Gundam Wing 36-40: Backstabbing Basterds

Pretty much the only time Sandrock really looked badass.

After Heero goes back to Relena, Nion starts referring to Epyon ans the righteous and true Trieze Gundam despite it being an equal opportunity hater. Other Trieze faction mooks are similarly besotted and flock to the Sanc Kingdom to bask in the glow of of Epyon’s murderous glowy green eyes. Meanwhile Quatre reclaims his Sandrock Gundam which is not really upgraded and I emphasize not due to a lack of time. I suspect that while the boss was gone Quatre’s goons got ultimate lazy that or they simply had no desire to add special improvements of their own.

Having the subtlety of a rabid goat Dermail tries to kill Relena in a BIG FIGHT and hide her assassination within the chaos of war. Pitting Leos against Virgoes results in a predictable outcome. Heero goes off to fight by himself to prevent team killing which is pretty considerate all things considered. Relena surrenders to avoid further bloodshed and makes Dorthy heart go doki doki and dokyun dokyun. Dermail is also surprised by the surrender, Zechs is howling mad, but Relena is unfazed as Dorthy looks longingly at her with what I surmise to be lustful intent. Speaking of lustful intent Hilde catches a glimpse of Trowa at the circus but when Duo tries to reintroduce himself things just go badly.

Quatre and Noin go into outer space and they meet up with Duo who informs that Trowa is living in sis-con bliss with his onee-sama. Quatre decides to try his hand at apologizing but to no avail. Eventually Trowa comes around and starts piloting a White Taurus until he can remember where he stashed Heavy Arms. Noin has a terrible case of wardrobe fail when she starts sporting that ugly cowboy outfit. Seems she literally wanted to be a space cowboy.

Heero continues to fight as Romefeller keeps tossing Virgoes in his general direction, finally the Zechs now known as the Late Count arrives and the two go at it. However it is a case of flaunting one’s prowess before one is the master and both Epyon and Wing Zero over heat their processors and engage emergency venting procedures. Both try to get out to continue the fight but neither can stand up let alone pull a trigger. Quatre and Noin head to space as Relena abdicates her throne, Heero and Zechs swap partners to kill more Virgoes on their way out, but Dorthy fails to jump Relena on their way to Dermail’s office. Being an old sack of blubber Dermail has been trying to find a new symbol of unity to replace the better looking Trieze as a fat old guy wasn’t generating the kind of PR he wanted. His pet project Libra has yet to be finished and after thinking it over and trying to be cool sipping his tea while plotting Dermail decides to crown Relena as Queen of what will be the Earth Federation.

To be sure Relena is not nearly as talented as General Revil, but what she lacks for military prowess Relena make up in table turning and good looks. Dorthy gets over joyed withe opportunity to dress Relena in a strapless dress. Relena has doubts about her ability to turn Romefeller from within but tries to give a speech to do so, sadly it was not as good as ZEON IS EXHAUSTED but it was better than Gihren’s and it was enough to persuade Heero not to kill her. While Relena is trying to pull a General Revil, Zechs is trying to pull a Char. It seems the colonists being the slow fucks that they are finally realize how costly their submission to OZ is. Quinze shows his wrinkly ass onto the stage and the White Fang is born. It is a tragic occurrence as they were unable to enlist a single original Gundam pilot and are desperately turning to Zechs instead.

Tubarov gets knocked out early during the coup when a bunch of guys with white arm bands take him prisoner and taunt him with the prospect of a very public execution. Tubarov gets a measure of satisfaction as the White Fang is more like a two bit gang that can’t keep a lock on it’s prisoners. So Virgoes run riot through the lunar base but in the end Wu Fei kills off the Virgoes leaving the White Fang free to make Virgo IIs with ugly ass paint jobs. After the quashing of Tubarov with rubble the White Fang claims total control over the battleship Libra and plan on finishing it like they finished off Wu Fei’s arm.

Dermail miffed that his power is declining as more people side with his puppet Relena than they do him goes off into space at the suggestion of Dorthy to be a war hero. Thankfully what started as a ploy to to be a military hero ends up being a re-enactment of Marcus Licinius Crassus’ campaign against the Parthians instead of the quelling of Spartacus’ revolt in the Third Servile War. Dermail dies in disgrace while Dorthy’s shock lasts but a second before she realizes that she has more resources at her disposal to stalk and harass Relena. While Relena is winning hearts and minds across the Earth Sphere Zechs unites the White Fang with his Gundam after the White Fang failed to convince a single one of the original pilots to join their cause. Being a masked man and all Zechs decides to finalize his Char path by becoming CCA Char to lead his own Neo-Zeon movement. Upon hearing the live announcement Heero decides that it is best if he kill Zechs though he will be lacking a Londo Bell to do it.

