Ao no Exorcist 03: Yukio Okumura: Teacher, Student Representative, Exorcist, Brother.

Name: Yukio Okumura
Age: 15
Birthday: 27 December
Occupation: Teacher, Student Representative, Middle-First Class Exorcist, Brother.

It’s tough being both a brother and student in anyone’s ordinary life, let alone an exorcist and a responsible teacher guiding future exorcists to success as you never know if you’re going to live for another day if you make one single mistake that will cost you your very own life. Unfortunately, Yukio Okumura has to choose the difficult path and carry all responsibilities, being the twin of Rin Okumura who inherited Satan’s blue flames.

This episode; Rin goes to school and he again has to experience more surprises than he’d ever imagined. If knowing the truth that you are a demon & son of Satan told by his most trusted person is already bad enough. Since this is Animeland Rin will not suffer a coma-induced trauma much like other male characters who are already angsty (with a tragic backstory and family background to boot) to begin with.

Oh yeah, and he also meets his new classmates (hello Backstreet Kyoto Boys), who will be his comrades in his future exorcising life. And hooray for Yukio screenshots in this episode’s review!

A new journey to endless hellish training, everything (and everyone) coming after you, and lots of homework. As Principal of True Cross Academy I must be tough to all of my students; you are no exception.

Summary: Mephisto Pheles arrives and takes Rin to True Cross Academy, not before Rin says his last goodbyes to the priests living in the abbey. Rin finds out that Yukio is the valedictorian of the freshmen student body and that his brother is actually his instructor teaching in a class of exorcists-in-training. An accident caused by Rin sent goblins attacking the class as both twin brothers confront themselves of Father Fujimoto’s death, which Yukio rebutted that Rin was all at fault, his only motivation becoming an Exorcist was to avenge Satan of Father Fujimoto. Rin argued that this is not the case, as his reason of being an Exorcist was never to see anyone he cares about hurt or die for him again.

Certainly does not look like a school that teaches kids to become Death Reapers.

We’ve been mourning over Father Fujimoto’s death for a week now (yes, both the audience and the Okumura twins), so we’re given some flashbacks (it won’t be the end of it though) of Father Fujimoto when he was still alive. *sniff*. Snapping back the twins to reality, Mephisto (or Johann Faust V as he’s known to the public) arrives the next day to pick up Rin and Yukio, telling him the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in True Cross Academy (including telling Rin who’s really in charge of everything around True Cross Academy). Rin still doesn’t realized that he’s sent to True Cross Academy to be a high school student & a Exorcist-in-training. He still doesn’t trust Mephisto in what he’s doing for him, and with Yukio making no objections to his….errr…eccentricities Rin can’t be bother. Trying to break the silence Rin asks his brother if he was surprised that he was able to enter high school, despite dropping out of school. In actual fact, Yukio was more concerned of his speech for the entire student body in the opening ceremony later on…

…and you must obey my every command, Rin Okumura.

Yukio is the freshman representative of True Cross Academy, who scored the highest in the entrance exam, which Rin finds out in the opening ceremony (and wonders if it’s the same Yukio talking on stage, who was often bullied when the twins were young. He’s popular, but still he’s shy with girls…) Reminiscing Yukio’s dream of becoming a doctor, Rin decides not to involve his innocent brother in this. Oh how wrong Rin is, with his next surprise studying in True Cross Academy as an Exorcist in Training…

But before we come to that Rin takes a short tour and gets all fascinated with the school’s superb facilities and acts like an idiot in front of the other students (huge classrooms, cafeteria that looks like a five-star hotel, escalators, etc) and is lead by Mephisto (in the form of a…dog?) to the secret compounds of the school. Before that he warns Rin never to reveal his identity to anyone as Satan’s son (his blue flames being the obvious that he’s the son of the most feared demon known), as the results won’t be…great as you find out in later episodes.

Hello, students. I’m your teacher. Rin, I’m your teacher now. So call me Okamura-sensei from now on. And yes, I know everything about you. Everything.

That comes to a surprise for Rin who discovers that his twin brother is his teacher, student representative and a fully-trained Exorcist who started training at the age of seven, becoming this to Rin all four at once (talk about unbelievable). The lesson begins with Yukio about to summon goblins that usually surround the classroom to students that has yet to receive a Spirit Wound (or a Temptaint in the ViZ manga version) that allows someone to see demons. The lesson was shortly interrupted by our dear boy who can’t seem to comprehend the fact that he and Father Fujimoto knew about Rin’s heritage from the start and how they have kept that big secret for so long. Needless to say, Rin’s pissed and to explain how he knew Rin’s heritage, Yukio has to tell the rest of the class to go outside and hang around the corridors. Nice going, Rin, for upsetting some of the students who are urgently trying to become full-fledged Exorcists ASAP.

Rin: Why does everyone wants me dead? Especially my twin brother?? It’s. Not. Fair!

In his disability to calm Rin down after revealing the truth all at once, causing Yukio to accidentally broke the container that contains animal blood, leading to a full frontal battle against the goblins (low level demons) who has emerged from their hiding place. As both brothers discussed Rin’s sole motivation in becoming an exorcist because he needs to avenge Father Fujimoto and Rin being at all fault for the death of FF, leading to an interesting discussion as Yukio exterminates the demons as he talks. Yukio pushes the blame onto Rin and was about to shoot Rin in the face for being such a bad son to Father Fujimoto.

