Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode 13 – The three bakas bring it on!

A trying-to-be-funny caption will really spoil this wonderful image.

The three bakas are obviously the best characters of the show, other than Usui. Hence, if an episode centers on these three characters, it should be expected to be absolute Win. Let’s see if my hypothesis makes sense.

Episode Summary:


We start off with an Usui lookalike beating up his delinquent minions. Turns out Mr angry is Aratake, top dog at Seisen Middle School. Not content with being top dog however, he’s keen to seek out former legendary top dog, A.K.A. ‘The White Ghost of the Tornado’, A.K.A. Shirokawa Nao… AKA the blonde one out of the Idiot Trio. Cue tailing of said Idiots, idiotically bouncing out of Seika High en route to Maid Latte, which their followers are too freaked out to enter. They return the next day to Seika, where they see a dolled up Yukimura begging Shiro to save him from Hagimoto and another guy whose name I forget, who’ve forcefully dressed him in a girls sailor suit uniform in order to bring ‘her’ home to Hagimoto’s mum (who’s apparently been hassling son over his girlfriendless-ness). Thinking he’s seeing Shiro and his ‘girl’ having a lover’s tiff, Aratake kidnaps Yukimura, challenging Shiro to come and fight him if he wants to save ‘her’.

Meanwhile in the meeting room, Misaki finds Yukimura’s uniform minus Yukimura and is asked if she has been stripping someone by a passing Usui, who then offers to let her strip him, but is called a pervert instead. As Misaki and Usui are leaving school, they bump into the Sheepish Trio who inform their Prez about her Vice-Prez’s abduction. The five eventually turn up at Seisen, where they bump into an irritated Aoi who tells them to bugger off cos they’re attracting to much attention at his school. Later, Aoi and Idiot One and Two (apparently Idiot Three went to a different middle school and hasn’t a clue what’s going on) tell the others more about the Seisen delinquents and their secret base where Yukimura must be. They decide to go there, but to ditch their Seika uniforms in favour of delinquent middle schooler disguises, under the pretence of filming a drama about delinquency. After several interruptions from Misaki’s passing family and, they eventually go in.

Inside the base, Aratake and minions await Shiro’s arrival with differing levels of patience. Remembering the times he met/ was saved by his legendary senpai, Aratake violently disciplines one of his more mouthy minions. Soon the Idiot Trio and co. find them and while Idiot One and Two idiotically reminisce about the old place, a frustrated Aratake finally starts his fight with Shiro. Who kicks his arse. Arse thoroughly kicked, Aratake admits all he wanted was to be as strong and heroic as Shiro, who tells him to keep trying. Then he goes to cheer up/ slap about a depressed Idiot Three who’s been feeling left out/ jealous. The Seiseners’ attention then falls on Misaki, Aoi and Usui, who are then pumped for info, before the Idiot Trio tell them to leave Misaki alone cos she’s the best thing since slice bread. All hail Misaki. While in a nearby room, a now starving Yukimura continues to wait to be let out.

His and Her Thoughts:

By Hana


This was one of my favourite episodes so far. I think I loved everything about it: the Chibi Trio; Trapimura; Usui and his stripping comments; the little ghosty floating over the random crow and the secret base; every time Aoi looked pissed off; the Idiot Trio’s random ‘Pyon Pyon!’ moment; the advert breaks narrated by said Idiots; the punk acting/ ‘filming’; when said filming was paused and Idiot Two dismantled his ‘cigarette’ and ate the pocky stick he was hiding underneath; Shiro’s switching from zero to hero and back to zero (i.e. Idiot-mode) again; and Idiot Three’s Tamaki-style sulking in the corner…

The only thing that I didn’t like as much were all those ‘interruptions’ while they were waiting to enter the secret base. Suzuna, was kinda funny, but the manager was lame, I guess Shizuko and Sakura may be forgiven for being so cute, though the quintuplets were annoying as usual… it was just a bit long. Though Aoi’s line about Misaki’s being cursed was pretty funny I guess.

However, for an episode that had very little Usui x Misaki/ kyaarific moments (aside from Usui’s stripping comments of course, I nearly died at the second one, not least of all the matter-of-factness of tone while saying that) I thought this epi of Maid-sama was awesome. Why? Well, the hilarity aside, I thought it was a really good blend of character development and comic timing, with some really fun visual stuff going on too. The fact that most of the time the Idiot Trio were in their Chibi forms was inspired, and it made the fight scenes even more impactful, although it was also funny when you got those random comments thrown in during their ‘normal/ serious face’ moments, such as when Shiro spoke of not wanting to make his mum cry any more by fighting and then Kurotatsu mentioned how scary even looking into her eyes was.

Other things of note: the fighting. Bishie style. Which means not a single mark on their faces except for some very fetching red cheeks. If having a conversation with fists gets such results, then I thing those punks should talk more. However the sanitisation of delinquency aside… actually, before I cast it aside, I have to mention the whole cry-baby top dog thing; I mean did he intend to become the ultimate dog by developing the ultimake puppy dog eyes technique?? For a minute there I thought it was gona go all BL-undertones on us and Shiro was going to hug the little squirt, but thankfully he just covered his eyes and then bopped him on the head instead. Hmm…

Anyway, as I was saying, the sanitisation of delinquency/ punk culture aside, clearly this was more Ouran (e.g. when Chika-chan comes to take on Hunny-senpai) than some-other-shonen/seinen-title-with-more-blood-and-guts-that-I-don’t read. Still, sticking to the theme of teenage subcultures, I shall look forward to what the animators do with the evil Hoodie in the next epi…

By Impz


Hana literally said everything I wanted to say. She stinks. Trust a nice shoujo fangirl to steal all the kyaa kyaa moments. Honestly though, I found the whole mid-point of the episode absolutely boring. I made no sense or humor in it because it felt like it is simply inserted to deliberately create humor for the audience. I mean, if it is done tactfully, it will not be as forced as this, but since Hana already mentioned it, I rather elaborate on something that has not been mentioned much.

I really, really hope that Yukimura’s feminine appearance will not be a running gag for the rest of the show. I mean, being teased about looking like a female is ok (Hideyoshi ftw) but when it is done in quite a tasteless manner, the humor runs dry quite quickly. Perhaps, it is the treatment for Yukimura in this episode, but two episodes in three somewhat revolved around Yukimura as a source of humor. I actually would be more interested to find out about his background (the whole I can’t participate, and how he became such a character) than cheap potshots at his feminine face. Don’t mind me, I do like Yukimura’s feminine dressing this episode, but I can also see it becoming very dry humor with a few more attempts. I hope that it is dispersed more, or perhaps concentrate on some other characters.

I am actually wondering whether my level of interest in this show increases with the level of cheesiness in the episode. This episode is cheesy to the point that I can make cheeseburgers, but I actually consider this to be one of my favorite episodes (if not the best). Part of it is the three bakas of course, but it is also the good humor and switching of chibi to serious look. I mean, proudly proclaiming the awesomeness of Kaichou Maid Misaki literally? More please! Anyway, when shoujo gets cheesy at times, do you feel better about it or am I in the minority?

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  1. Posted June 28, 2010 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    Stupid trap, you deserved to be forgotten. That is all.

    • Posted July 2, 2010 at 3:55 am | Permalink

      Poor Trapimura. Or should I say poor Impz? Lol.

  2. adr
    Posted July 14, 2013 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    I have a question. Who is that guy with the blue hair who was with Shiro in the alley when Aratake was getting beaten up and he’s still in the group even after Shiro graduated. I thought those two were the same age so why is the blue haired guy still in there?

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