Shiki Episode 20: Tomio Ookawa saves the day!

I, Tomio Ookawa, swears to kill every Shiki around, even if it means killing my useless son.

(This is written before I began watching this week’s episode, no spoilers.)
If you’re wondering why this took longer than the rest… I decided to procrastinate a bit this week and because Christmas’s next week…well my family doesn’t make Christmas a big holiday. Rather, we’ll just sit back and wait for Chinese New Year to arrive. I admit; I spent too much time lately playing MapleStory (SEA Version) after struggling to install the game properly for more than two weeks.

With 2 more episodes to go before Shiki ends (Yess~), Daume is most likely going to end this with an anime-original ending. And nope, this series would most likely not have a second season according to this piece of bad news. With the manga still ongoing, moving through the other villagers’ P.O.V. of the current situation Sotoba’s in. With slow internet connection right here in my home, it’s time I present you the 20th episode of Shiki.

Warning: Lotsa bloody stuff this week. Read up if you’re courage enough.

Man, how many times should Ookawa, the rest of us and I be covered in blood?

The Abridged Version:

Tomio Ookawa kills lots and lots of Shiki today. And one human.
The Shiki are starting to lose the war.
Senshirou desires to be a Shiki and has daddy issues, like what he told Natsuno.
Tooru decides to let Yasuyo off and spend the rest of his un-life with Ritsu-chan.

Atsushi: Finally got to shut this bitch up before my father comes for me.

The Longer Version:

As Toshio and his army of anti-Shiki killers (take note for Tomio Ookawa, that old man with the extraordinary beard) ripped every single Shiki hideout and kill any Shiki who happens to be around or hiding, he received some news about his mother and found out that she’s murdered, most likely by Atsushi as we speak (seeing him entering the Ozaki household gives up a big clue that Toshio’s mother has got something to do with it.) When some ladies found out that Toshio’s mother won’t rose up and turned into a Shiki, our dear Ookawa reminds them about the atrocities the Shiki committed over the past months and won’t be letting any single one of them off until he feels that the village is safe again.

A real man is a killer. Killing my son is for GREAT JUSTICE!

Finding a bloodied wardrobe in the house, they found Atsushi sleeping inside and of course, Ookawa pulls his son out of other people’s wardrobe and is not at all glad to see him again after what he did to Toshio’s mother. Even the other villagers who sided with Toshio aren’t very supportive of Ookawa’s decision to kill his son, but he finally did it. When asked to cremate the dead Shiki bodies, Toshio tell them to use another method to get rid of them (as heard in episode 17 Toshio’s mother warned her son about the fire and all that) and also there’s probably more Shiki that are still hiding in the village. With Tomio’s suggestion of the only place they have yet to search is underground, Toshio hatched another plan to go underground. As they planned their way there, Mr. Tomo (another old man with a lot more facial hair than Mr. Ookawa) was given a headshot: someone’s shooting from afar.

Senshirou: I wanna be immortal and be a sparkly vampire~ I still hate my daddy.

Before Senshirou gets to shoot someone else, Natsuno stopped him and Senshirou starts giving his own philosophical speech how humans are bad, killing each other and are no different from the Shiki as well as ranting about his bastard father who kills people so that he feels superior. Too bad Natusno doesn’t give a damn. He was discovered by the villagers soon after but things go out with a band. As Seishin and Sunako hide underground with the humans guarding the mansion, Tatsumi reports the bad news to Sunako and gives her the suggestion of leaving the stinkin’ village.

Erm, sorry; no funky costumes this episode.

Meanwhile, Ritsu-chan struggles to hang on to her humanity as Toru cowers in a corner, persisting Ritsuko to just do it. Ritsuko suggests that he’ll bring either her or Yasuyo out of the cage but Toru’s stuck in a dilemma; if he doesn’t let Ritsuko out, like her he would also hate himself but if he does, he’s going to be punished heavily for his ‘crimes’ for letting a Shiki out of the cage. As Toru decides to let Ritsu-chan off she holds him until Toru pushed him back, lecturing our poor ex-nurse once again. And for crying with good reasons, Toru sympathize with her and let Yasuyo out, giving her the keys that is locking poor Ritsu-chan in the cage.

Toru’s stuck in a catch-22 situation. What will he do?

Nighttime; Toshio and Tomio are planning their next move to counterattack and also to keep the villagers from knowing the ugly truth about monsters that only appear in myths are creeping out at night to take their loved ones away. When they received some news from a villager that the people attacked by the Shiki have a pulse, Toshio clears up the misunderstanding that those people are under hypnosis and made to believe that they are not sick. As Tomio talks about eliminating the humans that side with the Shiki (think Senshirou), Seishin pops up in Toshio’s mind, if he betrayed him and his army of anti-Shiki exterminators.

Random person outside Sotoba making a call: Sorry, but this number is currently unavailable. The person you are trying to call is currently attacked by freaking blood sucking monsters and god knows when they are getting outta here.

That means we need to kill Seishin too. No exceptions.

