Shiki Episode 09: Sotoba Survivalist Guide 101: Mother-in-laws are scary. So are vampires.

Hi, Seishin Muroi. My name is Megumi Shimizu. I am a vampire. Prepare to die.

I got to count myself very lucky that I managed to watch this week’s episode of Shiki and reviewed, since my internet on my side is becoming more of a dick for two weeks now. (and counting, but I’m begging luck to be on my side) Not much going on in my personal life, other than cowering under my bed and hiding from a certain monster who screams at me with every little thing I’ve done wrong.

Humans VS Vampires: Who will win? The vampire’s aren’t stupid either, but the humans are catching up. Stay tuned and this message is brought to you by the Sotoba Grave Digging Services.

Does this mean Shiki is written by him and not Fuyumi Ono? Oh what a mess. Seishin says that Shiki’s (the book, not the vampires) all his.

While the previous episode focus mostly on Natsuno and gang’s attempts to discover the truth, this time it’s Toshio’s turn to tell his side. The story begins at the Ozaki clinic in the middle of the night, with Toshio and Seishin looking after Setsuko (The old lady who is admitted to the clinic 2 episodes ago). Talking about his new book titled ‘Shiki’ to Toshio (Very similar to the Cain and Abel story in the Bible), I have a strong feeling that the story Seishin wrote is an allegory or some sort of foreshadowing to the main series itself. Megumi walks in the middle of the night, as Shizuka waits for Natsuno to return home.

…and this means that ‘four’ is once again, a death sign.

Asking Seishin if the vampires would come and attack/suck Setsuko’s blood at night, Seishin was not totally convinced yet if Toshio was believing in false hopes/hallucinating with one unsuccessful attempts after another taking a toll in his mind or if he was seriously believing that vampires are on the run, period. Toshio explains that a vampire will take four days to suck the blood of a human completely and also explains how much a vampire needs to satisfy themselves before coming back for more. Also we are given the reason why the victims are unable to tell anyone the truth about their blood being taken by blood sucking creatures, partially explained in episode 6 (with Masao being the case study). Toshio and Seishin were relieved that Setsuko is fine after watching her the entire night, but they know that the real battle has yet begun.

Weird hairstyle. I can’t believe Toshio would marry a woman like her.

The entire medical faculty were all worried about Toshio after spending the night looking after and protecting Setsuko with one of the nurses insisted in telling her and the others the reason why he has to do this alone. (If he really do tell her about vampires, people will start to think he’s gone bonkers after all the victims he failed to save) He reassures her that he’ll need everyone when the time is right.

Toshio’s wife Kyouko suddenly arrives in Sotoba with a red posh car after receiving a call from Toshio’s mother. Telling her to go back to the city, Kyouko was too dumb to become stubborn and stay with his husband but changed her mind quickly.

Until Toshio’s mum came along. Oops.

Having to be bossed around by his mother, that’s saying something about Toshio’s stubborn and not-so-nice personality to begin with and kept reminding about him being an Ozaki which bring back memories
of his late father. (Probably the reason why they have no kids at their current ages. Well, look at Kyouko’s figure.) Pissed off with her nagging Toshio asked if her mother can remarry. Now, who’s the boss of the house now, hmm?

Moar food…make me some please Ritsuko? Nice sister you got there.

With lots of traditional vampire weaknesses running in his head, I could feel that Toshio’s sanity is starting to slip (It’s not obvious right now, but later…hoho…not spoiling anymore.) and Seishin has to step in that the vampire weaknesses they know are fiction. While delivering some snacks to Toshio, Ritsuko saw a moving Nao in the woods in the middle of the night. Switching back, Toshio has ideas about dissecting a vampire to study it, and clearly Seishin is not pleased with the decision. The conversation was interrupted as both guys heard loud window scratching at Setsuko’s ward. This means war.

Here I am~ I’m taking Setsuko away from you humans!

Without knowing what’s going on that night, the scene immediately switches to the ward at daytime with Ritsuko taking care of Setsuko, looking fine and normal at the ward. Things are looking up for Toshio as he saw Setsuko eating healthily. Denying that she talks in her sleep (Which really did happened the night before), the old lady talks about her strange little ‘dream’ seeing Nao returning to her side. Remembering the ‘dream’ so vividly as if it was real (Toshio and Ritsuko were still shocked after the incident last night.)

