Ao No Exorcist 06: Some food for thought to ya.

Damn that !@#$%^&* Mephisto Pheles! That’s it, I’m setting up my own restaurant!

It’s filler material this week; so not much plot-moving going on until the next episode and I’m going to make this short and straightforward. One thing that I wish it will come true is that the anime would avoid making too many fillers for AnE. Being set for only 24 episodes with the manga still ongoing (not to mention still in one of its early arcs) A-1 Pictures would have to plan this carefully so that no one can complain more than they should. Just so you know, this episode is based on and inspired by a bonus chapter (you can read it here; as far as I know, sadly the first volume doesn’t come with the bonus chapter. The bonus chapter and this episode goes into different ways if you’re too lazy to read it) and Rin shows off his amazing cooking skills once again to the residents of True Cross Academy (and demons). At the same time AnE shows us Yukio’s wackier side when he’s with girls.

ORLY? Then I’ll be seeing you and Rin’s great-great-great-great-great grandchild to fight for this piece of hot dog one day.

Summary: Friendship. Brother bonding. Jealous girls. These are the three things that this episode matters. Rin and Yukio are broke so they find Mephisto to get some money now that he’s taking care of both brothers. Being too lazy to take out some money from his wallet Mephisto forces Rin and Yukio to make their own meals while avoiding Yukio’s rabid fangirls who are out to have Yukio eat their food and get rid of those who get in their ways. As Rin prepares he and his brother’s meals, he finds himself a new friend who is also good at cooking, lurking in the darkness of the night…

Besides, I get uncomfortable with girls. Maybe I should consider going to an all-boys Catholic school earlier on. *Cue Yukio breaking into hives for standing too long with his fangirls*

After have a great breakfast and an argument with Bon over a hot dog, Rin and Yukio heads for the canteen during lunch time as Rin finds out that the both of them can’t even afford a single first-class meal (as what Mephisto and Yukio put it). Knowing that Mephisto is their legal guardian now, Rin and Yukio settled a little score with the headmaster but being such a lazy headmaster who eats instant cup ramen for lunch, Mephisto tells the twins that he’ll be giving them 2,000 yen a month. Unsurprisingly, Rin and Yukio aren’t happy with his terms and decides to take their meals into their own hands, which at the same time Yukio would get the chance to reject his fangirls from eating the bento boxes they’ve prepared for Yukio.

Too bad boarding school in anime Japan sounds unrealistic, Johann Faust III. Apparently real boarding schools in Japan are for international students only.


Rin gets mad at Yukio the next morning, upon finding their lunch boxes empty after Rin meticulously prepared them the previous night. Hearing some sounds from the kitchen, they found… *DUN DUN DUN* Mephisto preparing breakfast for the both of them but to no avail as Rin finds out the easy way by drinking the entire bowl of soup, tasting unpalatable for poor Rin’s taste. Mephisto tells the both of them about a demon named Ukobach, who happens to be Rin and Yukio’s cook who prepares their breakfast every day and he is unhappy seeing someone else other than him using his kitchen. Taking up Mephisto’s suggestion Rin cleans up the kitchen and still finds himself an upset Ukobach unsatisfied with what Rin did to his kitchen. By the time Yukio enters the kitchen he find Mephisto sitting on the fridge, telling Yukio how much Rin and Ukobach put their heart and soul into making their dishes as new bonds are formed between the two demons.

Hey Rin. Do you think adding strawberries and pesticide into black pepper crab a nice combination?

