Shiki Episode 18: Toshio’s Counterattack

She’s going to realize who killed her son very soon…

All right, this is IT.

After 17 episodes of crazy happenings in Sotoba with all that slash and death, it is time for Doctor Toshio Ozaki to take his bold move to expose the existence Shiki to the whole worl—I mean, village despite being in Gazuru’s influence. That said, I’m glad that the build up till now is not planned and thrown to waste. Meanwhile we get to see Natsuno’s fatass dad once again, but he’s a…little off judging by the looks of things. That’s not really his fault anyways after discovering that his wife left him and his son arose as a Shiki werewolf. Yeah, that’s not a spoiler anymore as the truth will be revealed…in this week’s episode of Shiki.

SPOILERS AHEAD. I know you wanna read it.

I’m definitely too sexy for this knife.

Abridged Version:
During the Kagura festival Toshio brings Gazuru into the village and takes a visit, disguised as a date. (Yes, a date. You’re not reading this wrongly.) As Gazuru found herself in a dead end when asked to visit the shrine Toshio exposes the existence of the Shiki to the remaining villagers. Meanwhile we discover Natsuno’s true nature and you should know what’s going to happen next in this stinkin’ village.

Look at me, baby. I’m so sexy and hot wearing this in summer~ Wanna touch my biceps and my ass my six-pack?

Long Version:

As the funeral house on the Shiki side become full, the rest of the dead humans were transported in the mountain huts where they arise or stay dead until the lower-ranking Shiki were asked to bury them. The two Shiki weren’t bothered by having the dirty job given to them, since it’s one way for their remaining undead lives to have meaning. I mean, they don’t just drink anyone’s blood all day.

Wearing a very flamboyant suit in summer, Tatsumi decides to take a short visit to the Yuuki household where Natsuno’s dad acts a little off, shoving a kitchen knife at Tatsumi’s chest. (I think it’s at the side, must be where the left kidney is, I don’t take biology as a major. In fact, I’m not taking biology anymore!). Oh yeah, Tatsumi got better, Natsuno’s dad should be placed in an asylum RIGHT. NOW.

Emo kid is emo. Nice clothes.

So, Natsuno’s dad went on with his huge but nonsensical rambles and Natsuno invites Tatsumi into his house. More infodump from the both of them about werewolves, which are revealed to be a subspecies of the actual Shiki. Unlike Shiki, werewolves are considered rare, they can breathe and have a pulse like a human being does. They can eat normal food like humans do (Shiki can only consume liquid products), their five senses twice as powerful as a human and can walk under the sun. Like Yoshie and Tatumi, Natsuno is one of them and I was theorizing if someone with a strong will before death and has his/her blood drained is turned into a werewolf instead. Asking the whereabouts of Akira (Whom we saw at the end of episode 16 trying to kill one Shiki in a vacant house), we’re not so sure if Akira’s actually dead or still alive somewhere no one knows of. I know that most of you are leaning on the former conclusion, but that’s not the point for now.

Extremely pissed at Natsuno’s nonchalant way of answering Tatsumi’s questions, he starts strangling him in the neck, while mocking him that he hasn’t been taking enough blood to ‘unlock’ his full potential as a werewolf. Wanting to actually kill him, under Sunako’s orders Tatsumi then offers Natsuno to join their side since they need more people to fight from their side against the humans.

Masao seems to be in bad luck all the time. Oh, that? He almost got hit by a jeep and almost got his head dismembered.

As Atsushi gone wild with the Kirishiki’s jeep and Gazuru wearing the same costume as the time where she goes after Atsushi. Of course, Masao is definitely pissed at a newbie like him gaining permission to kill and drives like a mad horse who has drunk 12 bottles of whiskey and has been taking very, very strong steroids every night. Yoshie explains to Tooru about Chizuru and Sunako’s relationship, being like mother and child (Chizuru as the child, surprise surprise!)

Meanwhile Ritsuko risen and figured out that she’s a Shiki now after checking her pulse. Being one of the only smart ones in this entire village full of deaths, vampires and stupid people, Ritsuko needs no explanation from Yoshie to tell her that she’s a Shiki now. Wanting to retain her humanity, she decides not to take anyone’s blood despite Tooru’s warnings that she can’t stay like this for long. Quite an optimistic woman who has just turned into something not human, hmm?