The more I see Setsuko’s face, the worse I feel…

Teasing Toshio for being lazy, Kyouko got bored and saw catboy as soon as she left the house (Another collection to add to the vampire army. We’ll see how this turns out, and it’s not what you readers will think usually.) Waiting for the vampires to appear in the upcoming night, Seishin mentioned a great tip that Natsuno’s father failed to drill back into his head, and I guess it’s too late for him to stop more horrible situations from happening. The conversation stopped abruptly with the clinic going under a blackout (the other parts of the village is fine however.) Facing a disadvantage, Seishin assures Toshio that he’ll be fine as he gets the lights turn on again.

No…don’t go…no…NO…NOOOOO!!!

Taking care of Setsuko on his side, an unconscious Setsuko sits up the moment she heard Nao’s voice calling out for her. A great way to separate he and Seishin so that they can pull a poor old lady to their side. How cruel. And at its conclusion Setsuko’s blood became food to all the vampires that appeared at the clinic (It’s unlikely for her to become a vampire, since her last wish, which is to see Nao once again, has been fulfilled and she doesn’t have any regrets left before dying.) Will we ever see Toshio succeed in finding the weaknesses of the vampires? Tuned in to the next episode.

Fission Mailed. Don’t give up, Toshio.



The art, while it can be extreme, if it’s bad, it’s decently bad and if it’s good, it’s really, really sharp and clear.

That sure was intense. Those vampires are making their moves now and Toshio, with his other ‘allies’ better buck up quickly to be in par with those blood-sucking creatures, before they start making deadlier moves. Sooner or later we’ll see how large the vampire army will become and the number of unaffected humans left to save themselves. Fortunately this time the medical babble is so much easier to understand with Toshio using layman terms while explaining to Seishin (Why didn’t the author thought of that, but I think it’s necessary if you want to show the doctor in the story to be knowledgeable in medicine.) Not sure if a lack of scary dolls is a good sign in this episode, but I do love how everything is heading.

Please don’t let Ritsuko be bitten…please don’t…(Starts praying profusely, carrying crosses and garlic everywhere I go). Turns out she’s starting to grow on me and if she really join the legions of vampires, I don’t know what I’ll say. Seen during the late five minutes of the episode (boy, they really do put all the cool stuff going on at the last minute) those vampires are very persistently in converting Setsuko on their side. It’s a matter of time before things turned for the better (or the worse, depending on which direction Shiki will turn to.) So do you guys want an ending which ends with the village all conquered by the vampires, or would you prefer to see the humans win, etc? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Till then, ta-ta~

Toshio Ozaki: Vampire Hunter.

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  1. Posted September 4, 2010 at 7:40 am | Permalink

    Please don’t let Ritsuko be bitten…please don’t…

    I was chanting this the entire time she was walking out all alone at night. I dunno why either but she’s grown on me as well and I just kept thinking, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON’T GO!!!!” when she went out in the middle of the night to bring food to the clinic.

    • C-Los
      Posted September 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

      she’s next.

      • Rockmashii
        Posted September 6, 2010 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

        It was pretty hilarious how nurse -chan said she was really cold in a miniskirt in the middle of the night.You can’t wave your deathflag any better.

  2. Posted September 6, 2010 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    Agree that kyouko’s hair was weird. And that – in this show – is saying something. Seriously, it looks like she’s wearing a meringue. And to think I thought Ritsu’s hairdoo was odd. Speaking of Ritsu, though, how cute is her little sis? I think more people should have emeral updoos. Kirei!

    Right, enough about the hair (that’s surely a whole other blog post, right?!). Thought the mass vamp attack was awesome, not to mention a very bold move. Those bloodsuckers are getting cocky, and it makes for great viewing. Poor Doc, though; hope Seishin uses his bbf skills and knows how to cheer him up and get him back on track. Can’t wait for them to team up with Natsuno and the kiddies too, and anyone else who might have figured things out. Bring on the all out war, I say!

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