Shiki Episode 21: The good, the ugly and the bastards.

Chizuko is ready for anything. Yes, even a Shiki attack.

Random Visitor: RV, what took you so long to get Shiki episode 21’s review done?
RV: Christmas, duh!

It’s Boxing Day (or Hangover Day if you have too much alcohol to drink) and I hope that you guys enjoyed Christmas. We still have 364 days to go but meanwhile go enjoy yourselves with the New Year and for Chinese people (and everyone else), Chinese New Year. Too bad I got nothing for Christmas (but that doesn’t mean I’m not in the ‘good kids’ list) but I’m already preparing to make my New Year Resolutions. Do tell us about your new year resolutions if you aren’t shy to tell the whole world about it in the comments below in the next review of Shiki.

By far Chizuko’s the scariest person in this show, even scarier than Tatsumi and Sunako despite only appearing for less than 5 minutes in the entire series. I might as well die from a heart attack.

Abridged Version:

With the humans portrayed as killing machines in the perspective of the Shiki (and probably some of the viewers too), in the end the only Shiki survivors are Natsuno, Megumi (maybe), Tatsumi and Sunako. Will Toshio and his army of anti-Shiki exterminators wipe every last one of them, or will Sunako pulls out a secret ‘trump card’ and turns the table around (a.k.a.: a miracle.)?

Bang! Now you’re dead. And I thought werewolves live forever…wait. I have silver bullets everywhere I go in case I feel like killing werewolves.

Longer Version:

Raise your hands if you think killing Shiki and eating happily with dead bodies everywhere is considered normal.

*No hands raised up.*

By far, this scene scares the hell out of me than every other scene with the Shiki killing humans for food. (Chizuko, get the blood out of your hands before you eat! *faints*) While she and her fellow comrades are happily resting Yasuyo, with her torn lingerie on is unable to escape from hungry dogs. Too afraid to fall asleep, being outnumbered by 3 vs 20+ people outside the mansion waiting for her to surrender, Seishin tries calming Sunako down as Tatsumi waits for the right opportunity to escape. Thanks to Sunako Seishin can finally able to see himself of his despair he’s been struggling to find ever since he slashed his wrist back in his university days, which also reflects with the novel Seishin’s trying to complete. (The younger brother in Seishin’s novel is sort-of an avatar of Seishin himself, with the wish of not fulfilling the villagers’ wishes as a priest/monk and as well as wishing to escape from the village that has been a bird cage to him.) So in the end (referring to the brothers in the novel), the older brother realized that he has no younger brother; that younger brother is actually himself (a being born in his despair, split personality?) and upon realizing that he did not killed his brother, he killed himself. What a sad story (at this point according to the English scans of the manga the story has yet reached this point but because the anime needs to wrap this up by the next episode, more spoilers ahead.)

As Sunako sleeps again, Seishin realized that his father had that same wish to do something else and do whatever he wants rather than accepting his fate to remain a monk for the rest of his life until he dies. Meanwhile, Masao is stuck as anti-Shiki exterminators were patrolling around the roads and cannot made his grand escape out of Sotoba. Trying to tell himself not to fall asleep as the humans will find him and kill him, he doesn’t want himself to be like the rest who are caught and maimed brutally. And yeah, he still daydreams his role as a knight in shining armor to Megumi, thinking that she’s already been caught and killed. Unfortunately, Megumi has this secret weapon called ‘luck’ and for Masao, he has none.

Too bad, you killed yourself. Bad. End.

Deciding to go back to his old home, Chizuko, who was about to change clothes found a miserable Masao, begging her to let him in. And like I said before, Masao doesn’t have any ‘luck’ when he finds his sister-in-law with a weapon, ready to take him on and end him once and for all.

Now that we seen some Shiki escaping Sotoba, Yoshie and her comrades take on the anti-Shiki exterminators and other humans who happened to be around and had witnessed what Yoshie and her allies had done. Telling the old man she has bitten under her control to take the gun and kill Toshio with it, that means that this takes place before the attack in the last minutes of the previous episode. Finding an injured Senshirou, too bad Yoshie has to die in front of a human. With Yoshie dead, Yasuyo climbed up a tree (erm…she can do that?) as she finds herself in a dilemma, with the humans trying to find other places to bury the Shiki they have killed so far. Investigating the hole Mr. Tomo told him about in the last episode, he was told by a villager that Yasuyo’s here to see him. Bruised, injured and still lucky to stay alive after everything she gone through, she told Toshio about the remaining Shiki hiding in their main base but sadly she was unable to tell him about Ritsuko’s (and probably Tooru’s) appearances there and they have been turned into the monsters Toshio and his allies are about to kill.

