Shiki Episode 15: I. Am. Alive.

I’m a real killer. You (Seishin) are not.

Sorry for the late post, but finally I’m done. So Toshio killed his wife in order—(KNOCKOUT)

MUAHAHAHA! We, the Sotoba Funeral Home have taken over this blog! We killed Kaori and Akira Tanaka’s father, as well as Atsushi Ookawa, didn’t we? Well, we have decided to give them a funeral of their lifetimes and it will be a sucky, morbid and sadistic great, respectful and light-hearted experience for the whole family! I have other funeral package plans for the recent dead villagers in Sotoba, mainly—- (Kicks out of the blog, as RV tries to regain her composure.)

Phew, that was weird. My head hurts… But nonetheless it was hard getting that flamboyant intruder away from here. I was right. I knew that someday someone’s going to take my place. So what was I saying again? Oh.

Yeah, so Toshio killed his wife in order to find out the weaknesses of the Shikis in the previous episode. It’s about time before he plans to tell the entire village who are still human about this. But unfortunately, the Shikis are planning on a counterattack on him since he became a bigger threat than ever. Oh, the villagers are still being idiots running a town that is already dead.

So while you guys read up this week’s review, excuse me while I sit in a corner, rant and cry about the elimination of my favourite team of the Amazing Race (Season 17). *sobs* They shouldn’t have been penalized for breaking the rules (Well, only one) as I try reminding myself it’s not worth watching the Amazing Race without them. And yes, it’s been 5/6 days since that episode aired. What were the producers thinking anyway? (Speed Bump, OOOOHHHHHH the Speed Bump.) It doesn’t make any sense at all. Off to his awesome Youtube channel and RL.

Note: I realized that it’s better that I put my TAR rant in my personal blog. So if you want to know more what I’m going to say, come check it out here. Please do not leave comments here but to the other blog instead, thanks! (Trying to prevent a flame war from occurring in THAT, like what I did last time with the ‘Hate Kaname’ post. Learned my lesson after that incident.) So, just leave your comments on the other side.

I’m so done with you. I’m moving on with RL and Sunako. Good bye, Toshio…forever.

Okay, back to Shiki-related stuff, and we last see our anti-hero Toshio drenched in blood after experimenting with his wife Kyouko, as he discovers the weaknesses of these blood sucking leeches killing many villagers (and converting some to Shiki) for the past 2 months. Seishin was not at all pleased with what his friend is doing.

So, it’s been seven days since Natsuno was dead and Toru decides to send him a flower, one day at a time as a farewell gift from the living world. Seeing healthy green leaves dropping from the trees gave us viewers a no-brainer that Natsuno’s still straying in the living world, hiding away from the monsters that walk in the night.

He’s alive, he’s alive!!!

Meanwhile, Seishin is outraged at Toshio’s actions to kill his wife. Still having troubles brewing in his mind and unable to make a clear decision whether to kill Shiki or now (damn you, Sunako. You did an amazing job at keeping Seishin at bay), unlike his childhood friend who made a concrete decision after 14 episodes of doing nothing. So, Seishin leaves, going on different paths from now on. The junior monk returns home, seeing his draft scattered with the window open. Picking the paper up, a question ‘Why did he kill his younger brother’ pops up (Sunako’s behind this, since Seishin only disclose his latest story to her), which furthers Seishin to be stuck in his personal never-ending dilemma. Discussing about murders through several sentences in his sheets of paper, it seems that Seishin’s background will be seen sooner or later, if we ever got to see it.

But seeing is believing. Right?

Next day, Toshio tries to convince the villagers at the cafe that the Shikis are going around killing people and turning them into their own. Unfortunately, the villagers aren’t convinced of Toshio’s paranoid claims. At one point Toshio brings back the topic regarding Izumi Itou (That properly paranoid old lady with the incredibly red hair several episodes ago), and that furthers the villagers from believing Toshio that blood-sucking monsters are out to get them and their village as they keep denying that Toshio’s just tired. When failing to get the remaining humans by his side, I sure hope he has some plans in his sleeves before things get out of hand.

Got kicked out of the cool and hip cafe clique. Oh well.

Toshio then proceeds to head towards the government office and sees a drunk part-timer taking care of everything. Finding out that the government workers only report at night and work, Toshio’s now at a loss in taking his next steps. Coming back at night with everybody (Shikis) running the office like normal as in the day, as well as asking the number of deaths reported and the officers saying that there were no deaths reported, the true colours of the officers are revealed. Toshio is in a dead end. To make matters worse, Chizuru (that woman wearing funny dresses in the previous episode) has taken things under her control in the officer. Oh, and she wears a less outrageous dress this time compared to last week’s.

…can call all you want
but there’s no one home,
and you’re not gonna reach my telephone❤~

So one night the Shikis decided that it’s a great night for them to conduct a grand funeral for the Tanakas. With Hayami telling catboy Tatsumi of his wonderful report to celebrate this happy and wonderful addition to the Shiki army another death in Sotoba three days. Now let’s hear what his plans are, shall we?

Akira and Kaori are scared shit. You sadistic bastards. Now they can’t anymore good night sleep thank to you guys.

So instead of holding a morbid funeral like the rest of the society do 99.2% of the time, Hayami thinks that funerals should be worth celebrating and enjoyable for the whole family is the way to go, since hey, the world is changing! Let’s go with the new, fresh and latest stuff hip and happening with funeral packages, right? Big taboo, Hayami, BIG TABOO!

Vote for Atsushi Ookawa as president of the United States of the Shiki! He’s a great man and will take over the village, and then the world in less than 24 hours~ He’d better outsmart and overtake Prince Ali as a god for good.

