Shiki Episode 17: No social services, Shikis, no social services, deaths, no goddamn social services.

Ritsuko is crying for all your sins stupidity, villagers of Sotoba!

The title is a.k.a.: Wow, like any other typical Japanese work there are no social services and psychologists to help people who needed the most help. :)

WOW. After 16 episodes, I realize that despite all the shortcomings for the human villagers in Sotoba, shockingly like most Japanese shows social services and psychologists does not exist. They are always represented to be either 1. useless, 2. abusive and 3. ignorant if they are shown in works that include them. They are almost always shown as the bad guys of the story to take little innocent kids away from the abusive nice parents. LOL. :DDDDDDDDD Speaking the truth, there’s no way social services can enter the village since the Shikis had blocked all the exits until Toshio realized that happening. So what, Japanese people loathe social workers?

Preparing for war…die you blood-sucking leeches!

Episode 17 In A Nutshell Bite (a.k.a. the Abridged Version):
With Toshio preparing for war against the Shikis he finds himself at a dead end when Gazuru and Senshirou decided to take two steps ahead before he take a step to execute his grand plan. Meanwhile Seishin finally makes a life-and-death decision as he turns himself in and invites himself to trouble by visiting the Kanemasa Mansion and stuck with Sunako as war breaks out.

Awww… But not to worry, Natsuno’s still alive. So angst no more.

The Longer Version:
This is a Toshio-centric episode if you haven’t been watching. We know now that the villagers are stupider than before by doing absolutely nothing with the deaths that triggered around Sotoba for months now. As Toshio prepares for war against the Shikis, Seishin meanwhile finds an undead Toruu in the woods, who kept telling him to stay far away from him. Revealing the sad truth about killing off Natsuno, by Toruu’s upset tone Seishin implied that he was really forced to do that by Tatsumi. The nature of being a Shiki forces a reluctant Tooru (and perhaps a few others who are as kind as him) to kill their loved ones in order to survive. So Seishin was kind of being brainwashed by Sunako about the act of killing. Such a Darwinist…

So it seems that you want a death wish. Here you go.

As the death strikes at lightning speed, strike one villager after another, Seishin doesn’t have it easy either when his mother found Shinmei missing from his bed, leaving behind a laptop with some sort of invitation message in it to Senshirou or to someone who is a Shiki. Turns out that Shinmei is willing to turn himself into one of ‘them’, but the reason why will be disclosed in a later time. He figures out that his father already figure out the existence of Shikis after visiting Tokujirou in his only known outing.

On the other hand, Toshio isn’t having it easy either as the nurses talk about the deaths of other villagers. Losing confidence in relying on Toshio and the nurses to treat the patients, unknowingly the villagers now head to the clinic where the Shikis reside. While treating Kanami’s mother Tae Kanami was thinking if her mother is an epidemic victim, Toshio confirms that it’s not (Ritsuko remembers the time where she saw Nao loitering around the woods) as Toshio became pissed himself if he’s actually fighting a losing battle against them.

…Oh it will last forever and ever if you remain as ignorant as you are now.

At breaktime, Ritsuko wonders what Toshio meant by the ‘disease’ Tae was affected with is not an epidemic to begin with and Toshio has a hunch that Ritsuko knows something about Shikis.

As Seishin ponders about his father, a tired and dirtied Kaori visits Seishin, looking desperate and depressed now that all her loved ones are already dead (Mother died, father turned into a Shiki, Akira’s disappearance, we have no idea if he survived or not but looking at the last seconds of his life there’s a high possibility that he’s already dead) asked Seishin if he could offer her a posthumous name, declaring that she’s dead. Knowing very sure that Megumi will go after her next, she begs Seishin to do it for her, telling him step-by-step as she prepares to die, digging her own grave literally, be with her beloved mother and brother and so forth. So you happy now, Megumi? You won. Your so-called best ‘friend’ has now surrendered to her fate, or do you want to see her in a state worse than death or being a Shiki? C’mon, Kaori’s not afraid of you!

I’m ready for anything. Bring. It. On. Megumi. Shimizu.

Comforting a poor Kaori for her to live a little longer and indirectly giving her the courage to fight those dreaded monsters who has been tormenting her for the past few months, Seishin hops on to Toshio’s clinic next and disappeared when Toshio turns to the window. Seishin’s mother gave him a call, asking if he saw Seishin around his clinic. Seishin enters the Kanemasa mansion, who probably have something under his sleeves (who knows what he’s going to do when he meets Sunako.)

I’m afraid that you will become our dinner next, Mr. Masaharu Koike. And we really appreciate your stupidity.

Meanwhile as we see Natsuno in a hurry, old man Masaharu Koike appears to be drunk and saw two guys laughing about something. It took him some time to realized that they’re supposed to be dead and tried running as quick as possible away from them. When he finally pops into someone’s house he also discovered that the occupants in the house are Shikis too, I supposed it’s very obvious what the outcome for Mr. Koike is next, being dragged by the Shikis he saw earlier.

You shouldn’t have stopped, Ritsuko-chan. Otherwise you’ll still be alive.

As Natsuno ran as fast as he could for something urgent, maybe to escape from Tatsumi’s clutches, Toshio received a phone call from Ritsuko as she heads for Kiyomi’s house. She hung up after telling him this information as Toshio brings a wooden stake along and rushed outside to find her. Desperately calling her dog Taro to come with her, Ritsuko told him that he’s coming with her to find Kiyomi and responds quickly as he pulls his owner to find her. As she met across a truck which drives the opposite direction where Ritsuko is going, she finds her fellow colleague Kiyomi tied up in the truck unconscious.

It’s too late…I’ve have succumbed to the influence of the Shikis.