The face of an angel. *Cue the bright moon light from the night starry sky shining towards Ritsuko.*

As an old lady leaves Sotoba, heading to an elderly home as we speak, we shift our focus on Toshio’s side as he struggles not to succumb into Gazuru’s influence. Glad that Toshio has written on all medical certificates that the number of deaths in the village is zero, Toshio decides to take Chizuru to the Kagura and treating this as a romantic date. Yes, a romantic date. You’re not reading this wrong people. He may sound like he’s one of the Shiki now, but that’s going to change drastically as he play along with Chizuru’s antics. Chizuru became so excited at visiting the village that she would enthusiastically tell the villagers about her wound on her hand (an excuse for peeling the skin of a potato but got cut in the hand.) And no, Toshio. Chizuru telling you that she used to cut her hand often in the past doesn’t mean you can figure out her age. After all, a woman’s age is mostly a secret. Otherwise she can’t be married off and born the next heir of her in-laws’ family.

Within the next minutes these villagers will know the truth. Well, seeing is believing, right?

I think Chizuru looks better with her natural hair color. As she visits the village and engage in several normal (but exciting, for her) conversations with the other villagers celebrating the festival. While taking a walk with his dogs in the middle of the night, Senshirou overheard a conversation between the two Shiki we saw at the start of the episode. As Chizuru saw that she’s near the shrine, she start having an uneasy feeling about going near it. Toshio then holds her hand, making sure that she doesn’t feel so scared (as well as making sure she doesn’t made it out alive after that.)

I dyed my hair blonde. Happy now?

Bringing Chizuru towards the crowd where the rest of the villagers gather, she turns paranoid and behaving unusually unwell when more and more people gather around her and Toshio, making her feel as if she’s standing in a cliff with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Feeling that it’s time for her to return, she was stopped by Toshio who insist that she should rest in the shrine office. Megumi’s father, who’s still alive found out that Chizuru’s body temperature is considerably low for a human and has no pulse, Toshio revealed that he has been bitten by another person with bite marks located in his right arm…but who?

This means that Toshio’s under the influence from someone who’s going against the Shiki. And it’s none other than Natsuno, if our guess is correct.

Oh this year’s Kagura festival will be very, very different from what you have experienced last year, the year before and further back too. By the way, I brought along a sacrifice too…

Exposing of her true nature, Megumi’s father figured out that Chizuru was the one who killed his not-so precious daughter just by smelling Chizuru’s scent. Telling Megumi’s father that Chizuru’s a Shiki, finally Toshio gets some respect around here as he pins Chizuru from escaping the shrine. Screaming at everyone that Chizuru killed her daughter and has no pulse, he called everyone to check it out too as some of them looked skeptical at believing at the unexpected. Old man Ookawa stepped up and did the same, with everyone else doing the same too, realizing that they haven’t suspect the people from the Kanemasa mansion ever since they moved in to Sotoba.

I win.

Just as Toshio thought he had a smooth winning streak this time (The smile’s way creepier and cleaner than in the manga, in my opinion at least), Senshirou and Atsushi came to her rescue, with Senshirou firing shots in his gun and Atsushi doing all the crazy driving. Stopping the car just in time to prevent further anymore deaths, Atsushi found out that his father was the one doing that, furthermore standing in front of him face-to-face. (Go Ookawa go!) Scared shitless with his father standing in front of him, fuming with great anger Atsushi changed to reverse gear (driving stick, anyone?) immediately, knowing that he’s going to die another death once again in the hands of his father. Making a concrete evidence with Chizuru and Atsushi’s appearance in the festival, the villagers now starts to believe that Toshio’s right after all (and not paranoid too) as they start throwing rocks at Chizuru.


It’s time for you to open your eyes, O stupid loyal ones!

One word: Wow.

