Shiki Episode 19: The Humans Strike Back.

Before we get into the real (and edgier) thing let Hayami gives you something happy to watch: A Candy Bar That Is Able to Stand On Itself!!!!

Sorry for the somewhat late post. Wasn’t feeling very too well this week with bouts of diarrhea, coughs, cramps, more than 10 hours of sleep daily and the flu taking my immune system to the test. Okay, getting on with the long review:

Last episode Toshio exposed the truth of Gazuru’s true nature as well as telling the villagers that are too dumb to live to fight back of the existence of the Shiki. While Natsuno is nowhere to be seen after his confrontation with Tatsumi. Prepare to light up torches, sharpening your wooden stakes and religious talismans and amulets. Because the humans are about to make their big, BIG move (I’m not exaggerating here) against the undead in this week’s episode of Shiki. Yeah, let’s get this over with BABY! Kill every Shiki that ever stepped foot in this village!

(Totally failed epically at comedy by the looks of the previous reviews I’ve written. No wonder no one ever comments and reads my fanfictions. One day I’ll think and write of something so stupid and bizarre that even the most brightest of minds have no idea of comprehending it. Probably writing something worse than My Immortal, perhaps.)

Caution: May cause nausea, headaches and paranoia. Avoid children under the age of 14 to watch this episode. Contains lots of blood spillage, the concept of death and unsparkly vampires.)

We are the Women Working for Toshio Shiki-Extermination Squad. Please do not let any Shiki alive after all they have done to our kids, husbands and friends.

The Abridged Version:

Catching up from the losses they faced from their family members and friends, the villagers had gathered to take drastic measures against the Shiki. This leaves the Shiki in a loss where their existence has been exposed and they will be having a lot of difficulty trying to find their upcoming ‘meals’ easily, no more they are living in the days before Toshio steps into the picture. While they catch up on their losses Megumi takes a lot of levels of badass with only her handy dog and bat by her side as she kills her father and not Megumi with a couple of great toys by her side. Atsushi then kills off Toshio’s smother mother while he envies the Ozaki’s heavenly house and items.

Please let it be just a dream…just a dream…

The Long (And more detailed) Version:

Treating Gazuru like a heretic back in the old days, poor woman had stones (and a very big rock) being hit at her as Toshio and the other villagers end her once and for all, not before showing one last flashback to the time where Chizuru’s still human and all. Covered with blood all over her face, Toshio still needs to do one last time to make sure she dies for good (or for the worse, depends who you’re following for the last 18 episodes. To make it worse it’s difficult who to side with now after what happened in episode 18) with the help of Megumi’s father: piercing a wooden stake at her heart.

There’s simply no way the police outside Sotoba will believe us. I believe that you won’t be joining us in my great quest of Shiki extermination.

Gazuru pulls off her last trick before being pinned down by Ookawa and let’s say the rest of it is history. After killing her Toshio explains further in more detail about the Shiki, persuading people not to let any Shiki go and join him in the conquest of Shiki extermination. Despite some people’s decision not to lay a finger at the Shiki Toshio gives them a final message: Kill, Or Be Killed. Toshio isn’t fond of a villager’s idea in calling the police and let them handle everything, but with probably most (if not, all) of the police situated in the village dead (or turned into a Shiki) and how it will sound ridiculous telling the police from other places about blood-sucking monsters who are responsible in the deaths of their loved ones.

No point fighting back, Toshio Ozaki. We’ll soon win your losing battle while you guys rot to the ground and die.

