Shiki Episodes 11 & 12: Note to self – get some anti-vampire spray at a store downstairs later.

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Sorry for not updating (lots of work to do, adrenaline pumping every second of my life with the large stack of work shoving towards my classmates and I every few sec—) and this time I’ll be treating you readers a double-episode review after waiting for episode 12 for like, 3 whole weeks. Like always, I’ll keep this short. Looks like the humans are on the losing end there, but we’ll see how that goes. Root for the underdogs! And Natsuno’s father a complete dick, far worse than the missing Masao.

(At the same time I’m watching out from some show stealers trying to take over not only my job, as well as the people running the Sotoba Grave Digging Services. *Hugs the SGDS’s signboard and hides it somewhere no one would think of.*)

Okay, now that I feel so much better now, it’s about time before we know (and most likely will) if Natsuno will turn into a vampire. Only a miracle can save him now, but unfortunately, miracles don’t happen all the time at the right time. Back to the story, Ikumi starts suspecting that the Kirishikis are up to something no good, but most likely she’s on the wrong genre savvy here. (Ikumi: And yes, pay 3,000 yen for the scrolls please, I’m not doing some charity here.)

I knew it! (See episode 4 review to see what I meant.) Or he’s down with steroids.

The next day, Doctor Red here (Towada, if you want to refer him by his actual name) decided to quit working at the clinic (either he’s bitten by a vampire, or he’s just a coward planning to escape from Sotoba.) On a less serious note, a convenience store which closed down not too long ago has been reopened by someone from the Kanemasa mansion (Oh, Tatsumi’s in charge of the store now that there is less business here…wait, that doesn’t make any sense.)

Toshio was invited to the cafe to talk about the ‘epidemic’, with Natsuno’s father around who just happened to be at the cafe for some reason or another. With what little answers they have from Toshio (Even Toshio has little answers too for what the hell is going around Sotoba.), all they are supposed to know is that they’re not dealing with an epidemic right here. Meanwhile, Ikumi is have a slightly hard time trying to convince the stupid villagers that the Kirishikis are behind all these strange deaths, as well as lamenting how she had a dumb daughter by her side now, the deaths of her stupid husband and two sons.

Toshio gone mad. Not to worry, everything will get better overtime.

With so much disagreement with Toshio on how he is going to investigate the deaths of the Risen, Seishin returns to the church and attends another therapy session with little Sunako (Do not call me little, you foolish girl!) Keeping up with a similar story of Genesis from the Bible, up till now there’s something we need to know more about: Sunako’s past. Probably this aspect will be shown as we get along with the story. And oh yes, Sunako is a vampire.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap…vampires vampires vampires shiki shiki shiki…

Ikumi went all over Sotoba to convince every villager to bring the Kirishikis down, as well as telling the brutal truth to Junko Yasumori that the entire family will be wiped of its existence of the village. She even calls Toshio a quack, a lazy bum for being unable to save the villagers from turning into the Risens. (By now Ikumi thinks of herself as a martyr/Messiah/Saviour/whatever you kids call it these days of Sotoba.) Tatsumi, who heard the ruckus outside the mansion acts all innocent as he escape from Ikumi’s wrath and as Seishirou (not to be confused with the other Seishirou from Tokyo Babylon.) response calmly to the situation, Toshio checked his pulse and alas, he has one. And in the end, we’re seeing more and more villagers die again and again as Ikumi sends herself into a death pit (and too enthusiastic with her job as Sotoba’s martyr.)


With only Kaori and Akira’s father left still being human in the government office in Sotoba, he feels that less people are reporting the deaths of fellow relatives or move out of town in each passing day.

Days later, Natsuno could feel his biological clock ticking in him and his father’s interference to make the vampires stay away from him worsen his physical condition. Even telling Akira and Kaori the truth doesn’t seem to brighten his situation one bit and anytime Natsuno will die, or turn into a vampire if he’s lucky enough, (But not to worry readers! Natsuno’s one of the more important main characters here, so there’s a high chance for him to stay undead.) firstly by warning Akira and Kaori to desert the village as soon as possible.

On another note: Someone call Natsuno’s father to stop interfering from his son’s damn affairs and he should know better if he doesn’t want to lose everything within several days. If not, well he just have to force himself to take full responsibility of the consequences.

It’s just an insect bite. Nothing’s going to hap— *cough cough*.

Otherwise, it’s Natsuno who decides to put the blame on himself as he’s willingly to let Toru to take his blood, with Megumi receiving orders from Tatsumi to go after Kaori’s father.

Natsuno’s mother is acting quite strangely…

A serious conversation with a background full of cows, how typical.

And if you’re wondering why Senshirou Kirishiki is walking in the middle of the day, well he—[cows drop dead on the green grass]. Oh well, pretend I never said that in the first place. You’ll know in a couple of episodes’ time, and Natsuno plans to get out of Sotoba no matter how difficult the obstacles between choosing a glamorous life in college and helping Toru to curb his blood thirst.


How dare you look at Ozaki, Kaori and Akira as monsters, you *bleep* *bleep* asshole?!!

At the same time, I was wondering what’s with the grouchy mood on Natsuno’s mother’s face. Even in the manga they weren’t being specific on what happened in the Yuuki family (And just in case I’ve missed out something related to them, tell me which chapter and I go look again.)

As a father you’re not doing a very good job at taking care of you son.

At this point, it’s hard not to side on Akira’s side on pissing that old dick off at looking after Natsuno. Shame on you, Mr. Yuu—no, father with no name. I can’t believe that you are unwilling to hear real, hard truths from Akira and Kaori and chose to believe that Kirishiki guy instead. Shame on you, man, shame. On. You. And telling such untrustworthy lies to the dear Tanaka siblings, you don’t deserve to be a father and a man. Father’s duty, protecting your family, bullshit, A%&U*&SJHSOD!!! I can’t believe Mr. Tanaka’s stupid enough that Megumi’s still alive and behaving innocently walking in the streets in the middle of the night. And oh, Natsuno’s dead tonight.

Like we’ll believe you, you monster. You don’t deserve to be human.


It is I, Yuuki Natsuno, Vampire Hunter. Stay away from me or else I’ll shove this wooden cross into your heart.

Like what psgels from Star Crossed said, the ED for episode 11 is chocks full of spoilers (and that’s the part where the English scanlations of the manga stopped when I last read it, still checking if there are new chapters available, or the English publishers has licensed the manga.)

Can’t a man have unhealthy and saggy eyes? You probably won’t believe me that vampires are disguised as your little previous Kirishikis.

Also, Natsuno’s father deserves to die after doing such things that would deem apathetic. Somehow I feel that Masao (even as a jerkass like Natsuno’s father he has some redeeming points in being portrayed a little sympathetic.) should go after him and kill him once and for all. Never seen such unruly behavior since watching Kaname controlling the people that genuinely cared about him. (In recent chapters he’s been through a lot, so I shall just stop this rant before anyone of you want to start a flame war at me to see who Yuki will end up with in the end.) I’m still wondering what Seishin is going to do to make his move, since he doesn’t really do anything aside from writing his novels (I’m still wondering what’s his role in the series aside from being a morality pet for Sunako and writing novels in a Shiki-occupied town. Or he’s just an author avatar of Fuyumi Ono, the author of the real-life ‘Shiki’ novels, just looking at the situation doing nothing to stop both sides from wasting anymore human lives.)

Welcome to another therapy session with me. My name is Sunako Kirishiki, Seishin Mario Muroi.

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