Rin: Oh so you’re saying that what I done to Father Fujimoto is all my fault. Never yours.
Yukio: I wasn’t there when that incident happened. So, you indirectly killed Father Fujimoto saying those mean, nasty words to him that day.
Rin: T.T

Saving himself from further disgrace for indirectly killing Father Fujimoto, Rin decides to show Yukio who’s really the boss (in terms of respect, Okumura style), draws Kurihara and proceeds to slice the demon that is going to attack Yukio from behind, instead of slashing his brother (which he won’t do, being his dear brother and all). Asking what Father Fujimoto’s last moments were like, Rin said that he was cool all the way, trying his best to save Rin no matter what hurtful words he said before he died. To conclude what Yukio thought was for revenge, Rin wants to be an exorcist so that he doesn’t see anyone he cared about die for him anymore. That gave Yukio another flashback of Father Fujimoto, as he joins him in the journey to become an exorcist and be a stronger person instead of the crybaby he was when he and Rin were little kids.

I’ll show you who’s in charge here! I’m your older brother, dammit!

So, the episode ended happily after. And Yukio is Rin’s dorm mate now. Yukio is now Rin’s brother, teacher, student representative exorcist and dorm mate all five at once. Rin doesn’t think this is a perfect ending ever after.

And Rin is given homework by his brother. This is the ordinary life of a Exorcist in Training.

Thoughts: Told you that I’m supplying tons of Yukio fangirls (and fanboys) Yukio screenshots this week, didn’t I?

Anyways, I’m happy for Rin this episode; getting to clear up the dark cloud floating under Yukio and Rin, giving Rin new insight of his motivation to become an Exorcist. Of course he has a tough path to walk from now on, tough training, lots of homework, getting along with his new classmates and his social standing in the exorcism world. One mistake in showing his identity, poof, he’s going to lose everyone’s trust. To make things better, Rin no longer has to hide the truth about his heritage from his brother and have his relationship with him stained further; at least he has someone to talk to when he’s feeling pissed with schoolwork.

Yeah, let me go wild like a hitman and shoot those demons as if I’m in a FPS. I’m a million times cooler than Rin.

I got bored with the first half having to introduce True Cross Academy and I almost want to go get something to eat but once Yukio, in his Exorcist garb appears, the deal’s off. It’s been so long since I last watched a shounen series having to fight demons while talking at the same time; guess I have lots of catching up to do. I have to apologize how short my thoughts are for this week’s episode. Also, unlike the changes made in episode 1, episode 3 followed exactly what happened in the second chapter of the manga, with only a few minor changes here and there in the flashbacks. Guess that I need more surprises in order to get my thinking engine working top notch. But really, there’s not much going on in the background (this week’s episode based on the third chapter of the manga did explain a bit about Mephisto’s goal on using Rin as a weapon against Satan and the True Cross Order to Yukio over the phone) so I didn’t think too much of my input in this section.

That’s almost everyone in class…the BKB, boy who plays with puppets, some girls… we need more girls in this slum!

Sorry, but for the sake of everyone’s future, you. Must. Die.

That’s right, Rin. I need to summarize everything before you can understand my work. Less sleep hours for me, I’m afraid that I’ll end up like Mephisto who has only an hour of sleep per day.

Next week; AoE introduces yet another addition into the story, Shiemi Moriyama. It’s a must in every shounen series to add a love interest (unless it’s One Piece, where the love interest role is nowhere to be seen or is completely one-sided). Episode four also marks the end of the first volume of AoE, and it only gets better from there onwards as the True Cross Order enters the picture to change things, for the better or worse.

He…he was the coolest old man I’ve ever seen in my whole life…kicking demon butt…badass priest & exorcist…great stepfather…*sob*.

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  1. Locke
    Posted May 3, 2011 at 2:47 am | Permalink

    Oh god, the drama in this episode. Yukio is a beast. Rin’s pretty badass too. I love the setting of True Cross academy, it’s pretty godamn amazing, the community reminds me of Hogwarts in a way.

  2. Posted May 3, 2011 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    My first piece of skepticism: Isn’t Yukio a little too perfect of a character? Batch rep, top-notch grades, 20/20 vision in shooting, wannabe doctor, exorcist, teacher, born of satan but is no demon. wrrryyyyy

    also: DOG MEPHISTO IS ADORABLE *hearts*

    • Locke
      Posted May 3, 2011 at 11:48 pm | Permalink

      Yeah. I feel as if the mangaka is trying to recompensate with perfection because he wasn’t born with speshul demon powas like his brother.

    • Kaitune
      Posted May 6, 2011 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

      I personally don’t find him too perfect. Although he seems a heck more levelheaded than his brother, Yukio seems like he is the kind of perfect character who will break later on in the series. Maybe that’s just me thinking sadistically, I don’t think that Satan would be above using or manipulating one of his sons to turn evil.

  3. ruka
    Posted May 12, 2011 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    hm, perfect… if only it’s rikio:
    yep, Rin and Yukio as one being (fanmuse~)

    very love this episode, many brotherhood goodness <33

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