Ao no Exorcist 02: I’m Rin Okamura. You killed my stepfather. Prepare to die.

…but before you can do that, Rin, you must attend school and be an exorcist. Sorry, kiddo, but everything will have to wait, even kicking your (real) daddy’s arse. That’s how the plot goes.

Who couldn’t resist the urge of a Princess Bride reference? Along with this show, the other shows I’m following as well are AnoHana, C, A Channel and…nothing else, although I’m catching up with a cartoon everyone’s been talking about and watching right now. I’m probably still be waiting for Moshidora though, and I might pick up another show or two to watch (probably Steins;gate or Dog Days, but I guess I won’t be understand a word they’re saying in the former, and the latter whenever I want to waste 24 minutes of my life) but AoE’s the only series I’m doing episodics this season. And to Yukio fangirls (and fanboys, if any), wait for my next post for Yukio screenshots goodness. Not enough Yukio screentime (again) this episode.

Picking up where AoE last left off, Rin got fired just as he was hired and found out he’s the son of Satan. Now that Father Fujimoto have saved him from a demon and Rin activated his blue flames for the first time, there’s no doubt that Rin’s normal life is over. With that, we move on with what Father Fujimoto and Rin will do next back in the abbey…

I think you should have kept that to yourself Shirou.

Escaping from the forces of Satan, Father Fujimoto and Rin return to the abbey as the other monks prepare themselves to defend their home and keep other demons away from Rin and his deadly powers. Too bad Shiratori (the leader of the gangsters we saw last time) was possessed again as he raged. My vibes are telling me that he’s going to die for real this time. Meanwhile, Father Fujimoto leads Rin to a secret room and passed him his katana Kurikara, the Demon-Slaying Blade which has been sealing his demonic powers all this time, warning him that he must never left Kurikara out of his sight (even when he sleeps. Talk about genre-savvy Father Fujimoto) or draw it at all cost, as drawing Kurikara out will cause Rin’s powers to awake and he will never be human again. Ever.

So everyone knew about my real heritage? Bummer. At least Yukio doesn’t know that I’m Satan’s son and inherited his flames.

Father Fujimoto continued to explain why Yukio never inherited Satan’s powers; his body was too weak to handle them while their mother was pregnant with both brothers and thus Rin was the twin who got them instead. Raising Rin as a human was the only way to suppress his dangerous power, giving Rin the excuse why no one said anything about his true nature. And naughty Astaroth hijacks a truck and decides to take a joy ride and visit Father Fujimoto’s abbey if he passes by…

This truck is mine now, bitch. Now, let’s take this baby on a joy ride to where Rin is hiding.

The Father instructs Rin to hide underground, not before passing him his cellphone (which he almost never uses) that stores one important number Rin’s going to call later on. The other monks and Father Fujimoto then proceeds to attack the demons, FMA style (with alchemist-like drawings on their hands) to effectively attack them and summon familiars as Rin drowns himself in the revelation that he’s a powerful demon all these time.

My normal life is over. I can’t believe that it will be over the next few minutes.

Ooh, flashback! Too bad I’m not a good boy Father want me to be. Guess what, I sing in the church choir too! Laugh all you want; I. CAN. SING.

Having to see the monks fighting Astaroth’s minions with difficulty, Rin steps in as Father Fujimoto recites lines from the Bible again to vanquish the demon once and for all. After seeing the battle and gets the truth knocks into his head that everyone’s sacrificing their lives all because of him Rin misunderstood Father Fujimoto’s intentions, seeing it as another excuse to throw him out of the abbey because of all the trouble he caused all this time, and for all these time he was pretending to treat Rin as his real son and playing father that was not his real father. This upsets FF a lot and slaps him in the face and instructed him to pack his things and leave. No sooner, FF starts acting strange, bursts into blue flames and eventually Satan has possessed our badass Father Fujimoto. It’s not a pretty sight.

Hello Rin. Your real daddy’s here to admire your beautiful face for the first time. I’m taking you back to where you truly belong. Gehenna, a.k.a., HELL.

Satan decides to take matters into his own hands now that he controls Father Fujimoto’s body and throws him into a magical gate that leads to Gehenna, which is our concept of Hell in real life Christianity and plans to turn him into a full demon. With such strong willpower, Father Fujimoto stabs himself to stop Satan from doing anymore damage and dies after that. Seeing his stepfather sacrificing his life despite what Rin told him earlier as he and Fujimoto sinks through the gates of Gehenna, Rin draws out Kurikara and unleashes his demon powers to save himself and Father Fujimoto’s body.

At least my efforts are not in vain. Goodbye, Rin. I love you and Yukio, my real sons.

I love you, Father. Please don’t leave me by my side…

The Gates of Gehenna are gone and Yukio has returned to see the abbey in ruins, his stepfather dead and Rin turning into a demon to save everyone.

Everyone attended Father Fujimoto’s funeral as Rin reminisces the last days with his deceased stepfather who care a lot more than his real daddy. Remembering the last item FF gave himself before dying, Rin calls the number. The person turns out to be Mephisto Pheles, the representative of the Japanese Branch of the True Cross Knight Order and chairman of True Cross Academy. He gives Rin three choices: either that he surrender to the True Cross Knight Order and let them kill him, or Rin will kill the exorcists and Mephisto and escape from everyone who are trying to find him or Rin just commit suicide. Rin gave Mephisto a fourth option: Become an Exorcist and kick Satan’s ass.

