Shiki Episode 6: 101 Sotoba Survivalist Guide: Watch horror-comedy movies with a family in mourning.

Oh, hello there. I’ll suck your blood right away! Sign my copy of your book, Muroi-san, before I do something nasty!

Things slowed down a little this week, especially when the Youth Olympic Games are being held in my tiny little home Singapore for the next 12 days. Let’s hope the rainy weather here doesn’t affect too many events, lots of rainstorm this season. Go Singapore!!

On a totally unrelated note: Three Cheers for Sora (Who came in as #2) to be inside this list of the 20 Most Popular Anime/Game Names to Give Children. On the other hand the quiz sounds a little silly.

Oh, Natsuno, look at me! How dare you ripped off my cute penguin postcard? I’ll drag you to Hell and join me and Tatsumi into the legions of the undead, or vampires, depending on what’s your POV.

So, our first scene before the OP shows an undead (or vampire) Megumi crying, and the scene rewinds all the way till she picks up the ripped postcard intended to give Natsuno before she dies. This kind of shows that vampires have the capability to feel, when they are not out to suck anyone’s blood in Sotoba, as you can feel Megumi crying in this entire scene. After that it fast forwards back to the first scene I described before turning back into the vampire we know in episodes 4 and 5.

I thought that was Teto (from UTAU) for a second there.

Toshio arrived to the Murasako family again, with Hiromi and Masao (Which no one cares or cries for him.) are confirmed dead. The worst thing that will ever happen to someone is they die alone with no one by their side to cry for them. By this point, Toshio caught the obvious that people with ‘insect bites’ will likely die in a matter of time. When treating another patient with the same bites, the wife of the patient told Dr. Ozaki that she fed him with some homemade concotion. Of course, knowing our doctor here he gets all worked up at her for giving him stuff that is not medically-proven to work. Fortunately Ritsuko calmed him down, with no countermeasure of what they called a ‘epidemic’ within the walls of the clinic.

…Probably to play some video games and enjoy the last days of their lives.

Seishin and Toshio met up, trying to find a pattern about this ‘epidemic’ they are trying to dig out, feeling that the number of villagers are decreasing steadily ever since the ‘epidemic’ began. Beside the deaths alone, the people suddenly moving out of Sotoba without informing their neighbors also caught their attention, which lead to some…er… ugly arguments between the two.

Sunako visits Seishin once again in the church, this time asking him if he could sign a copy of a book Seishin wrote. Trying to care for Sunako’s health, he advised her not to go outdoors often (because of the increasing number of deaths, I think). Sunako quickly brushes it away as like her, her mother too have the same disease and they have a live-in doctor to take care of them. Talking about his problems to Sunako, Sunako comforted him, sympathized the fact that Seishin’s feelings are all over the place.

I watch this sort of good movie with accurate vampire folklore rather than some act with sparkly vampires and a damsel who wants to be a blood sucking monster.

Meanwhile, at Mizobe Town (close to Sotoba in terms of distance) Natsuno was checking out at some vampire movies in a movie rental store after experiencing his little ‘dream’ lately.Visiting Toru’s house for a while, he began watching lots of vampire movies (those classic ones and the B ones you know in the past), Tatmosu reacted strangely to Natsuno for watching horror movies for a family in mourning (It’s better than watching a slapstick comedy upon the death of your brother, little Tatmosu.) He still thinks it’s a comedy by reading at Natsuno’s…weird choices of the movies he rented.

Bingo! Audience, you have your answer for the entire arc’s question!

Tatsumo starts explaining a legend circulating the village for a long time; a corspe will rise up from the dead after being buried and punish children for staying up late or misbehave. That gave Natsuno many ideas on what he’s going to expect from the village, first off by doing some research about the legend Tatsumo shared earlier on. At the library, he found out that the books about vampires are all borrowed by Seishin (and has yet to return them). Determined to find those books, Natsuno tried visiting the temple Seishin worked/lived in but too bad for him, Seishin is unavailable, with Seishin’s mother telling him that he borrowed those books to do research for his novels.

An old lady who dyed her hair red. Cool. Too bad she’s ugly.

A villager, Ikumi strongly believed that the Kirishiki family are behind all the deaths every since they moved in to Sotoba and is determined to expose their crimes to the entire village. Trying to talk some sense to the old folks but to no avail (For being too stubborn to believe some stories that has to be true.)

Lesson: Always listen to Toshio.