Trying to warn his owner about the Shikis lurking behind her, Taro was spared by the Shikis as he finds Ritsuko being victim in the hands of the Shikis who has just finished Mr. Koike off. When Toshio drove to where Ritsuko was, he found her with Taro, finding a pair of bite marks on her neck. Under the influence of the bite, Ritsuko insist Toshio to take her home immediately without being treated. Adding the fact that she quits working in his clinic, she summons the last of her willpower to tell Toshio that she believes in him to save everyone else (that’s probably in the manga, but she didn’t said it here.) Of course, Toshio is NOT pleased.

Hi there, Lady Gaga lookalike Gazuru! Mmm…Nice boobs and weird costume you got there.
Gazuru: My face’s up here!

Toshio returns to the clinic to see Gazuru Chizuru with another skimpy costume, asking him if he wants to give up being a doctor. Trying to attack her with the stake, Senshirou, who is standing very far away from the clinic broke the stake into tiny splints using a rifle. Toshio *gasps* asks Chizuru and reveals it to us audience that Senshirou’s human, standing in the side of the Shikis. Chizuru reveals where Seishin is, stuck inside the mansion with their boss Sunako Kirishiki and willingly enters the house in exchange of his blood. Toshio asks Chizuru if she could wait for a while as Toshio tells her if he could see Sotoba falter, surrendering to the Shikis as he found himself fighting a battle where the Shikis have already won even before he starts making his move, to be exact, figuring out the Shikis’ existence. Under Chizuru’s influence he burns all the medical records of the patients he examined the next day.


There’s no such thing as a terrible death…
…there’s no such thing as a terrible death…
…there’s no such thing as a terrible death…
Say it with me: There’s no such thing as a terrible death…

This sucks. Well, Toshio is fighting a losing battle when the Shikis have gotten hold of the sick villagers to make them even more sick.

Kaori’s at her dead ends now. How I wish she picked a better friend who stands by her whenever she falls into trouble or mere stupidity rather than being with that slut Megumi all this time. You know, if the villagers act a little more cautious than what we see here they could have avoided lots and lots of deaths. *facepalms*

Well I’m glad that this episode’s not as boring as the previous episode probably because Natsuno’s in it, as well as my favourite character Ritsuko trying to settle things once and for all. Things goes really fast-paced in the last ten minutes into the episode, and its certain that the Shikis are going to win this battle without lifting a finger to make Toshio obey their orders. So, any ideas how this is going to end now that there are only 4 more episodes to conclude this series? I doubt they would receive another season if DVD sales are low. So I guess that the Shikis won in the end. Hooray for self-induced stupidity and the lack of common sense to the villagers of Sotoba. I hope that you turn into Shikis and die happily. Shikis will rule the world!!!

Food for thought: We saw a laptop in Shinmei’s room. There’s a message written in the computer. So no one thought of using the computer to ask for outside help or something?

I guess that’s a really bad idea to begin with. Natsuno (and possibly Toshio if he have a bigger willpower than Ritsuko to go against Chizuru), you’re the villagers’ only hope to save them from stupidity. Well while the villagers are hopelessly “saving” themselves, does anyone wants to be entitled an A.S.S.H.O.L.E.?

She’s begging at you Megumi. You won. XD…or is it?

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  1. Son Gohan
    Posted November 27, 2010 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    And what would you say to the police?
    “Officer, we’ve got a problem with the increasing number of vampires in our village”?

    • Posted November 27, 2010 at 5:37 am | Permalink

      Reminds me of a later chapter of Shiki (manga). By now I think all the police are dead and replaced by Shiki. Since we don’t see them anymore after the 1st episode.

  2. Posted November 27, 2010 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    I hate them for biting Rit-chan TT^TT was shouting no no no No No NO NOOOOOOOO when she left her house. Hate them for getting Toshio too, but I like Rit-chan T^T.

    I should probably start reading the manga. Wonder how the humans are gonna manage without Toshio though. Natsuno was being followed by Tatsumi too…

  3. Posted November 27, 2010 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    From what I understand, the computer thing is either a recent addition as the anime takes place now as opposed to in the mid/late 90’s like the light novels, or it did exist in the light novel but they didn’t have internet because it was the mid/late 90’s and they’re in an isolated place. I haven’t actually read much of the light novels, so I can’t attest definitively for that. So the lack of utilizing the internet with that computer is either sloppiness on the anime writers’ part… or… uh. Well, actually, either way its kind of sloppy, since it elicits exactly that reaction.

    My theory for the end at this point is that Muroi is actually somehow planning to kill off EVERYONE, and will then be one of those characters that sadly warns others from a similar fate. Then he will angst angst angst away for the rest of his life. They could probably manage to squash this in somehow.

  4. Trixbat
    Posted November 27, 2010 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    This show became a lot more enjoyable afater I started thinking of Megumi as the hero.

    • Zi Densetsu
      Posted November 27, 2010 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

      Megumi a hero? Lady Gaga outshines her by far.

    • Posted November 28, 2010 at 1:44 am | Permalink

      Megumi sort of became one of my favorite characters lately, except for when she keeps whining about Natsuno. Her remorseless attitude towards killing people makes her a lot more interesting.

  5. Marigold Ran
    Posted November 28, 2010 at 2:05 am | Permalink

    That’s an interesting take on this. Perhaps we should throw in our lots of the vampires, since they’re that much smarter than the humans.

    So when the humans die, we can be like, “YES!!! Death to idiots!” instead of being angry and depressed.

  6. Sebz
    Posted November 28, 2010 at 6:21 am | Permalink

    Lol, pointing out the supposedly obvious that the villagers could not have seen. And your image captions!

    Seems that the shiki are winning…

    as for psychological plots, Japan’s starting to warm up to using them, especially in their dramas.

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