Angel Beats 11 – Now with Even More Inconsistency!

Truest statement ever made in this anime

Why do I even bother with you anymore Angel Beats! Your plot has me engrossed, but I’m even starting to find that really frustrating. At least there’s only one more episode of it left… Let’s see how MJ will wrap everything up in one episode! It honestly seems impossible from my point of view – wrapping up this entire shadow business and Otonashi’s plan. I have this unshakable feeling that one of those plot lines will get shafted, but what are you going to do at this point… Why MJ… Why…

I do honestly regret not writing down my impressions as I watched the episode, as I feel like some of my thoughts on the episode drained out of me by writing this so long after I watched the episode, but here goes anyway.

Angel Beats suffers from a multitude of problems, some of which I touched on in my Angel Beats 10 post. There is a strange disjoint of comedy and drama present throughout the entire series, which dampens the impact of a lot of key dramatic moments. The show is also growing more and more absurd with each episode, as we’re asked to believe more and more completely unbelievable character actions and motivations.

Yet there has been one realm of absurdity that the series never touched on, until this episode – plot absurdity (at least it jumped out at me during this episode!). What I mean by that is that the show seems to be throwing any coherent plot right out the window, and is just floating along, doing whatever the hell it pleases, and contradicting itself within the same episode. I think this is an indication that our beloved Maeda Jun has certainly gone crazy.

Just like Hidaeki Anno, MJ has incorporated elements of his craziness into Angel Beats! Now what may those crazy elements be? Well, let’s find out!

1) The origins of the Shadows – In the episode, we discover that someone is actively manipulating the NPCs in the Angel Beats! world to apparently trap everyone in this world forever. We also get this shot of an NPC transforming into a shadow:

Sucks for the NPC

But wait a second… Where did the first shadow in the series come from?

Woah wait. Any shadow can become a shadow enemy?

An actual shadow? So this criminal mastermind can also force people’s shadows to become shadow enemies? Hm. That’s interesting. Shame there wasn’t anything mentioning that in the episode itself!

2) The “numbers” of Shadows – You could sense this phenomenon in the Cloned Kanade arc, where Kanade could supposedly use harmonics as many times as she wanted to, but apparently only made enough so that there was one clone for each SSS brigade member. That was fine because you could posit that she had a time limit on Harmonics or something like that. But here, there are constant remarks about the growing number of shadows, but they’re oddly missing. Apparently the SSS brigade can still wander around campus just fine despite all these shadows roaming around. Who knew? I think during the ending sequence we got a snapshot of a lot of areas in the Angel Beats world – all strangely shadowless.

Shadow gone where?

3) Kanade’s Wings – Ok, following up on Otonashi’s wish for wings in the previous episode, Kanade actually coded wings into her program… For decoration right? Haha WRONG!

These wings WORK damn it!

And they just mentioned the wings being decorative a few scenes back… Unless Kanade was lying? I don’t really see the motivation behind that… But ok!

4) Following Orders – There are two instances of this plot hole. At the beginning of the episode, Yuri made an outstanding order to all SSS members to travel in groups! Alright travel in groups! Good job, when the SSS brigade on the field got attacked, they were in a group. Plot crisis averted! Wrong.

Didn’t you just get an order to travel in groups?

So apparently both Ooyama and Takamatsu were wandering alone eh? That’s ok, it’s possible that Ooyama just went to get a drink and Takamatsu didn’t want to go get one and so he stayed in this open area and waited for Ooyama but got attacked before Ooyama came back. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

The second time where those orders were disobeyed was pretty much during the end of the episode, when the numbers of shadows were increasing (supposedly), and danger was everywhere. Even with all that danger, the members of the SSS brigade like to stay alone in their own special corners. It confounds the imagination! (See the picture collage above to see what I’m talking about)

5) Number of “Players” in the Angel Beats game world – Kanade made a comment back at the end of episode 8 (or 9?), that everyone in this world is here because of a bad childhood. Ok, I bought that. In this episode, apparently there are actually NPCs in this world, and they can be turned into shadows. Obviously player characters can’t be turned into shadows, or the mastermind would just turn the SSS brigade all into shadows, which would save him a lot of trouble. So that means soulless NPCs exist. In that case, I think it’s a fair assumption that all characters who aren’t freaked out by the shadows and seek shelter somehow are NPCs. After all, it is an extraordinary occurrence. In that case, that means that the only real humans are the members of the SSS brigade?