So super backstabby arc begins as the spacenoids betray yet another group with their Zeke-ish ambitions of independence through foul means. Zechs is probably the one Char-clone that actually managed to do everything the original did. I only wish the White Fang weren’t mobile doll spamming losers and had captured Dermail alive to pour molten gold down his throat to punish his lust for power just like the Parthians did with Crassus. Dorthy didn’t seem to be very disturbed by Dermail’s death but I guess Dorthy got over her grief after realizing that she was now very free to stalk and doll up Relena as she saw fit. I only wish Dorthy had more time to do so but one more contender for the throne of the Earth Sphere yet remained. I would not put it past Dorthy as the mastermind behind Relena’s new wardrobe given how she liked going around strapless as well. Still that hair-bun did not look all that good and I think reverse trap Relena had a better aesthetic. Things are moving fast though I kind of wished they slowed down for the HeeroxRelenaxDorthy triangle it would have been an interesting diversion much more interesting than anything Quatre related anyway.

If only Trowa decided to use lion cavalry from time to time…

I had no idea Hilde liked lions so much…

Catherine wants Trowa to enjoy his sis-con in peace…

In Heero’s absence Dorthy decided to make her move.

Sadly Relena did not want to play boss and secretary.

Still Dorthy was overjoyed to have some alone time.

Not exactly the most romantic place for a night that goes forever and ever, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Trieze wishes he went out like Relena.

In the conflict between man and machine the machines won.

At least it was an equal match.

Seems Dorthy was the one to make Relena her queen.

This is why overclocking your processor isn’t always the best idea.

Tubarov was busted for possession of loli pr0n.


Because we always have to invade Normandy.

I am surprised by the lack of Wu Fei shouting WOMAN!

Both have gotten upgrades but Wu Fei hasn’t matured.

Relena did not take nicely to losing her reverse trap form.

She looked better with her hair down.

Yar this be sis-con me thinks.

I see Dorthy is a fan of strapless dresses.

At least she looks better than Dermail.

Passed over in the succession once again eh?

At least he did not bury it in the sand.

Duke Dermail was busted for stealing Trieze’s cape.

If only they gave Noin more crap for that crappy outfit.

Thank goodness they did not tack on a concert.

Make sure to kick ‘em on the way out Duo.

I guess playing house time is over.

Wait why can’t mobile dolls dual wield again?

Indeed the Duke’s breath smelled worse than the king’s stables.

Dorthy related to her Grandpa how she was going to do this and that to Relena.

Come on now Dorthy END isn’t that bad of an end…

Okay Heero go have another whack at it.

Truly a hideous paint job…it’s just primer.

Oh noes grandpa is dead.

Bright side is that Relena is all hers.

A poor man’s light gun game.

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  1. Posted June 24, 2010 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    Lol at grandad Dermail not getting much sympathy from Dorthy when he died. But alas, such is the power of the yuri.

    On an unrelated Gundam note, I hope I’m not the only one excited about this:

    • ectholion
      Posted June 24, 2010 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

      not just the yuri this is yandere yuri comrade!

    • Crusader
      Posted June 25, 2010 at 3:11 am | Permalink

      At least Dorthy understood what mattered in life not much she could do but move on…to Relena.

      New G-Gunsam manga sounds great but still needs anime adaptation though no Schwartz and no Master Asia means there are some big shoes to fill…

  2. Posted June 25, 2010 at 4:03 am | Permalink

    I found it sad that, of all the original Gundams, the Sandrock had the *least* upgrades done on it — it only gained shield mounted missiles and better maneuverability in space. That said, I think the Maganarc corps more than made up for this deficiency.

    And the arrival of the White Fang Taurus and their ugly rust-red paint scheme. Seriously, naming dissonance much? They’re RED, not white.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 25, 2010 at 10:57 am | Permalink

      I didn’t care much for Quatre but Havy Arms was screwed a bit too in the upgrade department.

      I suppose one could say they the White Fang paint schemes reflected their rusted and diseased intentions. Still it was an ugly paint job almost as bad as some 40k cheesemasters.

  3. Matt
    Posted June 25, 2010 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    God i feel old reading this.. A fun series to watch, classic stuff.. I just wished Relena would just die, it would have made the series alot more enjoyable.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 25, 2010 at 11:11 am | Permalink

      I kind of like having Relena around compared to Gundam 00’s Princess Poverty Relena is better. Besides her mild yandere stalker streak and reverse trap mode make her at least tolerable and Dorthy’s yuri yandere affections for Relena make up for the BL undertones (which are less overt than these days).

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