Fortunately, Toshio still knows the difference between intentional extermination and murder (about his sanity, well, your mileage may vary), who is against taking the lives of humans. Finding out that the humans found out their secret hideout, Sunako asks Seishin if she would be killed if a wooden stake was placed in her heart. And because Sunako has the anatomy of a young girl with underdeveloped organs (not her knockers, for lolicons out there), finally Sunako admits that she’s vulnerable and showing real fear in being killed. It’s not as if she wanted to be a Shiki in the first place, asking Seishin if she deserves such a cruel un-life (for a lack of a better word).

Probably the only time you see Sunako this vulnerable and desperate.

As everyone are out killing one another, in her cell Ritsu-chan allows Tooru to sit next to her as they embraced each other (for the last time, or not?) When one of the villagers bitten by the Shiki appears in front of everyone else in the shrine, he pulls a gun and killed one of the villagers before he was punched by Mr. Ookawa. Before Mr. Ookawa takes his chance to kill that guy off, Toshio stopped him but his efforts failed miserably.

Don’t leave me, okay?


Seishin X Tatsumi pairing, anyone? 4chan?

I give up.

I doubt there are any possible hetero pairing in this series. Yes, I know that Toshio and Kyouko are married, but watching this series thus far has shown that Toshio spend more hours with Seishin (and his patients too) than his wife by a large margin. Let’s see:

1. Natsuno and Tooru. Tooru was ‘killed’ by Megumi because she was jealous that Natsuno is able to tolerate Tooru whereas he gets sick and tired talking to Megumi by the time 5 minutes passed.

2. Toshio and Seishin. They seem to get along well until episode 14. While Toshio is busy planning to exterminate the Shiki once and for all, Seishin turns to…

3. Tatsumi and Seishin. See above caption for more details.

I’m not going to list every single pairing (even crack ones) in here but let’s face it. If you are male and have yet reach the age of 40 (both physically and mentally) in Sotoba, you are most likely to be gay until you take the closet once you reach 40 physically (Masao and Atsushi are some exceptions.)

I’m currently in a mess, just like you guys. Aside from Christmas (which most of you are preparing for) after seeing what Ookawa did for the last 30 seconds I have no idea who to side with now that we see Sunako’s more vulnerable side as well as seeing Ookawa kicking the bucket, who find no qualms killing his own flesh and blood without any hesitation (but to be fair though, Atsushi did killed his own and Toshio’s mother, probably killing several others too off-screen.) Enjoy the final days of 2010 while it lasted.

Ritsu-chan cries for everyone…again. This time, the villagers are fighting back.

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  1. Posted December 17, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    It was pretty hilarious how Atsushi thought it would be a good idea to hide in the closet right above the scene of the crime. Just in case, he even left a blood trail. It’s gonna be hard to get all those stains out of those clothes and beard.

  2. treizer
    Posted December 17, 2010 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    It’s too bad that Zeus beard died, now we’re left with crazybeard (Though at least he can do something). I wonder if animal blood works the same way as human blood cause that would be the only way they could possible coexist, though I doubt anyone will try it. No one’s looking to live together after this except maybe green haired doctor and Seishin.

    I hope Natsuno doesn’t end up dead at the end cause werewolves and people can co exist just fine cause they don’t need to worry about blood.

  3. FireStarter
    Posted December 18, 2010 at 4:33 am | Permalink

    Except the shikis have no intention of coexisting with the villager. Sunako is going for the kill from the beginning. Otherwise they could just suck blood and not kill them.

  4. Posted December 18, 2010 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    Damn thats right Zeus dude owned due to head shot…his beard will be missed.

    I wanna see a werewolf fight already! guess I will have to wait.

    • Posted December 18, 2010 at 10:33 am | Permalink

      damn right we need jinrou vs jinrou combat xD

      oh I totally ship Tatsumi x Seishin now xD

  5. dude
    Posted December 19, 2010 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    Why fans always love to transform friendship into romance? Toshio and seishin are old friends, they live in the same village and inherited the job of their parents. Toshio’s wife never liked him, she just married him for money and he knows that. Of course we’ll always see him hanging with his friend. Did they mention something in the manga like one of the two blushing or something? Toshio won’t run to Seishin crying Why did you leeeave me! He will stab the coward traitor and I can’t wait for it. Natsuno and Tohru either. Tohru likes Ritsuko. Natsuno values tohru because he doesn’t consider him a stranger like the rest of the villagers, he doesn’t care about Megumi because she a CREEPY STALKER. think about it guys :o (ps: Whyyy didn’t you die ugly fat nurse whyyyyy T_T)

    • LuvnAnime
      Posted December 19, 2010 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

      And why did she have to be in lingerie?

  6. Posted December 21, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    I give up. I doubt there are any possible hetero pairing in this series.

    Lol. Well, there’re always the dogs.

  7. Marigold Ran
    Posted December 23, 2010 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    I’m on neither side, or both. I want to watch things burn.

    Morally, the Shikis are the aggressors. They attacked first.

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