Small number of “real people”

This is it? These are all the humans who had a terrible childhood or had some regrets in life? Well wow! Guess there isn’t that much misery in Japan. What a great society. Guess where I’m moving to?

6) Yuri knows what Otonashi’s doing! – Ok, perhaps this isn’t a plot inconsistency per say, but I just found that entire part of the show to be completely unbelievable. I think it’s because the lack of any sort of set up at all. There weren’t hints dropped during any other episode; it was just thrown at us in the face. I didn’t even see any indication that she knew what was going on in the previous episode, though my memory could be fading on that.

7) WTF she’s not an angel?? – … You’ve got to be kidding me. This doesn’t even deserve a real entry. Didn’t we establish that she acquired her powers from her computer? Otonashi was present for the first raid into Kanade’s room, and I would hope that Yuri would tell the members of the SSS about the situation with Kanade’s program. I’m just… Never mind.

That reaction… It’s a joke right? RIGHT?

The inconsistencies in the show have reached a point where I feel like I’m watching Arakawa Under the Bridge. There’s far too much insanity going on that our minds, and even Maeda Jun’s mind apparently, are overloading. We can barely squeeze out a coherent plot anymore, much less separate comedy and drama. We even had Naoi crack his “I’m a God” joke at times when the mood was supposed to be serious (during Otonashi’s speech). That single moment just made me facepalm rather than pay attention to what was actually going on in the story.

But I’m sure that you’ve read enough posts that just lambast Angel Beats. It’s probably good to point out some things that Angel Beats does right, and it might even raise the show in my eyes a bit more. If there’s one thing that’s absolutely wonderful about all the characters in Angel Beats, it’s that even though they’re all unbelievable, they’re all living their lives to the fullest and with no regrets in this strange and hostile world. There hasn’t been one character yet that hasn’t done just what he or she wants to do. We haven’t seen someone like Otonashi in his past life, who barely has a personality. And that’s part of what makes Angel Beats fun to watch. The characters are just so full of personality that at times the absurdity even feels acceptable because it exaggerates the personality of each and every character. Even though we know nothing about the past of each individual character, the focus of the show is and always has been focused on this world, where the characters have moved beyond their pasts. What’s important is the here and now, and the show plays up that fact.

Lately, the focus on the background of each individual characters have decreased, as evidenced by Yui’s 5 second background. The focus of that episode was around the life that Yui is living right now, and the importance of doing just what you want to do in life. No individual in this world is living a false existence. Naoi is doing whatever the hell he wants instead of feeling restricted by someone else’s expectations, and Yui is doing what she wants as she couldn’t do them in her past life. The message present in Angel Beats is an optimistic one, and the emphasis in episode 11 is once again focused around the ability of each individual character to do what he/she wants. Fighting for the SSS, dancing your heart out, working/loving Otonashi, etc.

After all, the tragedy of Takamatsu’s transformation into an NPC is that he can’t do what he wants anymore. We won’t get to see him express his manliness anymore, and we won’t get to see any of his antics anymore. Isn’t that the ultimate tragedy? To have no free will whatsoever? Takamatsu’s death is heavily contrasted with the truly hyper representations of every other character in this episode. In the battle scene, we saw TK dance like crazy and Kanade act like a killing machine. We saw Naoi being… whatever he is, and Ooyama being a coward as always. Can you imagine the Angel Beats world with these characters having the personality of a post-converted Takamatsu? I certainly can’t. I can’t imagine any of these characters losing the aspect of their personality that makes them dear to me, and why I can even turn off my brain during some episodes of Angel Beats to just enjoy their antics.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’d feel sad to see him go…

But you know, now that I’ve written all of that, I feel like I have a greater appreciation for Angel Beats, where I feel that the show is rather justified in its absurd represen- … Wait a second… I just remembered the whole episodes spent on Otonashi’s background and the entire 2nd halves of episodes spent on character backgrounds… God damn it Angel Beats! What the hell are you? Comedy or drama? WHAT ARE YOU? Never mind – I still dislike this show (although I was serious in those last three paragraphs; please don’t write them off!)