Of course, Atsushi’s parents are NOT AMUSED AT ALL. Go with the traditional ways, kick the new and practical funeral practices outta our village! Hey, even Tatsumi thinks that’s too much. This is a funeral, not a reality TV show to broadcast every death of Sotoba villagers. I guess Hayami desperately wants to be the most popular host in Sotoba once he and the Kirishikis turn every single one of them into Shikis and that people can worship his almightyness of his glorious funeral practices. [Fireworks and additional flashy effects bought separately.] After much celebrating and dancing, switching coffins is the latest and hot way to worsen the state of the village. Happy Holidays! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Tatsumi hates neon light too. And colourful reality TV-like entertainment for every single funeral you’re going to conduct. And candy bars. And pink tuxedos. And fireworks. And…

At the other side Toshio’s conducting a much more solemn funeral for Kyouko (thank god Hayami didn’t try making Kyouko’s funeral like pouring 100 cups of syrup into making fruit punch). When the remaining nurses working for Toshio are asked to follow the flow of the ceremony, one of them suspected that the ‘epidemic’ is dividing them and the other normal people away from their little group. Their little conversation was cut short by Toshio’s mother, trying to get their morale up by trying to help up with the funeral, as well as telling the ‘lower class people’ (a.k.a. the other villagers) to stop touching her family’s stuff. Bossing the nurses around, a pissed Satoko (NOT THAT SATOKO) tells her off, telling her that she’s not her lowly servant that should boss she and her other colleagues around. What made her even angrier that Toshio didn’t even care one bit about Yuki’s disappearance (and probably death too.) Seishin arrives in time to conduct the rituals, and by the next day Satoko decides to quit her job and flee for the city. Which is unlikely, since escapees are dealt with serious consequences. Toshio had this strong feeling that he should be blamed for the mess and hey, he did not take the death of his wife very lightly either. Poor guy. It’s probably time for Toshio to see a psychologist, but unfortunately, that won’t be the case when you have Shikis roaming around town at night and taking more lives than they ever have in their un-lifetime.

I. Am. Alive.

Meanwhile the other villagers in some sort of village council plans to take the upcoming Kagura festival more seriously, with plans to scare away evil spirits to befall the deaths of the innocent. Still pissed at the ignorance of the other villagers of the current crisis, Toshio’s down with morale this time to get his drive going to prove that the Shikis are out to kill them and turn them into one of theirs. Seeing Natsuno, knowing that he has become one of them, he was having thoughts that he will finish him but all Natsuno do was to give him some motivation to get to his goal: Natsuno’s standing by his side, and Toshio’s going to convince the villagers about the dire crisis.


You call this thinking smart. My ass: I call this feigning smart. I’ll prove it, I’LL PROVE IT TO YOU, JUST YOU WAIT!

Oh, I so didn’t see that coming: Natsuno’s still around and well, aside from that fact that he’s a Shiki now. And about Satoko, handling the death of Kyouko in the hands of himself, as husband-cum-murderer is a very big blow for Toshio. The morale of the humans are dipping quicker than the previous times, it won’t take too long before Toshio reveals the ugly but the hard truth about the condition of the village. It also seems that Seishin’s going to do something decent in the next episode or so, he better man up before someone kicks him out of the main character league.

Let’s fly~Up up you go, go. Up up you go, Toshio.

Okay, so before I go, I’ll be attending AFAX 2010 tomorrow (it’s a late minute change, since most of my friends will be attending the Sunday even instead), and I’ll see if you guys (Singaporeans, or perhaps foreigners too if you’re die-hard anime fans) can find me there. See you around. I’m glad that I’m able to write a lot this time, and yes, I’m going mad. Very, very mad. As in, being delusional in doing things lately.

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  1. Marigold Ran
    Posted November 13, 2010 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    Dude, is she naked in that picture? Or is she wearing skin-covered clothing with blood splatters in the appropriate places? The main characters have been pussies, but the series might be watchable again if there’s more “sex” and violence.

  2. kaon
    Posted November 13, 2010 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    realmente esta genial¡¡

  3. haitechan
    Posted November 13, 2010 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    Boo-hoo! They cut the gay moment between Tooru and Natsuno, I hope that shows up on next episode. The good news is that the next episode will probably cover chapter 24 and I really want to see that chapter in whatever comes first (anime or manga). Even though I like the manga better, is more creepy.

    PD: Am I the only one who thinks Chizuru is Lady Gaga in undead form?

    • Posted November 13, 2010 at 6:11 pm | Permalink


      Also, I’m convinced everyone instantly thinks Lady Gaga when they see her too. They are soul twins, bonded by bad hair and atrocious outfits.

      • Posted November 15, 2010 at 10:27 am | Permalink

        Or maybe Lady Gaga is actually the queen of the undead! Wake up, before it’s too late. … Don’t call ME crazy! What do you mean, you “have a festival to plan”?

        They did a good job of isolating Toshio. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how Natsuno’s continued presence changes things.

        • Posted November 16, 2010 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

          I think we’ll all be looking forward to that. I loved his ‘you’re not alone’ comment. I bet he’s accomplished more while he’s been dead than everyone else while they’ve been alive.

  4. sylvian
    Posted November 15, 2010 at 1:13 am | Permalink

    to those who haven’t read the manga yet i would recommend it, there are lot’s of details not shown in the anime in there. and well the newest translation i can find is chapter 33, so some new stuff to read.
    (finally i have not been able to find chapter 25 or 26 don’t know why, just saying so you won’t be convinced they are out there :) )

  5. tex
    Posted November 21, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    you humans know too much.we must act…..

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