Meanwhile in the mansion and Seishin is kept prisoner willingly Tatsumi told Sunako about Chizuru’s death (Maybe she could still be another Lady Gaga-wannabe after this series ends) and she’s not particularly happy about it, not before ordering Tatsumi to send her army of the undead to battle against the human rebellion after all the trouble she had done to gather people to join her. Listening to Sunako’s orders Tatsumi blocks all ways for the villagers to call forth the people outside Sotoba, leaving Toshio and his newfound allies to force themselves all the more to fight back and get their village back. Seishin tries to convince Sunako to leave the village, but she persist in fighting in their newly formed war, after all the efforts she has put in to get her and her comrades to live in a paradise where they no longer have to hide and be secretive no more from humans (But with no humans, how are they going to find more humans to supply them with blood? Surely they can’t just go kidnapping people from the city to solve the problem. I’ll leave you guys to think about it.)

Erm…no thanks, Dr. Ozaki. I feel like hurling right now, and do you have a paper bag to spare? I think I’m gonna vomit my dinner that I ate very heavily a moment ago.

Explaining the more medical (and to some of the villagers: grosser) stuff about the Shiki’s body and blood, you might have to agree that (probably you, if you’re against Toshio) the villagers have to be really shocked when they found out that Toshio used his wife Kyouko as a lab rat to discover extensively of the weaknesses of the Shiki. And yes, it’s best not to show that disgusting video of yours and your wife’s to the villagers. I’m afraid that they’ll side against you than do more good to yourself if you want the village to be saved, Toshio. With some humans like Tooru’s father who is against violence to the Shiki, Megumi’s father told him and the rest of the villagers too that the Shiki are no longer humans (but with all the human side shown from Ritsuko and Kaori’s father…my head hurts…). Furthermore, he can’t bear to kill his undead son with a wooden stake.

Got pwned…AGAIN. Well, it was better than almost getting hit by a jeep.

While some villagers are too scared and are unable to register the bleak truth that is happening to them, the village and their loved ones who have turned into a Shiki, Toshio, along with his comrades to exterminate all Shiki (but please don’t hurt innocent Ritsuko-san, and you’ll know the reason in perhaps in a few weeks’ time or not depending on how the story will end in this series. For the ones who are still brave enough to go on, like I always say read the manga.). Making their plans to search around the entire village in groups and blocking all roads available for the Shiki to move around to prevent any further deaths, not before having to experience a power outrage. War has already begun.

Tatsumi: It’s payback time after what you did with Ga… I mean Chizuru…YOU HUMANS HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN AND HIDE!

Acting as the commander of the Shiki army, Yoshie has similar plans from Toshio in going in groups to fight their enemies. Tae’s daughter, who has been keeping her undead mother in her house all this time promises her that she will take blood from no one but hers. (Oh finally, some good daughter-mother relationship after all the death and jazz.) And you know that blue-haired lady I place a picture in episode 13? Well she’s back, but less mentally stabled than before after seeing her much loathed mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband and her beloved daughter all dead (while hugging her son rotting like rotten burgers in the bathroom, such bad luck for Motoko.)

Get out of my sight, you piece of shit. I hope that you die soon, since you’re such a good-for-nothing lazy bump who do not dare to kill a human with your own hands, unlike my one true love, beautiful and clever Yuuki-chan. After all, you’re ugly and you’re stupid.

And yeah, like what’s happening in the picture above Megumi is pissed with Masao’s cowardice ideas in escaping the village, calling him a sissy and wimp in whatever he says. (at least he’s not as dehumanizing as you Megumi.) Having no idea once they are out of the village, Megumi berates Masao further…and kicks him in the face. (Megumi: Because it’s the survival of the fittest. I can just leave you here and rot while I go find my knight in shining armor to get me out of this stinkin’ village and leave my nosy parents behind.)

As Megumi thinks of her prince Natsuno, Ritsuko, still stuck in her cage is struggling to keep herself from drinking Yasuyo’s (the other nurse who dresses sexily at night) blood under the care of Tooru and to preserve her humanity. While Tatsumi convince Senshirou to take revenge on Toshio, a scared and skinny Kaori, who only has Love (the dog who is unable to save Kaori’s mother), a wooden stake, a torchlight and a sturdy bat by her side is ready to bash some Shiki ass while chanting about Megumi’s going to kill her this instant. Well, Megumi, I’m no longer afraid of you, Shiki and death. I’m fearless and I’m ready to prove the world that I’m like what I just said.