Sometimes I wonder if Angel Beats is just a tsundere show. I-i-it’s not like I want to make you laugh! Just take the drama already!

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  1. Posted June 13, 2010 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    I can certainly understand how you’re feeling. From the beginning this show has been hard for me classify and even harder for me to explain why I keep watching. The word seamless definitely doesn’t apply to this show. The transitions from stupid to serious are jarring to say the least, and the fact that “death” is a mere reset button with infinite continues doesn’t help that drama terribly.

    You hit the nail on the head when you talked about the likable characters (the only character I’m not fond of is Yuri). If you don’t care about the characters then the comedy lacks meaning and the drama lacks impact. It’s just a shame that these idiots (& most of these guys are idiots) don’t get to have a little more fun. It feels very rushed and haphazard at this point. And it seems to have this terrible problem of solving its own problems too quickly.

    I won’t judge this show too harshly because it still manages to be entertaining, but if something falls flat I won’t be too surprised or hurt. It was still a fun ride. And I’ll remember that “tsundere show” comment. It strangely appropriate for Angel Beats.

  2. Posted June 13, 2010 at 4:12 am | Permalink

    The shadows don’t make much sense to me. As you point out, they are shown coming out of real shadows at one point, and they are also shown being created out of NPCs. Now apparently NPCs are created by merging a shadow with a real person.

    There’s also no sensible explanation I can think of that a “shadow” can be harmed by a bullet or a knife.

  3. rpd
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    Flying and gliding are two different things.

    Though the show is all over the place. Kinda curious how they will finish this show. Just to see it end.

    • Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

      But when Kanade landed, she could generate enough lift from a flap of her wings to bring her downward motion to a complete standstill! That’s certainly not gliding :P

      • rpd
        Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

        It’s not Flying as well :D

        Making a cool entrance/falling down slower is not the same as flying

        • Posted June 13, 2010 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

          If you can generate enough lift to hover, you can essentially fly. Anyway, the wings are still not pure decoration. But that’s beside the point of my overall argument >.>

  4. Chronolynx
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 6:39 am | Permalink

    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about the shadows; we still don’t know very much about them, so who knows how they operate. And I agree with you about the characters.

    You know, I can’t help but think this show would be better if it just left out character backstories entirely. Do they really accomplish anything other than trying to make us sad?

    • Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:24 pm | Permalink

      That’s an interesting notion, and one that I think would give a much better focus and coherency to the show. At the very least you can hint at their backstories, but to split nearly every episode down the middle with comedy then drama doesn’t really work for me.

  5. Eva
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 8:16 am | Permalink

    I think you misunderstood that there are actually 2 episodes left XD (13 episodes in total according to ANN) so technically Jun can wrap it up in just two episodes. Also I have to say that it is possible for it to be both comedy and drama.
    Rather than getting caught up in confusion and avoiding over thinking as well as having too much expectations, I think this is why some of us can handle what’s going on. XD

    • Eva
      Posted June 13, 2010 at 8:21 am | Permalink

      On the other hand, I’m very interested in this Shadows. I think it is possible to save some people who have been devoured or possessed because after seeing Takamatsu’s eyes in that one seen where they zoom into his face. You can see it in his eyes that it’s as if he’s being possessed/brain washed.

      XD I also happened to nickname these Shadows “Viruses” due to my current theory.

      • Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

        !!! I could have sworn that I checked at some point and it was 12 episodes! Huh oh well. I still don’t think two episodes are enough time to finish the plot up, especially if they want to keep on inserting random comedic moments and more revelations of just how stupid the characters are.

        The shadows are interesting, and they might actually lead us to learn more about the world, which I’m down for.

