Manga Review: Bleach 282, Naruto 361, One Piece 462

Uni is starting again! Oh noes *sad face*. I will try my best to make these posts as on time as possible (this one is about a week late) and to not miss any.

Bleach 282


Halbel and her officers watch Grimmjaw and Ichigo fight from a distant; as the officers banter back and forth, Halbel comments that their fear is justified. Watching an Espada fight in its released state creates a sort of primal fear, that Halbel tells her officers to treasure. She wonders to herself whether Ichigo is really human – she feels as if it’s two Espadas fighting.

Ichigo continues his fight with Grimmjaw, and Grimmjaw feels happy that Ichigo’s time with the mask has extended – he thinks that it will be boring if the mask breaks quickly like the last time they fought. Ichigo acts a little strange, and says that because it’s so boring, Grimmjaw mustn’t end his release state. The two trade blows, but Ichigo seems to be coming out on top. Ichigo dodges some projectiles attacks, but notices that it’s going to hit Orihime, and rushes over to block them with his body. His eyes meet with hers, and Orihime becomes visibly shaken.

Largely a battle chapter, we get to see a little more of Halbel and her minions. One thing that especially annoys me about the recent chapters of Bleach is how Kubo continuously rub the fact that Ichigo is like a Hollow in our face. Okay, we get it already, please move onto something else.

Other things of note:

  • Ichigo’s mask time has automatically increased; I don’t think there will be an explanation.
  • I know it’s stupid to try to compare power levels in most shounen series, but Bleach seems a little more ridiculous than most. Let’s use a maths equation: Ulqiorra > Vaizard Ichigo >= Release-state Grimmjaw >>> (according to an earlier chapter Espada release are on an incomparable level with normal Arankar release, so Grimmjaw ought to ave at least decipled in power) >>>> Grimmjaw >>>>>>>>> Ichigo. What this means is that Ichigo’s Vaizardification gives considerably more power than an Espada release… does this seem strange to anyone else? Not to mention Ulqiorra… Ulqiorra without release is strong than Grimmjaw with release… and Aizen is probably on another level yet again.
  • Orihime is still as useless as ever. I feel sorry for her and Chad. Ichigo rushing over to save her is nothing more than a set up for what’s going to happen next chapter, and Kubo simply using her as a tool to emphasis some of Ichigo’s personality traits is becoming annoying.
  • Naruto 361


    The battle draws to a close as Deidara uses the C4 at point blank range. He jumps away from the ballon that is filled with C4 and surrounds Sasuke, and releases a small bird into the air. Inside the balloon, Sasuke sees the C4 fill his blood stream, and quickly bursts out of the balloon using Chidori. With a last ditch attempt he rushes towards Deidara through the air, but Deidara sets off the bomb and they both fall into the forest.

    Deidara falls heavily onto the ground, just in time to see the head of a snake evaporate. Just as he celebrates his victory, however, Sasuke appears behind him and hits him hard. Deidara wonders how Sasuke managed to survive, and notices that Sasuke had sent lightning element chakra into his own body. Sasuke explains that he had noticed Deidara’s bomb’s weakness – that his bombs were a earth elemental jutsu, and with Sasuke’s lightning element chakra disarms the bombs. Sasuke then explains how he tested the bombs using various incarnations of chidori, wondering whether the bombs that weren’t exploding didn’t do so because of the lightning chakra or because of Deidara’s will. Then he explains how he used the sword stabbed into the ground earlier to test the land mines, which weren’t controlled by Deidara, and confirmed the lightning jutsu nullifies the bombs. When Deidara asks how he can see the mines, Sasuke explains that his eyes allowed him to see the colour of chakra.


    More quality fighting from Kishimoto. Only two points I want to raise this week – what was that last bird that Deidara released, and how did Sasuke see the mine? I understand he can see chakra, but can he see through the ground? There has never been any indication that the Sharigan grants X-ray vision, which seems to be an ability more along the line of the Hyuga’s Byakugan.

    One Piece 462


    As the other three head onward to help Brook and Nami, Usopp remains to fight Perona. Not only are Perona’s depression spirits useless against Usopp, his depressing nature is so great that the spirits and Perona themselves become affected.

    Meanwhilst, Brook continues to fight his zombie, but is defeated. As Ryuuma is about to cut off his afro, the ship shakes violently, and Franky and Zoro burst into the room to save Brook. Zoro sets his eyes on Ryuuma’s sword, one of the 21 excellent grade swords, and boldly declares that he’ll take the sword from Ryuuma.

    The scene shifts once again, to where Absalom is trying to marry Nami. His attempt at kissing Nami fails, as the ship shook just at that moment. He finds out that the shaking is a result of Oz playing with the tiller, and sends out all his zombie generals to stop him, but they’re all wiped out by him in one move. Just as Absalom was wondering why Oz wasn’t being obedient, Sanji arrives at the church.

    It’s hard to write about One Piece – it’s very consistently good, and I feel stupid repeating the same thing week after week. One thing of note that is going to become very apparent next chapter is the strength difference between the crew members. More on that in the next post.

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    1. Soulshard
      Posted July 19, 2007 at 10:39 am | Permalink

      A note about Ichigo’s increased mask time, I assumed that had something to do with the ‘hole’ Ulqiorra left in him after he left Ichigo for dead a couple issues back. Ulqiorra could have unintentionally made Ichigo stronger by infusing his own reiatsu (sp?) into Ichigo… or perhaps that was the very reason Ulqiorra left Ichigo half dead.

    2. D.J
      Posted July 22, 2007 at 7:34 am | Permalink

      Hmmm maybe The Sharingan has some qualities that are similar to the Byakugan since the Uchiha clan is supposedly descended from the Hyuuga clan.

    3. RadioCambodia
      Posted July 23, 2007 at 12:48 am | Permalink

      dude its simple…Deidara made those mines together with chakra so obviously Sasuke saw the chakra inside them, thats why he was able to know they location

    4. pirateprince
      Posted July 23, 2007 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

      ah!! what are your thoughts on the latest OP chapters!! i too, almost never have a single complaint when it comes to one piece. :)

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