Yukio managed to reject his fangirls by using his secret weapon and introduces them to Rin, but sadly for Rin the fangirls aren’t being too likable seeing Rin daydreaming. Shiemi then visits the twins again, without knowing that Yukio fangirls were stalking every move Yukio does, who are getting suspicious with what Shiemi taking a long time to get out of the dorm. Later at night, the fangirls made their way to the kitchen and to their *GASP* horror, sees the handmade lunch in the refrigerator. Thinking that Shiemi was the one who made them, the fangirls raged and starts throwing them away, without know that an angry Ukobach (in full form) was standing behind them (and was the one who prepared the food in the first place). Hearing the girls screaming in horror, Yukio and Rin goes to the kitchen to take a look with Ukobach cooking the fangirls in hot soup. As Yukio was about to attack Ukobach, Rin pretty much missed the point the reason why Ukobach was so mad and instead talked into him to give up and to remember the good times they have together as well as telling his life story (mostly his childhood) on the hows and whys he started cooking in the first place. In a weird twist Rin smacks his brother and blames Yukio for the mess he’d created (rejecting his fangirls’ lunchboxes time and time again) and forces him to eat the lunchboxes his fangirls were supposed to give him. Things went back to normal afterwards for everyone, except for Yukio who was full with eating three lunchboxes over the night and thus became cibophobic (fear of food). I supposed that’s punishment for you, Yukio.

Looks like lava soup with maggot toppings and kelp. Yay, tasty.

WTF is this I don’t even?! Dammit they should rename this show as Cooking Blue Boy Devil.

It’s….GASP! Healthy meals prepared by Rin and his demon friend! He. Must. Pay.

Come to the good side: Humanitarian is bad for our bodies. We have good and delicious food here; what more can you ask for?

This is the power. Of. FOOD!

And friendship. Repent and stop eating humans now; let’s be pals again.

Thoughts: Well, that was unexpected. I learned three things from this episode:

1. When in doubt, always threaten your brother that you’re going to draw your sword.

2. When you find out your abusive legal guardian gives you little pocket money, use your kitchen and anger a demon who cooks your meals every day. That will show your guardian you mean business, telling him that you and your brother are jerks.

3. Never reject the lunchboxes given by fangirls. Things could get ugly if rejected. So just take it and pretend that you like it so that they don’t bother you anymore.

I was expecting things going more hectic than this, or more gross-out jokes which is not usually AnE’s style. Anyways it was a decent filler, chuckling a few laughs here and there (especially the last part, which I didn’t had it coming) and sort of deepens the relationship between Rin and Yukio, ever since Father Fujimoto died and not behaving like they normally do. The fangirls were a bit annoying, hoping that I’ll be seeing the last of them (unless they are designated victims in later episodes where demons roam, went rampage and attack innocent civilians.) On the other hand, it was refreshing to see Yukio’s wackier side (despite knowing that he’s shy with girls) and it was funny to see his reactions when he’s surrounded with girls other than Shiemi.

Next week, we’re back to the plot where the exorcists-in-training get to summon familiars and it seems Shiemi is trying to be friends with Izumo, the girl we saw in the last episode teasing Bon’s simplistic ideals. Doesn’t sound easy by the way Shiemi put it in her words. Another important thing: training camp for the class!

Time to activate my master plan to fool these stupid fangirls of mine…*cue generic sexy evil laugh*

I ain’t gonna take no shit with you stirring these girls’ feelings anymore. Eat, Yukio….or DIE~

Yukio: The horror, the horror! NOOO!!!!
Rin: That’s what you get for manipulating the girls with pure hearts, who put their hearts and souls make these delicious lunch boxes, you ungrateful bastard.

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  1. Posted May 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Yes! Food and friendship! Agreed!

    Great episode I had a lot of laughs watching Yukio acting all crazy! I was expecting him to be like serious all the time, so I was happy to see him cutting up with Rin and how he was plotting to use Rin to avoid the girls hahaha so good xD

  2. Posted May 24, 2011 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    I don’t get it. Why did they try to adapt this manga if they didn’t have enough material for a full season? Putting bonus episodes like this on the DVD is fine, but IMO it should be an extra (not a filler), else it cheapens the show.

  3. Posted May 24, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    wow, I don’t know the filler comes from special koma chapter *thanks*!

    I really like this episode, it’s light and funny^_____^ with many rin-yukio interaction *yay*

  4. Posted May 25, 2011 at 1:05 am | Permalink

    I agree with Joojoo, they should have waited a little bit until they green-lighted the anime. Then again, this season doesn’t have all that many anime and I guess another one airing could only serve to hellp.

    But that aside, I felt that this was a bad decision.

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