        • Eva
          Posted June 14, 2010 at 2:19 am | Permalink

          I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t as much comedy as it usually has in the next episode. I think this is because we’ve been down to the Guild twice and both scenarios were hysterical. So rather than having a repeat of “LOLZ”, I think hope we will be seeing some serious drama. Well, I wouldn’t mind that since it would be quite refreshing.

  6. Posted June 13, 2010 at 9:17 am | Permalink

    I actually think the comedy segments manage to intensify the drama, but maybe that’s just me.

    Anyway, the continuously increasing level of bizarre might have a purpose. If you’ve never played Metal Gear Solid 2, one of the characters is actually a computer program. When it gets infected with a virus, everything immediately goes crazy. So think about the world getting a virus, and the world definitely exhibits characteristics of a computer program. Everything slowly but surely becomes weirder and weirder until you hit a break point where all the characters either have to escape or fight to the death.

    • Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

      Hm I didn’t think about that. Then again, if this is a computer game, then I think it would thematically shoot itself in the foot. All this talk about redemption and moving past our regrets is no good if they’re just hiding from it in a game world! Or the other possibility is that they jack people into this game world when they’re in a coma or something… … Yeah never mind.

  7. deaky
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    But it’s not “inconsistent”.. apparently “everything has been hinted at” according to the fans, and we just don’t get it ;)

    But yeah.. I don’t know what to say about Angel Beats. A fun little distraction, but I just can’t take it as seriously as the fanbase does. With any luck the series is salvageable, otherwise I fully expect the melodrama to hit really high notes in the last couple of eps.

  8. layfon
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    When you pointed out there weren’t a lot of people with a bad childhood in the world, I thought what about the people making the weapons in the show o_o

    • Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

      D’oh I guess I did forget about the Guild people. Well, that’s still not THAT many more is it?

      • Layfon
        Posted June 13, 2010 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

        might be enough for Maeda Jun to try to make it sound legit o_o

  9. Wraith
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Angel Beats should have been a 24 episode series, their trying to hard to cram too much into a 13 episode series. Also I’m starting to think this show was inspired by Lost

  10. r
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    Kanade not is a angel, is a Matrix Agent

    • Layfon
      Posted June 13, 2010 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

      She’s the one o_o

  11. Lerot
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    I dont think Kanade can fly with those wing, she just called them forth and it worked like a parachute. But i liked the post, i have simillar feelings about this show.
    You said that “one of those plot lines will get shafted”, but i dont think there is much more to Otonashi’s “Let’s get erased plan” plan or at least I am not intrested watching 1 or 2 more episods like the 10th was. So i think the series is going to focus on yurippe and the shadows, but ofcourse somehow it’ll join up with the other plot line. (Like everyone is under attack by the shadows and about to be eaten, when yurippe xcoughx saves xcoughx everyone, Otonashi take’s the leadership, and we will have an open ending)
    Sorry for my terribile english :D

  12. ToastCrust
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 1:20 pm | Permalink

    I think Tenshi was a bit clipped in her explanation. Looking at the characters available (and seeing their general youth), the most reasonable thing to say (other than lol this place is only for Japanese) is that this place is for people, generally with a fairly defining traumatic memory in childhood, but on top of that, generally don’t live into adulthood (where they might, in life and adulthood, sort it out themselves really, like Otonashi was set to do before he died).

    Additionally, the world can hardly be described as a Hell or Heaven type place, as traffic goes to and from it, as people sort out their own problems. Looking at it this way, you can look at the eccentricities of the characters as, rather than that being the norm for people who are sent to this world, it is the norm for the people who stay in this world. They’re generally crazies cause their childhood trauma’s particularly bad, or they just have a very eccentric personality. But how about people with more mundane childhood trauma (like getting bullied in class? lol), and are fairly boring people in general. It’s not like there is a divining rod for who is an NPC (if I remember correctly, from the prequel light novel, Hinata initially was convinced that Ooyama was just an NPC, since that guy thought it was logical to just go along with the school world until motivated otherwise), so less eccentric guys might easily end up falling through the cracks (in addition to the fact that Yuri hasn’t been around forever, so people before her may very well have gone much more easily, until she started going out of her way to intercept them).
    So personally, I feel explaining their numbers isn’t terribly difficult, at least not yet.

