Gundam Wing 21-25: And the Winner is…

Yes she saw and yes she LOLed…

I never really like Quatre given that he was the moral one but I did enjoy his breaking the cutie moment and his temporary bout of batshit crazy. I found it rather fantastic that he never met his four onee-samas but maybe his old man was into multiple wives since he was oil sheik rich. As rather cringe worthy as the old man’s pacifist stance was I liked it for the simple fact that it was an argument against communism. The retarded colonists having sided with OZ tried to deprive the Winner family of their property and the old man gave them the finger. I have my doubts that this was intentional but I found it amusing as the colonial commies tried to take another dude’s property by force. Old man Winner goes out like a martyr against Godless Communism driving Quatre to go batshit. While in possession of Wing Zero “Mad Arab” Quatre blows up colonies and takes out theme parks.

While Quatre is embracing his all too fleeting moment of crazy awesome, Heero has to take orders from Trowa. Still Heero being Heero he manages to destroy OZ’s  equipment while testing out Mercurius and elaborating on the limitations of the Mobile Doll system. I like the mechanical design in Wing with Tallgeese looking convincingly like a half way step between Leo and a Gundam and with Vayate and Mercurius being the inspiration for the Virgo. It was actually great to see some teamwork as both suits were tailored to work as a pair. Instead of a push between Heero and Zechs, the latter quits in frustration and ends up surrendering to an acrobat.

Lady St. Une seems to be rather air-headed and simply allows Tallgeese to go around as the personal suit of a good will ambassador for a pacifist kingdom… As an anti-mugging defense I suppose it’s plausibe give the esplodiness of shuttles, still with the pilot killing reputation of Tallgeese a Taurus would have made a lot more sense. As big a douche bag as Septum was Gwinter the Giant seems like a decent enough bloke though Trowa deprived him of his chance for martyrdom at the hands of Lady St. Une. It’s kind of funny how the first colony to be destroyed was at the hands of Crazy Quatre and the sheer brokeness that is Wing Zero.

I never fully understood what the Zero System was supposed to symbolize but to me it was just OS Tomino would have designed given the “kill ‘em all” targeting algorithms. In that sense it was kind of awesome though it never resulted in main character deaths. As broken as Wing Zero was at least they tried to balance it out with whole “In Gundam Wing, Gundam Pilots YOU!” and numerous cases of attempted team-killings occurred. Even with the hordes of mass produced suits there were more Gundam vs. Gundam match ups to break up the mooks dying by the platoon. Even the all powerful Wing Zero was gimped early on because of Zero System giving it’s pilot the nervous breakdown.

Duo meets the long awaited Hilde and the two have a bout of rock ‘em sock ‘em Leo before Duo shoots his way into the Lunar base. Upon meeting up with the League of Crazy Engineers Duo decides to wait it out until his new Deathscythe is ready. Duo even went so far as to get his ass kicked by Master O. Wu Fei allows himself to be captured in the hopes that he gets some repairs out of the deal. Upon seeing Trowa as his jailer Wu Fei senses treachery after Trowa falcon punches Duo but it was simply a ploy to get them a mini projector. It was funny how Trowa wasn’t expecting any trouble from Quatre as he was sure Quatre was still a harmless little heir. Trowa was mistaken and was shot for his troubles. Heero proves his worth yet again by kicking Quatre in the face to return him to the state of whiny.

Tubarov decides to kill off the pilots but Lady St. Une uses her newtype powers to realize that Trieze wants them all to live, thus the Trieze faction is born. Trieze steps down as his loyal soldiers break away from Romefeller leading into the next leg of Heero’s journey. It was great to see the Gundams hit a real low point and have at least one of the pilots take the betrayal of the colonies really bad. Quatre blowing colonies to space dust was probably wrong but at the same time understandable given how greedy those commie colonists were. Good to see that as broken as Wing Zero is it still needs a capable pilot to function and it will lose in the hands of an inferior pilot. Still it could have used some more Hilde time. We are still a long way from the age of mobile dolls but as I said before robotic troops will never replace soldiers, sailors, and air men because humans can think in creative ways to blow shit up and humans can be inspired to continue fighting with less. Trieze Faction troops are going to be in for a tough time but there is something to be said for a guy brave/crazy enough to take on superior suits in a fucking Leo…

All this just to take on Tallgeese.

Trowa does not approve of teamkilling the bots…

I wonder which is more OP Vayate’s gun or Wing Zero’s twin buster rifles…

Incest or Winner-cest?

They’re mad because they lost, also some were too lazy to write anything on their signs…

One thing Sunrise did get better at was portraying madness.

T’was an ugly suit thank goodness Releena had better fashion sense.

I wonder how tall was Gwinter’s mom.

You can tell Nicol was evil because his hair was pretty damn ugly…

And Lady St. Une rode forth to lose…

Such a waste it could have been her OH SHI- someone’s gonna die look.

I wonder if there was any one who fapped to under dressed Deathscythe.

Ah yes the glory days of ugly dudes being badass.

A long awaited introduction…

You know I always wanted to play Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Leos.

All Duo said was “hey good looking…”

I guess Hilde was not amused…

He will break you…

Your hair still looks awful.

Oh I remember this guy…

Well at least the Zekes won’t be dropping that colony.

Man Duo sure likes getting Falcon Punched.

If only it was a drill that pierced the heavens…

This move is OP.

I guess this makes Quatre a real Winner.

Tubarov liked hitting on his men.

Ferris Wheel make Wing Zero MAAAAADDDDD.

Oh look a sword fight…

At least Wing didn’t skimp on the Gundam Equivalent vs. Gundam Equivalent matches even if they used recycled shots.

Trowa was at peace after having rid himself of Quatre.

I wonder if Trieze meowed when he got this.

Lady St. Une is not amused.

Tubarvo killed Lady St. Une because he wanted to be the prettiest.

Ah yes the Virgo love child of Mercurius and Vayate…


At least it wasn’t mouth to mouth.

Too bad Lady St. Une did not have the martyrdom perk.

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  1. Square
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Ah Wing Zero, the whore of gundam suits. It let anyone climb into for a fun ride until it drove them insane… HOLY CRAP WING ZERO IS A GIRL!

    • Crusader
      Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:46 am | Permalink

      If Wing Zero is a girl then Gundam Wing is decidedly on the side of girl power. or maybe it was just trying to rectify some mistakes…

  2. d3v
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    Did somebody say, the Winner?

    • Crusader
      Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:49 am | Permalink

      Not sure who is more annoying Quatre or Uraki…

  3. Posted June 8, 2010 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    In Wing Gundam, Gundam pilots YOU! <—nice! I do love the Mercurious/Vayate prototypes, and the Virgo was my favorite MS from this series, but poor Lady Une. She was my favorite female character from the series next to Noin.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:55 am | Permalink

      OZ mobile suits didn’t look too bad, the Virgo should have been a well rounded suit but it seems the shield funnels were only good against opposing mooks for the most part.

      Not sure who’s running in front on the female side of things this time around, in the post-Yuri and Yandere world Dorthy and Releena get a bit of a boost. Besides i can’t help but compare Kati and Une, and Kati is still superior in my book.

    Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    IDK which “Winner” is worse….Kou or Quatre. Both are AWFUL.

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