Bring. It. On. Megumi, I’m gonna kill you tonight and I’m going to make sure you beg down on my knees the next time I see you.

As she pretends to be Solid Snake for a few seconds (more apparently in the manga where she runs funnily to her target), seeing her undead father is really the last thing poor Kaori would want to see. And Atsushi kills Toshio’s mother. How clever. As Tatsumi does nothing to stop Atsushi to commit an atrocity, he asks Seishin a favor help protect Sunako in her sleep at all costs with the sun about to rise. Seishin only gives Tatsumi that he’ll do all her can with his frail body could only take his limits to the test, allowing Tatsumi to take his blood and setting up an IV right after that to sustain him further.

Seishin: So, am I the one you’re going to kill next?

Bringing back the plot of the novel ‘Shiki‘ Seishin has yet to complete, Sunako asks him the reason he tried to kill himself back when Seishin was a university student. Instead of answering the question Seishin would have the answers, Sunako answers the question regarding the characters in Seishin’s novel and that somehow, the plot of the novel has got something to do at the time Seishin tried killing himself. As Toshio’s troops bashed into the Ebuchi Clinic and discover corpses lying around, Sunako and Seishin discusses about the book, with Sunako hopes to see Seishin finish it one day.

Moving in a slightly different direction from the manga the people working under Toshio bashed into every hideout the Shiki are hiding, including the Kanemasa mansion where they found no one but Toshio, finding some food in the room Seishin was kept captive in before the shift knew that he’s somewhere in the mansion. As Ookawa and the others smash every window they find, Seishin wonders if someone has the idea of ending his life, once and for all.


Commander Alice orders you to eliminate the humans that go against our wills! Go forth…and spread the hate and death of us of the Shiki race.

So, there’s no appearance of Natsuno in this week’s episode.

But is it just me or Sunako sounds really high-pitched than before in the first half? And from the second half of this week’s episode the humans roaming around to warn the other villagers about the Shiki look…sinister like a coyote than what they appeared to be.

I went to visit the forums sometimes with people talking about this series. The author behind this series, Fuyumi Ono wrote this to explore the human nature about killing and stuff. She did intentionally asks the manga-ka in charge to make the story in the manga different than what was written originally in the novels. (Telling the people who are unhappy with the changes made in the manga since you guys can’t go and find out what really happened and if the original author doesn’t care about it or not.)

In any case, I wouldn’t be too surprised if any group decides to do an abridged version of it anytime soon. Where all the characters flanderizing at their personalities they are known of by non-followers, cutting up the unnecessary villagers introduced in the series and say some epic and memetic badass stuff along the way (as well as breaking the fourth wall often to comment on the villagers’ unsuspecting behavior with the Shiki.

Let me give you a simple equation to understand what the hell I’m talking about:

Shiki + Black Comedy = Instant Epic Win.

Don’t give up…Ritsu-chan.

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  1. sandy
    Posted December 10, 2010 at 6:37 am | Permalink

    omg… you forgot the tatsumi hot pants!

  2. Posted December 10, 2010 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    Yet another series that I really need to get around to watching…

  3. LuvnAnime
    Posted December 11, 2010 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    Finally! The action begins….and Tatsumi’s outfit was solid…haha.

  4. Posted December 11, 2010 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

    Tatsumi’s outfit was very.. uh flashy… I noticed this series has really strange fashion haha ^^

  5. Posted December 12, 2010 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    The kick to the face was the best part of the episode. Although I’d have to say, running away would probably be the best course of action right now, except that Masao is totally useless.

  6. yotel
    Posted December 14, 2010 at 7:02 am | Permalink

    according to what i read on a forum thats a mistranslation on the translators part
    what seishin actually said was “Do i embrace an intent to kill the village?”

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