Gundam Wing 31-35: High School Hijinks

For once in his life Heero did not want to hide out in a school.

So Relena finally manages to ensnare Heero at her school, I have to tip my hat to Relena for using Trowa’s unknown whereabouts to get Heero to stay for the short term. It was delightfully underhanded without any table pounding or desperate pleas for him to stay. While the school girls are buzzing with excitement Dorthy challenges Heero to a DUEL. Sadly Relena’s hand was not the prize and Dorthy loses but gets off a few taunts here and there. Still it was good to see that Heero’s mask busting skills remain undiminished as his foil is still able to punch through. I am unsure as to why there is such a fixation with fencing instead of another sport such as Kendo, maybe it keeps within the Euro theme or it’s that the foil is much more stabby. While Heero is having another round of high school hi-jinks Noin starts taking in members of the Trieze faction that have been herded into their borders. Zechs has also been busy as he reunites with Howard and his shiny new battleship.

After roping in Heero, Relena gets roped in by Dorthy to go on long rides to Romefeller under the pretext that Duke Dermail would actually listen to what Relena has to say. Duke Dermail tries offing Relena by having a fake conference and killing her on they way back, but timely intervention by Noin and Heero waving his bullshit flag convince her to keep weapons around. While OZ has been herding the Trieze faction into the Sanc kingdom to justify going after rebels, it proves their undoing. Noin has been hoarding Taureses and has painted them white, sadly having dispensed with the red they don’t go three times faster, but at least it’s an instance of a grunt suit that pointedly doesn’t blow up.

Hilde gets to have a short moment of bliss with Duo as they start trashing Leos and sell them for scrap, what I never really understood though is what they did with all those bodies. It also seems that Wong Yun Fat’s glasses are pretty popular as the big jolly fellow who buys Duo’s parts and sells him bullets has a pair too. Trowa and catherine are reunited in a moment of sad bishies in rain. Trant is disobeying Tubarov and even has the gall to make off with some mobile dolls for target practice. Still because Trant is a rather crappy pilot he needs some one better, thus he goes to Duo’s house and ruin’s Hilde’s garden. Duo gets entrapped by Trant and is used as a test subject for Wing Zero, which for one reason or another predicts Trant’s imminent demise at the hands of Death Scythe Hell. Tubarov however is not amused by Trant’s continual use of Wing Zero and starts getting more wrinkly with RAEG. Wing Zero might be the proverbial town whore when it comes to pilots, but Trant can’t hold so much as a candle to Duo and loses after having hallucinations to the point that his head explodes. After getting Trant’s snarky answering machine he sends a group of Leos to blow up Wing Zero with explosives, which is pretty stupid since they could have used the self destruct, but okay…

Wu Fei being the usual odd man out goes back home to work on his Kung Fu, for his Kung Fu is weak. OZ tracks him down though and the old lady sings and hits the self destruct on the colony. I am sure dispersing would have served the same ends but I suppose they needed to add more fuel to Wu Fei’s rage. Wu Fei is still a jerk wad and spurns Zechs’ entreaties to join him to fight OZ. Being Mid-Season upgrade time Zechs start moaning about how slow Tallgeese is and soon ditches it for Wing Zero. Heero goes off to participate in the BIG FIGHT between the Treize Faction and Romefeller, but Wing Gundam is also starting to show its age and loses out to the massive Virgo Spam. Luckily for Heero time suicide attacks by mooks in Leos save him for a moment. Heero goes off to dungeon crawl in a castle when he encounters Trieze, this time there are no duels with Trieze asking Heero who his enemies are while lamenting that his job is done. Heero waves his bullshit flags but before he can off Trieze offers a suicide pact and a gift… Quatre gets word that his cronies were able to rebuild and recover his Gundam Sandrock, but boy will he be disappointed when the only upgrade they gave him an SMG. Worse still they can’t ship it over using the Sally expresses so Quatre has to go get it himself and gets shot down for his trouble. While Quatre has to wait for his disppointing midseason upgrade Trieze gives Heero the Gundam Epyon which is much more stabby than Wing Zero and really wants to team kill like nobody’s business. Heero kills everything within range and heads back to Trieze but Heero has a reason to continue to live and doesn’t have the right to kill steal from Wu Fei.