I feel fantastic and I’m still alive.
While you’re dying I’ll be still alive.
And when you’re dead I will be still alive.
Still alive~ (Stupid Masao)

While tearing down the last area, Ookawa finds an undead Shinmei sitting alone as he say his final words of goodbye (that he was finally able to die) before Ookawa is able to do what he’s supposed to do. Pulling Tooru and Ritsuko out, Tooru’s father, who’s too grossed out to see his son killed and became the monster he is today starts throwing up (give him a pat in the shoulder, will ya?) and pleaded Toshio to stop already. Knowing that Sunako and Tatsumi are still around somewhere, that man in the business suit (I always can’t remember his name) remembers that the mansion has an underground basement and suggests that they could be hiding under it.

As Tatsumi found himself, as well as Sunako and Seishin that they have figured out their secret basement, he tells Seishin to get ready to leave and putting Sunako into a briefcase. Telling him to put Sunako in a place as dark as possible, Tatsumi tells him to take care of her as he fight against a battle he is most unlikely to win. Asking him one last question the reason why Tatsumi wholeheartedly serves Sunako thick and thin (and wondering why he’s doing this despite being ‘superior’ compared to the Shiki), Tatsumi didn’t really answered it to the point but expressed how he would be very mad if Chizuru said that instead of Seishin and how Sunako will feel if she hears it. He does it as he admires Sunako’s unusual spunk to keep herself going and truthfully, he really did cared about her well-being from the very beginning.

I’m gonna drive a million times crazier and wackier than Atsushi. Just watch me break the Guinness Book of Records and run wild like a wolf on steroids.

Acting as distraction to the humans waiting outside the mansion, Seishin only then uses the other car in the mansion and took Sunako with him before leaving. Too bad the humans are blocking every other road they can find Shiki around so Seishin has to make a long detour and drives within the bumpy roads in order to make his escape with Sunako. Like Masao, Seishin doesn’t have this good thing he should have: luck as he met Toshio’s group as he drove into the main road. The driver driving Toshio and his crew has the worst luck as the lorry landed on the side and they have to make their way to the temple by foot. Good thing Ookawa and the others left as soon as they came, Seishin stuck in a secret cardboard with a sealed Sunako by his side. And too bad Seishin’s mother and her worker are killed for collaborating with the Shiki which they have no idea what the hell is all about.

A close shave before getting slashed and then killed by a human, Seishin felt that the temple is not a good hiding place for him and Sunako. Making his escape by foot, injured and having Sunako in the briefcase, he had no choice but to put a still-sleeping Sunako in a good hiding spot before acting as decoy and left her all alone in the woods.

Erm Seishin, but do you really think Sunako will like this place…so eerily and religious.

Translation: Everything’s going to be all right…except luck’s not on our side this time and we’re all going to die by the hands of these evil humans.

I. Can. CLIMB! But isn’t it a little too much?

Dying together…what a tragic love story…


Girl in a briefcase? Who could have known?

With only Natsuno, Megumi (Not sure if she’s still alive, but if she is I wish she died instead of any Shiki that is killed in this week’s episode), catboy Tatsumi and Sunako left in the village and one more episode left to wrap up everything that happened for the past 21 episodes, I’ll say that I very much expecting a satisfying ending, since like I mentioned in the previous post, most likely there won’t be a second season. Shiki better not disappoint us with a great build-up and decides to wrap up everything with a weak or stupid ending (If the worst come to worst, they better not show us an ending where all the Shiki attack and everything that has happened for the past 21 episodes are all just a dream from a mentally unstable character stuck in an asylum. I’ll probably kill myself with a stake before they do.)

Have the worst Christmas ever, besides watching Christmas specials on TV, playing MapleStory and sleep in bed, everything else was a big mess. But at least the shopping malls are open, since most shops will closed for the holidays during the first three days of the Chinese New Year. I’m starting to hate working out every single morning and evening; and I wish school starts after the new year. Well, a friendless person indeed. I’m glad that I managed to cover everything; the next episode’s review will be my second-last as I’m writing one last review of the series as a whole itself. (kind of reminds me of my review of Vampire Knight and it always have to end before the new year comes. Coincidence?)

