Uraboku Episode 9: I smell a conspiracy here~

The world is beautiful and life is wonderful~ Are you listening to this, Dr. Freebird? Looks like you found your protege…or not.

If you guys are wondering where the heck I am for the past 2 weeks (Or not, T_T), I was on a date with Youtube, watching all sorts of videos and writing fanfictions on FF.net. Unfortunately for me, I’ll only be covering Shiki for the summer season, with school and all the jazz coming right up after a long 8-month break. You can see me hanging out on my Soup microblog or in my personal WordPress blog, but just follow the former, available 24/7. I haven’t been updating the WordPress one for almost 2 months. I have my Twitter account, but I don’t talk much there.

Back to the review, the manga chapters that featured in today’s episode give out a more interesting view on HOTsuma and Shusei’s relationship, but I think the anime also shows more on HOTsuma’s side (And a dash of yaoi shounen-ai undertones). On the other hand, I have the feeling to call HOTsuma COLDsuma today, since the episode is focusing on character development (With a bit of raining calming him down).

Man, this screenshot is making me hungry. Can’t…resist…temptation…

You see, there is one thing that got me thinking in today’s episode: It’s strange that every father or mother, or both parents in Japan hate their child for being different and all, such as their child having super powers, them being way smarter or acts differently than their other peers, the child having some sort of physical or mental handicap, so on and so forth. (I’ll probably need to discuss this issue with Impz whenever he’s free, a follow-up with the elitism topic he and I were talking about weeks ago.) Someone with at least some understanding in Japan society please explain something to me about this disturbing trend.

This gives me the yaoi vibes. O.o

In this case, it’s Hotsuma having the power to burn things, a.k.a. God’s Voice/Voice of God/Whatever translations that is relevant to Hotsuma’s abilities. His parents called him a monster for having such powers (And you’ll see why in today’s episode.) You should know this already, but I’m still wondering why Shusei skips breakfast all the time (It has got nothing to do with Hotsuma burning him whatsoever.)

Not much Luka this week, which is a good thing for hogging the spotlight for almost 8 episodes now. (Jealousy then takes over while listening to conversations between HOTsuma and Yuuki…just kidding! I guess he’s like Usui from Maid-sama; [insert one and only love interest here]-attracted.)

Eavesdropping on Yuuki and HOTsuma, Luka?

A case, nicknamed as the ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ was being investigated on in the police department, obviously needing Shusei’s abilities in finding the missing people who have no sorts of connection. Knowing that the targets are either teaching or attending high school, probably there are some leads for them to find out who the culprit is (Most likely the Duras, a no-brainer case there.)

Creepy looking dolls. Japanese girls <3 them, hmm?

Back at the Twilight Mansion, Hotsuma received a message from his parents and he wasn’t too happy about the news. As you can see, the parents of the Zweilt Guardians are paid for using their children to fight the Duras. This worries Yuuki and he leaves to find him, as well as wanting to know what’s wrong with him. His abilities are feared by his parents, even calling him a monster for burning several people. After knowing the truth behind Hotsuma’s hot-headed cover, he reassured that there are people who still need him and it is possible to control his powers.

This reminds me of something VERY similar…

Yeah, Shusei ran away from home after he heard the conversation between his best friend and Yuuki, thinking that Hotsuma no longer needs him any more. Is he going towards the Dark side? Stay tuned!


Looking at the stars, looking ahead. No yaoi vibes this time.

So far, this episode covers everything from the scanlated material and I’m not sure how the next episode will turn out. The girl who visited the House of Divination (Yoshino Shiori) wasn’t given much attention in here, compared to what was shown in the manga (Her unrequited crush for Hotsuma is elaborated more than what we could see her in the anime.)

I guess time is up for me today. Got to go writing more fanfics, before making this announcement. I repeat myself again, I won’t be hanging out here much aside from writing the reviews for Shiki. If you want to look for me, I’ll probably either be in my Soup, at the Kingdom Hearts Insider site Forums (Most likely finding out what’s going on in E3, new game coming right up for NA fans.) or listening to VOCALOID songs at Nico Nico Douga.

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  1. Cherubium
    Posted June 8, 2010 at 5:50 am | Permalink

    Well judging on how things played out in this episode my theory is

    Girl takes hankerchief thinking that she’ll have Hotsuma fall in love with her which fails since it belonged to Shusei and all those guys who were having their possessions taken away by girls who couldn’t even talk to their crushes turn into those creepy dolls. Que fighting scene once Zweilt’s figure it out and have a touching scene with Shusei and Hotsuma before it turns into a yaoi scene or since its shounen-ai and cos people are double standard with Yuri and not Yaoi on screen atleast give us a snippet of them waking up in the same bed!!

    • WhoBeMe
      Posted June 8, 2010 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

      Isn’t Shusei gone now that Yuki quenched his flame … or however it was said. My guess is that we discover that the past Yuki was with Hotsuma, but left him for Luka. The only thing I can think of why Hotsuma gets so agitated around him. And yea, they’ll discover that doll person whatever and fight it. That’s my guess.

      • Posted June 13, 2010 at 8:26 am | Permalink

        I get the impression that Hotsuma was hot for Yuki in their past lives too, though that doesn’t explain Luka’s (lack of) reaction to Hots, other than the eavesdropping. And I’m also looking fwd to the creepy doll girl fight – hopefully Tomo will take her on and she’ll give her a good arse-kicking (I’ve been missing Marina Inoue in fighto mode) – bring it on!

  2. Posted June 13, 2010 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    I enjoyed this episode, I’m glad they finally explored Hotsuma and Shusei’s past and their relationship a bit more, rather than just focussing on Yuki and Luka (though the latter’s fight in the previous episode was pretty cool, certainly more graphic than I expected). The shonen-ai undertones are definitely there, but, as Chrono said in his June 8th Editorial about combatting assumptions, I think it’s a lot more than just man-service for the girls. Rather than milking such scenes with excessive touches, blushes, or other kyaarific elements, there is a lot more focus on feelings and emotions, without it going the other extreme and becoming too emo either. A tough break for Hotsuma this epi, but will be interesting to see what they do with Shusei’s AWOL ass now…the darkside beckons indeed maybe…

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