I was rather giddy that Heero and Dorthy were fencing as it really made Dorthy seem to be the kind of crazy yandere that she should have been. Certainly Dorthy seems to know much more about Heero than Heero or anyone really knows about Dorthy. I also highly approve of having fencing for PE and at a school that supposedly teaches about pacifism no less. As amusing/un-amusing as it is now Gundam Wing did help start the trend of mecha with High School hijinks. Thankfully they made it a lot more stabby and much less silly than Code Geass where the school was integral to help with the harem bullshit. I wish they would have expanded on the schools pre-Heero days and played Relena’s yuri academy with Dorthy stalking Relena for laughs. They could have meandered with the idea that the school was Relena’s gilded cage for Heero as she stalked him and he fell asleep during her lectures. Well at least Heero got a scholarship or Relena made education free. Come to think of it Relena being headmaster she could have abused her powers and dolled up Heero during his stay; quite why she chose to forgo the Kawaii CLAMP costumes as school uniforms is rather strange but I suppose the no Gundma pilot could have lived that down. Moreover, Relena could have also bugged Heero’s room or made a co-ed dorm just for them, it’s not like she had problems going to Heero’s room at any rate. Part of me still wonders what sort of High School havoc would have ensued had Dorthy, Relena, and Heero been forced to stay in school longer, school plays, festival days, sports days, swim lessons, and all. It might have been totally awful but with Dorthy being yuri yandere, and Relena being yandere it would have been significantly different from the typical every one loves that loser main, I am betting it would have been fun and quite memorable.

Well there goes the yuri paradise

Heero insisted that there was nothing Relena had that would make him stay.

Relena was like O RLY?

Hey Quatre I bet they fence better than you.

She’s fast…

Dorthy could also parry…

Heero admitted that Dorthy was good…

…but he was better.

Relena was most irritated when Heero unfriended her on Facebook.

Dorthy wanted to put her spacious back seat to good use.


Dorthy tried to play the sick card.

Well they aren’t quite GMs or Jegans but those repainted Tauruses should do.

Guess who?

Bring out your dead…

In truth you can make a lot of money off of scrap metal especially when it’s not your scrap to begin with…

Wing Zero switches sides like it switches pilots.

I wonder how Hilde convinced Duo to play house…

She swore on her heart and did not die.

So Trant can block after all…

Horoscope – Virgo: Today you DIE.

Quick Relena while he’s not looking…

Dorthy made sure to make the proper introductions to Noin before taking Relena out for a dayto.

HI HO it’s off to war we go…

Relena just wanted to test the air bag.

Not even a Wild Bear kick could do that…

I guess Wing Gundam is getting long in the tooth.

Heero gets saved by this an hero…

Well time for some dungeon crawling and grinding.

Heero beat Bowser only to find Toad…

If only Trans-Am had the same result…

Heero found something better than a Tri-Force.

Well it’s almost as cool as Escaflowne.

By the power of Grey Skull.

Sad Bishie in rain.

Clearly this is not the School of the Undefeated of the East.

Your school is dead, your colony is gone, but Altron was totally worth it.

Today we will free Gracemeria.

Trowa wanted to wear it so badly…

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  1. Posted June 17, 2010 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    The Taurus suits are lovely pieces of work, especially when repainted white. Their only minus, really, when compared to the Virgoes was the fact that they lacked any kind of defensive system, which I think is vital against the relatively over-powered Virgo-IIs. Really, agility via MA mode can only get you so far. Also, I think in-series they lacked beam sabers as well, but my memory is kind of fuzzy at this point (it’s an oversight corrected in their game incarnations however).

    Also, LOL at the Yuri-tinged viewing. It does make it more interesting, but how about Trowa’s onee-chan fixation? No hints of a call for S.I.S.C.O.N.?

    • Crusader
      Posted June 18, 2010 at 3:03 am | Permalink

      In the case if SISCON there will be more later…

      Tauruses were pretty snazzy looking in white but alas for the ones painted in white fang colors. They are a strong second to the Virgo series but my favorite OZ MS is the Serpent mostly beacuse it was so grunty with options for weapons layout.

      Using yuri goggles helps immensely since Dorthy’s characterization is very yandere and she does cling around Relena an awful lot. Also they do GET FRIENDLY don’t they. It adds a layer of fun that Sunrise did not intend at time of production. If only they had another Dorthy in successive series.

  2. d3v
    Posted June 18, 2010 at 7:59 am | Permalink

    Wait, Dorthy asking Noin for permission? Does this mean that she means to be Relena’s soeur (and that Noin is officially Relena’s onee-sama?)

    • Crusader
      Posted June 18, 2010 at 10:31 am | Permalink

      Yes it does sadly it did not end up being a night of Dorthy and Relena that went on forever and ever…

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