    As for the shadows, it seems they’re made from NPC’s (though I’m not sure how much you can count on Yuri’s complete conclusion), but looking at the Naoi example, I figure that they just blend with shadows too and can ambush that way (hence needing to travel in groups, specifically).

    Though ultimately, I do agree that sometimes, it seems like what Maeda’s writing, isn’t necessarily what PA Works ends up making. The wings thing was sort of weird, and I can only put it up to PA Works wanting to do a cool scene, and that chunk of the animation staff didn’t actually hear much about the plot beyond what they needed for that scene.

    Neither can I really say that the show’s been a highly erratic mix of drama and comedy, but personally, I’m very much a fan of tragicomedies, so I never really batted an eye about it. I actually don’t take to straight drama very well.

  13. lesterf1020
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

    I will never understand people who dislike a show and yet continue to watch it and complain about every little thing in every single episode. I first noticed it with Code Geass and it is very much in force with Angel Beats!

    Once I decide I don’t like a show I do one rant and drop it, no matter what its popularity. I do not continue to watch and nitpick. If you like a show you overlook all of its weaknesses, if you dislike a show every little detail you don’t like becomes a death penalty offense. Why do you guys put yourself through this stress? Don’t you have enough pain and suffering in your life? Wouldn’t your lives be easier if you dropped shows you don’t like and go watch or even rewatch shows you do like? I don’t get it.

    • Chronolynx
      Posted June 13, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

      It’s not that we hate it entirely, so much as we think the premise is interesting, but they’re screwing it up in execution. And for all its flaws, it does have its redeeming features, which Mystlord discussed.

      • Posted June 16, 2010 at 9:43 am | Permalink

        The storyline is just so intriguing though. I’m also curious as to how they’ll tie up everything later on in the episode. Mystery fixes everything I suppose!

  14. Posted June 13, 2010 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    It wouldn’t be like Angel Beats didn’t warn us with all the talk of NPC’s, the location names popping up just like in a game, and Tenshi’s and the shadows’ abilities/auras being made up of a bunch of code, but it’s going to feel like a huge cop out if this really does end up being a game or a system that comatose kids are put in or something to that effect. I’ve been hoping that the game touches are just thematic and that the story isn’t that cliche. I want to believe!

    Spot on about the inconsistencies, though they gave a bit of an explanation for how Yuri knew about Otonashi’s plan. Not that it was a very good or satisfying explanation, but they did briefly show one of Yuri’s scouts out on the rooftop with a radio observing everyone. But implying it in that way is quite a stretch. They could have a) directly shown the observation or the scout telling Yuri about it, or b) not shown it directly but given it some build up over the last episode or two by hinting that Yuri knew through her actions or thoughts. But instead they took the least interesting path to accomplishing this.

  15. Matt
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

    Just going to get a late comment in here, this point has most likely been addressed somewhere above.

    I still love this show as my favourite of this season, but the thing is a total train wreck. As much as we can complain about the multiple inconsistencies and how I think Ive went through 5 or 6 possible ending scenarios after each of the past two eps, only to have it thrashed by the 30 seconds before the end of the episode. I hate Jun, Im not sure where he is headed, and from the quality of the story at this point, Im not sure he even knows what he was writing.

    My number one problem I think is the total loss from all the potential that the series demonstrates. So many good and interesting characters that were totally undercut and underdeveloped as Jun flip flopped more times in one series then Brett Favre before an NFL season. Its such a shame. Not sure what is in store for the coming last 2 eps, but I just dont know if there is a salvageable conclusion.

  16. Son Gohan
    Posted June 14, 2010 at 2:52 am | Permalink

    Well, I have some rebuttals to your so-called inconsistencies:

    1-2. We still don’t know how the shadows work. What if the mastermind can only create a limited number of shadows each time? What if there needs to be an interval of time between each activatrion of the “Shadow Program”?
    Also, in episode 9 they said that Evil Kanade created about 100 clones. The other ones were probably guarding other entrances to the Guild, since it’s a huge place.