So, we meet again. But this time, we are in opposite sides.

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  1. dude
    Posted December 26, 2010 at 5:19 am | Permalink

    What a disturbing episode. Yoshie died way too quick. I liked her character (and her voice too). Tooru and Ritsuko were also killed, but that was better than dying of starvation ;_; Masao will be dead soon by the hands of the woman he hated so much, and that’s good riddance.
    Yasuyo (ugh) managed to survive by CLiMBinG a tree..interesting.
    Natsuno was awesome as always.
    Even if I understand better with this ep the reason for Seishin to go to the shiki’s side, I still think that he is a coward and a stupid idealist. Now it’s somehow his fault that his mother and those at the shrine got killed. (Seriously, how did he manage to wipe the blood of his mother and the workers, pray for them, kill ‘accidentally’ a villager who saw him, carry the suitcase (Rozen maiden style?) to the car, without the others noticing??)
    Did Megumi hide in some place? Where did Natsuno hide Akira? What happened to Kaori? Where is that stupid father of Natsuno? Who is the 4th jinrou? Is it Seishin?
    I just hope that the villagers go visit a psy after these events, because some of them really lost it.
    Anyway there are 2 special episodes that will be aired on May 2011(NOT RECAP) Just check in for more infos.
    My predictions? Seishin,Sunako and Tatsumi will escape. Megumi won’t make it. Natsuno would probably commit suicide (?). And a lot of villagers will move out. (BTW I saw two fanarts of Seishin wearing a butler costume and it really fit him, I wonder if he’ll wear it in the anime or the manga)

    • Dan
      Posted December 26, 2010 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

      The 4th jinrou is the one that turned Sunako into a shiki a long time ago. (Her father’s friend)

  2. Chronolynx
    Posted December 26, 2010 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    I agree that opening scene was pretty damn scary, but when the Shiki hunters come chasing Seishin into the temple is a close second. Killing anyone with little cause like that, and feeling morally justified in doing so? Scary. A very literal interpretation of “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

    • Posted December 26, 2010 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

      I sympathize with Seishin’s mum and her employee, who has got nothing to do with the Shiki craze going on and yet has to die in a very painful way. Sometimes, ignorant is not bliss.

      • Posted December 26, 2010 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

        Ignorance is not bliss. You just satted my life philosophy.

  3. Posted December 26, 2010 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    Which MapleStory server do you play in? o.o Had a craving to play an MMORPG for a long time but don’t know which game/server.

    I don’t understand why did Senshirou kill Yoshie… wasn’t he on their side? Like the comment above I feel there are too many unanswered questions. And I really hate Seishin for hiding Sunako and prolonging the life of the group of Shikis – if she survives she’ll probably make more.

    Maybe Natsuno will be the one to kill Megumi – that’ll break her heart literally and figuratively.

    Stupid Masao XD

    • Posted December 26, 2010 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

      If you’re not living in Singapore, sorry. I play MapleStorySEA (South East Asia) version. If you are, well, I play in the Aquila server.

      Yes, anytime now Megumi should be killed off so that she stop acting like a bitch at poor Kaori.

  4. Marigold Ran
    Posted December 26, 2010 at 10:54 pm | Permalink

    I heard there was cake. WHERE’S THE CAKE?????

  5. Posted December 29, 2010 at 6:28 am | Permalink

    this episode is crazy>>>it brings a pivotal realization to light, these folks are killing (slaughtering) the vampires—-how is this any different than what the vampires did by killing folks and transforming them into vamps…at least a ending by being bitten is better than receiving a stake through the heart!

  6. FatalxInnocence
    Posted January 7, 2011 at 1:13 am | Permalink

    I’m not too sure why people hate on Megumi? she’s a city girl in the country =S I’d act the same way. I would never want to live in the middle of nowhere. She’s my 2nd fave in the series, 1st being Tatsumi. He’s awesome! so is Megumi to me. Her speech in the 22nd episode brought tears to my eyes cause everything she says is so true in terms of the society we live in and such. RESPECT MEGUMI! she’d def have mine if she were real hahaha.

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