Meanwhile, a part-time worker at the Ozaki clinic, Takano (With absolutely NO relations with the Takano in Higurashi.) wants to quit her job, stating that she’s afraid of being the next to die in the village, she had ideas of moving out of the village. Toshio visited Etsuko, a villager who’s under his care at the moment and asked if he could draw some blood. Seeing the bite marks once again as she placed her hand on the arm rest, he asked of her to visit him at the clinic the next day. As the next day comes, Etsuko was too weak to visit Toshio (and also not bother him on a Sunday).

Natsuno Yuuki, Vampire Hunter.

Bothered much by his family values and traditions, Toshio was confused if he’s going the right way. On the other side, Natsuno was skeptical if a wooden cross would work to ware off vampires out of his house/room, the thoughts of an undead Megumi taking Toru away from him made Natsuno all the more to believe his instincts. Meanwhile, Etsuko was announced dead by Toshio, and he himself was feeling frustrated by all this…by kicking the grass on his way back to the clinic. (Looks pretty pathetic.)

The official first meeting of Toshio Ozaki and Natsuno Yuuki, our two leads in Shiki.

This marks the first (or second, if you count Natsuno encountering Toshio on his bike in episode 5) time of our two leads meeting together as Natsuno asked Toshio about Megumi’s death and one of Toshio’s answers sparked a life to his answer in all the mysterious deaths and also to look at the situation in a different angle, when Natsuno asked if somehow the deceased could possibly be alive. Putting everything together for the past 6 (including this week’s) episodes, he confirmed one fact: This is not an epidemic.


In a way, the most probable reason why Toshio acted up (almost) all the time this episode was that his inability to save the infected of the ‘disease’ they’re carrying made him think that he’s useless, who can’t save any of his patients and to make matters worse he promised the families of the infected that he’ll save them. Of course, you feel frustrated when there’s a big blockade blocking your path to success in any part of your life. Toshio likely felt the same way when more died this episode. Another reason was that he’s the heir to the Ozaki clan, which holds responsibility of the villagers’ lives in his hands, and that upholding his family goals was not as simple as anyone think. Quite pressurizing that you are stuck in this sort of family thing, and in short, NO FREEDOM.

Sunako’s petting her dog Seishin. That’s the Sunako I know (I mean the dress, look at the promo pictures damnit.)

Also, Natsuno’s moving in the right direction of looking at the situation in a folklorist’s perspectives that something supernatural (vampires, you should know this already) is behind everything, while Toshio has to move out a little on his scientific point of view to see things clearly. Remember, the truth is not something you want to see, but it’s something you made a neutral standpoint and seek out the real cause of the increasing deaths. This is quite a good episode for me and let’s hope that Toshio abandons the epidemic thing completely.

Because I like watching movies, and I suspected that vampires (or aliens) are the cause of this stupid wild goose epidemic.

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  1. Posted August 13, 2010 at 10:51 pm | Permalink

    I agree that it is a good sign that some folks are figuring out the real cause of the deaths. Even with that knowledge it is gonna be tough putting an end to the disaster. Without framing the problem properly, however, they have no hope of saving anybody.

  2. Posted August 14, 2010 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    Oh the dramatic irony of that whole Sunako x Seishin convo. Although disturbing, it’s probably a good thing that Sunako’s taken such a shine to Seishin, she might convince her family not to ‘turn’ him out of pity… unless she wants an eternal undead pet of course.

    On another note, still waiting for vampire-Toru to make his appearance, it’ll be interesting to see how much of his, generally ‘positive’ personality has changed (whereas Mugumi’s stalkerishness was only accentuated after her being changed…).

    And a great ending scene with the Wolfman looking on at the innocent lambs, given what happened the last time he looked at someone (Toru), it doesn’t look good for those two, but hopefully they’ll unite with Natsuno and the useless Dr and the vampire resistence army will finally come into effect. Anyway, I don’t read the manga (will leave it untill the series ends I think, I like all these cliffies so I don’t wana be spoiled) so I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  3. Windaerie
    Posted August 15, 2010 at 7:08 am | Permalink

    Cloud was the #3 name for males? That’s a bit of a stretch…. :P

    I’m actually starting to like Sunako, despite her creepiness. She’s got a bit of the softness (I guess cause she’s always being nice to Seishin and acting very tender towards him—plus her voice is so nice!) that the other characters don’t have imho.

    But Shiki has definitely not disappointed, it’s exciting to see a doctor’s dilemma about practicing medicine. :)

  4. Posted August 15, 2010 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    This was a great episode, though I kind of felt that the entire thing with Toshio’s father came out of nowhere. Regardless, I like to see the Shiki crew taking this slowly and deliberately. They’re slowly building up the dramatic tension to the point that I can’t wait for next week’s episode anymore :(

  5. Shadiic
    Posted August 16, 2010 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    Toru-chan appear! please!!

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