    3. As others alrady pointed out, those wings probably allow Kanade to glide but not to fly.

    4. The order to remain in groups was issued AFTER the incident concerning Takamatsu. However it’s true that they disobeyed the order during the night. But how is this a plot hole? People not following orders happen every day and the SSS aren’t exactly the marines…

    5. We don’t exactly know how this world works. It could be that only teenagers with very strong regrets end up there.

    6. There were hints that Yuri was suspecting Otonashi. At the beginning of the episode we see Yusa spying on Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi. During the confrontation with Kanade in the meeting room, she clearly wasn’t buying Naoi’s explanations.

    7. I’ll concede that Otonashi’s reaction was weird because he seemed to understand Kanade. However it’s true that he never asked for her past, something that he probably would have done if he had thought that she was human.

    • Son Gohan
      Posted June 14, 2010 at 6:35 am | Permalink

      The order to remain in groups was issued AFTER the incident concerning Takamatsu.
      Ok, I checked and I was wrong on this one. It happened later. However my point about people not following orders 100% of the time remains valid.

    • Posted June 16, 2010 at 9:42 am | Permalink

      1-2. The spoken dialogue as the show progressed clearly indicated an increase in the number of shadows. And I find it hard to believe that 91 other Kanade clones (or however many there were), were all guarding the Guild entrance, and that the SSS brigade missed them all.

      3. See below.

      4. I mentioned in another comment the fear aspect to this as well. The SSS brigade apparently doesn’t fear the shadows either. And any normal humans who chose to be model students apparently don’t fear magically being turned into a shadow either.

      5. Possible. Hinata’s regret over a missed catch kind of feels out of place when compared to the other regrets we’ve seen though.

      6. I was more referring to the fact that there was no indication of Yuri ever finding out what Otonashi was doing in the Yui episode. Otonashi and crew did nothing to try to save more members of the SSS after that.

      • Ryan
        Posted June 18, 2010 at 3:18 am | Permalink

        1.) Who says Guild has one entrance? they could have found one of many. And it is a huge place afterall. It



        4.) Why should they? The shadows can be killed by pretty much any gun or sword possible. When people make critical decisions I can buy that they want to be alone

        5.) Hinata fucked up three years of training, hard work and effort, and was shown being yelled at by his team mates

        6.) They were in the middle of discussing what to do when the Shadows attacked

        • Ryan
          Posted June 18, 2010 at 10:08 am | Permalink

          People really do make decisions and they are all idiots. I actually felt that they could balance both comedy and drama pretty well.

          1.) Guild has many entrences, so they could have chosen one of many; therefore most of the clones would have missed them

          3.) When people have to make really important emotional and personal decisions, they usually like to be alone. Also, they probably are making sure not to be caught with their pants down (unlike the schmuck who gets turned into an npc

          4.) The shadow doesn’t birth the enemy; they just thought it was the best way to sneak up. Also, Naoi’s not an npc, so they couldn’t convert from within; they had to swallow

          5.) If you are in an important game that you’ve been training for for three years, it all comes down to you, and you totally blow not only your dreams but your team’s as well, how would you feel

          6.) Considering that the shadows would have wrecked just about everything if left unchecked, any sane person would have put the “help people move on” plan on the back burner until the shadows were defeated.

          7.) Yuri still gave hints that she knew about his plan; she didn’t buy naoi’s excuses, and the fact that she wanted them to break into kanade’s room again shows she suspected something. It wasn’t completely out of left field

          People actually do act in unpredictable, and at times, stupid ways. You make some points, but I still like it overall and feel you are too hard.

  17. Posted June 14, 2010 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    In regards to how many “sad” teenagers there are in this world: Those are only the members of the SSS in your screenie. It doesn’t count the students that have given in to school life and will soon disappear. So we don’t know how many kids have come and gone in this world. Tenshi showed some episodes back that she was constantly losing friends that moved on/came to terms with their regrets. So while the number of SSS members might be small it isn’t all the sad kids on the planet, just the ones who were under the impression Tenshi making them disappear was EVIL.