Now that she’s going to die in this series, Chizuru should seriously consider planning to join an audition to become the next Lady Gaga. I mean, seriously, just look at her fabulous costumes. She’s definitely do well in the auditions and like she said, she can no longer need to hide from the rest of the world and become an international superstar with a fashion line, a great singer (if she really could sing) and can get away dressing up in the most outrageous costumes possible as well as being loved by her fans all around the world. The possibilities are endless! That’s an even better way for Shiki world conquest, don’t you think? (And even if she held concerts, she won’t be spouting many excuses since most concerts happen at night or better if the concert is held indoors.) Use her fame and money *and boobs* to get away with anything. Yes, I’m taking this plan seriously, you too right?

And geez, it took (Counting from episode 4 onwards):

– 2 episodes for Natsuno, Akira and Kaori (possibly Seishin too) to find out about the Shiki.
– 3 episodes for Toshio, with Natsuno’s help to reveal that this is not an epidemic.
– 15 episodes for the whole village to find out that the Shiki are behind the deaths of their loved ones and their friends.

Now I figured out why adults are useless in shows targeted at kids. Also, I would like to do a little comparison on the scenes of the Kagura festival. I say that the anime did a better job in drawing the faces of the villagers that are yet to be introduced properly as in the manga…*shudders* uncanny valley than the Shiki we saw so far. (Contain spoilers for next episode!!! Look at the people at the background. They’re not introduced like the links shown. Either the mangaka is lazy or there’s some other reason to it.)

You know what? I found this easier to do than doing super-duper difficult quests in Ragnarok Online (Episode I). It hasn’t been a week yet (3 days, to be precise) and I’m already sick of playing the game. Too bad Episode II is only available in Korea and Japan. Anyone recommend any good games (RPGs and MMORPGs only, or very good games found in the net) around here?

I really talked a lot in this column today. Hehe. :D

Time to go watch Kuragehime. Suddenly I don’t feel writing this review for this series a bore anymore now that the villagers have open their eyes and see the bleak truth about everything that has happened.

Sunako: I'm confused. You cook food or food cooks you?

I think you are the food yourself. Now Sunako has no dinner and went to sleep a hungry girl. Boo hoo hoo~

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  1. Sebz
    Posted December 3, 2010 at 5:59 am | Permalink

    yes, yes, very good!

    Natsuno’s father was MORE than a little off, wasn’t he?
    and the entire Kagura festival was EPIC.

    we need more elaboration on that Tohru-Ritsuko scene, though xDDD NEXT EPISODE!

    • Posted December 3, 2010 at 6:35 am | Permalink

      Answering the Natsuno’s father question: Never heard of understatement and sarcasm?

      I’m so glad that I was afraid that this episode will never arrive and we’re left with episode 17. It’s time for Toshio and the remaining humans to fight against Sunako’s army of undead. (Despite Chizuru’s exposure I feel quite sad for her as she reminisce her life before turning into a Shiki.)

  2. Marigold Ran
    Posted December 3, 2010 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Understatement and sarcasm work poorly over the Internet. Blunt sticks are better.

  3. sandy
    Posted December 5, 2010 at 8:59 am | Permalink


    ~~ obsession~~

    • Elyon
      Posted December 5, 2010 at 9:40 am | Permalink

      I concur. That jacket was pimpin’ xD

  4. Posted December 5, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    “EPIC EPIC EPICCCCCCCC SHIKI IS EPICCCCCCC” — virtually shouted that on facebook after watching this episode XD

    Kyaa I still love Rit-chan even when she’s dead ^.^ and Toshio’s awesome creepy checkmate smile ;)

    I’m looking for an MMORPG to play too o.o dunno which.

  5. Zi Densetsu
    Posted December 5, 2010 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

    You really have to wonder about the amount of mental trauma Atsushi went through, to just suddenly shit himself after seeing his dad.

  6. Posted December 6, 2010 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    a cunning and clever way to convince the villagers that there okiagari.
    Toshio WIN

  7. LuvnSF
    Posted December 7, 2010 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    FINALLY! Someone else besides a villager dies (minus the episode where the good doctor goes mad scientist on his newly turned wife. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  8. Burgerz
    Posted December 7, 2010 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    I think the marks on his arm were from the UV he was using to clean up his blood, as he realized in an earlier episode that when the vampires bite they inject something into the humans to control them

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