even when I’m grouchy, extremely grouchy like Oscar the Grouch. Let’s hope that the masochist side of mind gets herself happy before I begin,

The cause of my angst depression is partially because of my severe writer’s block (Since I write fanfictions sometimes) and several anime reviews I’m not happy about. Just ignore my personal feelings for the moment while I had a good laugh with Misaki’s misandry and Usui’s emotionless comments.

All the boys want Usui. It’s Ho Yay time! I know the fujoshi wants it.

Back to the story; President Misaki locked one of the students up after scaring some girls by showing off his bellydancing ‘talent’. It took just a kick for Usui to get him out of the PE room and I don’t think Misaki will be happy to hear about it.

Soon after, there is the Seika School Festival coming up for Misaki and her team and are trying to promote it well so that more girls will enroll in the school. After several ideas are rejected by Misaki, the boys kinda plead Usui (Since he is the most ‘powerful’ male figure in front of Misaki) to ask Misaki to give them their consent but our dear maido here disagrees.

Oh yes, she will. If you boys don’t bow to her. Note that the boys I’m saying are from the show, not most of the THAT members.

Usui gave our resident maido some word of advice, while being extremely annoyed at the three perverts scrooges we seen in the previous episode ganging up against Misaki during work hours. Guess what Misaki’s response is, and no points for those who’ve paid attention in the manga. At the same time her 30-year old manager is being delusional, like a reverse case on ’13 being 30′.

Yeah, Misaki has problems with you three.

Misaki yells, screams and acts tyrannical the next day the boys gave their suggestions. Instead of hearing things out, she gladly asked the girls in her class about their ideas but not lending her ears on the boys’ suggestion (On a stripping game of stone-paper-scissors.) Since most of the boys were unhappy at Misaki, they decided to rebel by doing whatever they want, even if Misaki disagrees with it. Things go as planned as the Festival began (Aside for a few hiccups) but finally had her last straw when the rebelling boys dressed up as the Shinsengumi (Usui too) in the cafe event. Sick and tired of Misaki limiting them on what they CANNOT do, Misaki was at loose ends but instead of breaking down and cry, she decided to take matters over her own hands not before apologizing to the boys.

Because your idea suck eggs, that’s why.

All goes well as Misaki decides to pull things back from drifting apart but when Misaki accidentally slipped up while serving a male customer, Usui came to the rescue which kinda lead the other boys to do the same. Even though some of them were playing a prank to the girls by scribbling on each other faces, Misaki took the matter lightly, as long as the boys don’t get overboard. When the festival ends, our resident maido once again thank Usui for the advice. But come again, he teased Misaki, telling her that he will always be his personal maid.

Misaki, Misaki,
a tyrant as she will be
never listening to our advice,
we will drive her loony!!!

Maido panties=pr0n for Usui. (Nosebleeds)

Let Lelouch Lamperouge join the Shinsengumi as well. Don’t forget to ask Usui as well!

It was a so-so episode that really made my crapsake day worthwhile. I’m heading for the next episode of Durarara!!! right after this, but based on what Wikipedia has updated, it seems that Aoi will appear in the anime series. It would be a time where I will stop blogging about Maid-sama until he leaves (Or not) and focus on other series. This week’s episode was a little better than the last; I hope that J.C. Staff will continue the good work. I’ll leave the rest of the blog post will some screenshots that will keep you entertained.

Signing off and get moody,
Reverse Vampire


Appropriate for Misaki’s tsundere aspect.

It just doesn’t work. I doubt that any girl will dress like Hatsune Miku and show her stripped panties.

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  1. Posted April 11, 2010 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    lol I guess I lowered my standards quite a bit after the first episode so I thought this episode was quite good in comparison. It had some pretty funny moments and it looked a lot prettier to me than the first ep. And Aoi’s only a secondary character so I think you just have to avoid the one episode that will probably centre around him and then you can watch the rest of the show safely.

  2. Kherubim
    Posted April 11, 2010 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

    This episode was funnier, although it seems that the guys in 2-2 are complete morons (with their banchou Usui being the premier aho boke of the lot). She-Woman-Man-Hater still grates on me, so it’s enjoyable to see her relationship with her deadpan awesome sister Suzuna resemble a Minami Kana and Chiaki dynamic.

    If 2-2 guys came up with the idea of a host club cosplay cafe or a similar setup appealing to fujoshi, would the Fuhrer have approved it?

  3. Rose =-.-=
    Posted April 12, 2010 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    I must say that I like what the anime people did to what Misaki says to the boys for the school festival. But I do wish that they changed the animation, I feel that this animation is kinda drowned out, Wish that it had more of a Shugo Chara look to it. The color is weird and makes me not want to watch it even though I’m a huge fan of the Manga.

  4. Posted April 17, 2010 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    I’m prolly one of the few people who find Misaki annoying. Eh, prolly cuz i frown upon feminism. >.>

  5. not an anime fan
    Posted April 20, 2010 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    sigh … i love the manga … but the anime is a bit too high pitched for me. guess i’m dropping it at episode 2.

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