You are certainly not helping me with my situation, sir. Why does everyone wants me dead? I hate this; sure I’m naughty, but I’m not totally evil just because I inherited Satan’s powers.

Thoughts: At least the OP for AoE wasn’t as cheesy as its ED, but still there’s quite a room for improvement. Not that I mind that a lot if the show itself is good (but out of the best OP/EDs this season AoE won’t stand a chance, AnoHana’s or C’s OP/ED? Sure, without any hesitation.)

Hello, Rin! I’m Mr. Willy Wonka Mephisto Pheles! I own a large chocolate fact… I mean, True Cross Academy in town. But before I discuss your future prospects with you we must now kill you under orders of the True Cross Knight Order from the Vatican.

Possessed Father Fujimoto’s face? Err no thank you. Let that face stay very far away from delicate girls (and delicate infants.) And while the part where Father Fujimoto, who was possessed by Satan has to sacrifice his life to save his beloved Rin has been seen quite a number of times in various action/supernatural series, the music makes that moment seem so depressing and me (perhaps you too) teary-eyed. Having to kill the person who has been taking care of you and his brother for fifteen years would be something Rin will never had thought of doing at the back of his mind after all the love, care, compassion and patience Father Fujimoto has poured into him and Yukio.

Father Fujimoto? He’s cool, even if he’s dead. How many old dudes can recite lines from the Bible (the entire Bible, mind you) to destroy demons while running at the rooftop with his stepson? How many old dudes uses only a rifle and text from the Bible and behave totally badass? Yup, pretty much the kind of father/grandfather I wish I had. Speaking of the FMA style fighting the monks are dishing out earlier on, the latest FMA movie commercial rolls during AoE’s commercial break. Coincidence? Too bad Rin has to face the hard truth being the son of Satan and others will be forced to face this truth as time move on. He’s carrying his burdens as if it’s the entire world’s sins he’s forced to carry. Sounds like someone you know?

I noticed that the animation in the second episode is not as consistent as what I’ve seen in the last episode, but I let it slide this time since there’s more action scenes than last time.

Let’s talk about the OP now. Seriously, I can’t help but think of captions that fit these screen caps:

BKB: Yo! We’re the Backstreet Kyoto Boys!
RV: Where are the other two members?
Bon (Middle BKB with some yellow hair in the middle): No, it’s just the three of us.

And what are you? Spice Girls…oh there’s only two girls in the group. Go find Shiemi if you can, and there you have it! Three girls in the group! Oh, there’s a secret fourth member?

Mephisto: No, we’re not from the circus if you’re asking. And no, we’re not from a two-member Satanic punk band either.

So is it just me or the ED sounds less cheesy than what I heard in the last episode? Next week: Rin Okamura goes to Death City…no, Hogwarts…no, True Cross Academy. He meet his new classmates. Discover that Yukio’s his teacher and find out that Yukio’s gonna kill him with a gun? This can’t be good.

Hey guys. Looks like he doesn’t remember anything. Let’s take his money without beating him up…for free. (Except the part about paying a visit to the doctor.) Oops, doesn’t look like it.

Looks like Father Fujimoto’s best friend who can be trusted…sharp teeth, pointed ears, sinister look, narrow eyes, weird costume, constantly giving me sadistic choices and (maybe) hyena-like laugh? Yup, I can definitely trust him.

So what if I attack demons with only a rifle and recite harmless lines from the Bible? I, Fujimoto Shirou, am the world’s most powerful goddamn Paladin of the entire True Cross Knight Order! Not even a bishounen who’s full of himself can replace me even if I fall to my grave!

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  1. mrwan
    Posted April 25, 2011 at 9:14 am | Permalink

    The Japanese subtitles doesn’t allow me to take the OP seriously.

    And thank you for igniting my desire to watch The Princess Bride again.

  2. MrTerrorist
    Posted April 25, 2011 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    Princess Bride shout out! And we will miss you Father Fujimoto!

  3. Posted April 25, 2011 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    I totally teared up at the end, it was sad ;_; they killed off a character so fast!

  4. Posted April 26, 2011 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    I didn’t think the priest would be killed this fast, he seemed so badass. But killing him this fast means I’m not attached yet so don’t really care ~_~
    You really like to use that reference! You used it with Megumi in Shiki too if I remember correctly.

  5. Posted April 26, 2011 at 6:58 am | Permalink

    Awesome episode this week sad to see the priest die! He was so epic! Anyway nice to finally see the Opening song and video some great stuff there. And seeing Rin’s demon form and his sword! another favorite series so far.

    I do get lots of FMA and DGrayman feelings from this show, now to wait for the next episode!

  6. ruka
    Posted May 12, 2011 at 4:05 am | Permalink

    sad but awesome episode! They bring a new vibe to the climax where I think they would put some heavy song, but instead they use the mellow one, good job! (and I almost cry to….)

    Rin seiyu done amazing job here, especially with the scream X3

  7. Ogichii
    Posted June 16, 2011 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Awesome episode my opinion :3

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