  18. Mel
    Posted June 14, 2010 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    Personally I don’t think, they will unmask this as a psychological training faculty for poor kids. The memories of these kids are too dark but also show a too simple technological world to have a fully working brain computer interface for trauma treatment available in their country.

    Hmm for me this all looks like the Matrix.
    If you convert hell and heaven into some sort of virtual reality with some intrinsic patterns the cloning, the pre – calculation of their plan and the appearance of the shadows make some sense.
    You can analyse attack patterns etc quite easily once you get enough data and tame it. The wing – girl was checking her “form” via a computer too and since she wasn’t able to undergo surgery, she must have hacked it into her own code. (I am not quite up to date with the episodes right now, so I may be wrong in the details.)

    Also you can just sort all these people with this past into different groups based on culture, age etc and boot a unique room for each of them.
    I am waiting for a hacker showdown :D.

  19. Posted June 14, 2010 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    Obviously player characters can’t be turned into shadows, or the mastermind would just turn the SSS brigade all into shadows, which would save him a lot of trouble.

    But Takamatsu got converted, so it’s not for lack of trying.

    I don’t really see how most of these are inconsistencies. The SSS is not exactly known for tight robotic discipline, and many of the inconsistencies you point out are just characters interpreting situations differently.

    • Posted June 16, 2010 at 9:19 am | Permalink

      I was more referring to the screen shot subtitled: “Sucks for the NPC”. There the NPC got literally transformed into a shadow. In Takamatsu’s case, he had to be “eaten” by the shadow before he became that way.

      If you don’t want to look at it in terms of following orders, you can look at it like “the SSS brigade apparently don’t fear for their lives”… or something like that.

  20. Lewin
    Posted June 15, 2010 at 3:13 am | Permalink

    concerning the wings. That they could stop her for a few seconds doesn’t mean that she could fly with them. They seem to be able to generate enough thrust but holding an human in the air need much power, maybe they are just to weak to make her hover longer than that and thus it would be justified for Kanade to call them decorative. But maybe they just thought, that it looked cool.

    And the low number, all people are from japan so there are probably things like that for other countries too. And if they don’t all go to the same school-afterlife, why should there be just one of these schools for japan? We don’t know how the whole thing works so it’s impossible to say how many people there should be.

  21. Posted June 16, 2010 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    Just a general reply to some comments:

    # of people in this world: As of right now, the only evidence we have to go in is Kanade’s comment that “everyone who has a troubled childhood comes here”, or something to that effect. She probably doesn’t know for sure though, so I can see where the problem with that interpretation lies.

    And as for the wings, I still maintain that if you have enough power to fly. But whatever. They’re just not solely decorative. Even gliding is useful.

  22. Posted June 16, 2010 at 8:35 pm | Permalink

    The inconsistencies are way too much for me too, but unlike Arakawa, it’s not at all intentional and just does not play well into this series.
    The drama and comedy are also terribly integrated.

  23. Ryan
    Posted June 17, 2010 at 9:32 am | Permalink

    1.) I always interpreted it as the shadow sneaking up on Naoi. They didn’t see the shadow merge from his shadow, and what they have is mostly guess work.

    2.) They now nothing of the shadows. With the clones, they already had info from kanade’s computer.

    5.) The Souless ones are the ones who run the show and keep it running. They are just mixed in with the real ones. What of the people in the auditorium scene? they are definitaely player characters.

    As for Hinata; considering how badly he fucked up (ruining three years of hard work and effort) I wouldn’t blame him

    4.) The purpose of the stay together was so that if they attacked you wouldn’t get overwhelmed. Remember the only reason that Naoi didn’t become an npc was because Otonashi and Hinata saved him. If they had travelled seperately, they would have have been shadow food. And Takametsu is an idiot, so it wouldn’t have occurred to him. And the reason they are alone at the end is because people like to be alone when considering emotional problems. You made good points, but I still enjoyed the episode and they probably will explain how the shadows grow in 12.

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