Ao no Exorcist 07: Shiemi Learns To Make Friends.

One step for girl, one giant leap for human kind: the way friendship works for Shiemi.

I apologize for the crappy title for this week’s review. I couldn’t think of anything for the title but my brother used to listen to a band strangely named ‘Michael Learns To Rock’. He doesn’t listen to the band anymore since he’s waayy too busy with RL stuff. Back to AnE: like what it says on top, this week Shiemi takes another step forward as she tries to be friends with Izumo, who is actually using Shiemi as a slave, pushing all the odd jobs to her new ‘friend’. Aside from that, Rin and his classmates learned how to summon familiars and the best of all; TRAINING CAMP!!!!!!!

…In Rin and Yukio’s dorm.

I’m just that dumb, I don’t even know any terms that relates to the Exorcist world. Even Shiemi knew a lot better than I am.

Summary: After prompt by her mother if she had made any new friends, Shiemi decides to join Izumo’s clique which consists of Izumo and Paku, since being ‘just friends’ with Rin is not really possible in a long-term relationship with varying degrees of success. For the entire Exorcist-in-training class, they are going to take the Exwire exam in order for them to get their next position as Exwires, a step up from their current placement (as Pages) and to do so, they have to attend a training camp to prepare themselves for the worst. During training camp, Paku and Izumo were attacked by a demon, with Rin, Yukio and Shiemi (with her familiar and knowledge of medical plants) rescuing them from further danger.

Seriously, I can’t help but think of MMORPG classes whenever this shows up. I thought Dragoons uses lances and spears to fight; I didn’t know they use guns to fight.

Shiemi finally realizes that sticking herself with Rin and Yukio too long has its problems. And being too shy to start a conversation with the BKB (after what Bon said to Rin two episodes ago) she decides to start with the girls in class, starting with Izumo and Paku. Her first attempt failed to get into Izumo’s good side as she slipped and fall, only receiving mockery from Izumo before getting into class. During class, Yukio tells the class of the training camp to prepare themselves for the Exwire examinations. This way, the students will get an idea of how the actual exam is like and also to training them for future Exwire classes (like Yukio said, there are more practical studies for Exwire students).

Right now Rin and the class are Pages, the lowest of the ranks in the Exorcist system. Confused with the jargon and everything, Rin ask the BKBs about the terms mentioned in Yukio’s class. Bon, being feisty and how he is usually refuses to tell Rin anything and gets even angrier when Konekomaru (I’m just going to call him Koneko from now on, can’t stand typing his full name all day long) and Shima explain the terms to Rin without hesitation. Koneko and Shima decides to become Arias (a type of Exorcist that chants texts from the Bible to destroy demons) and also tells Rin that Bon wants to be both an Aria and a Dragoon (another type of Exorcist, but uses guns to fight demons), being ambitious enough to set his standards high. After hearing their explanations Rin decides to become a Knight, since he uses a sword to fight as we have seen in the past few episodes. (Yukio’s a Dragoon and a Doctor, if you’re wondering.)

Hello! I’m Ni-chan! Thank you for making a contract with me, you are now a full-fledged Exorcist, Shiemi. Now go destroy some demons (and be one of them.)

Seeing Rin and the BKB getting along fine got Shiemi to try harder on her next attempt to be friends with Izumo. In one of the classes, the class are asked to try summoning a familiar, which is a difficult task (similar to Metamorphmagus in the Harry Potter series; you are born with the talent to summon familiars, it cannot be learned). With everyone else in class failing the summon a familiar, Izumo and Shiemi were the only ones who are able to summon theirs (Two harvest foxes for Izumo, a Green Man for Shiemi).) Shiemi then takes this opportunity to be friends with Izumo, and then starts telling her that she can summon a familiar too. Sounds offending to anyone’s ears, but I’m alarmed how Shiemi can make this sound in a humble way. Izumo sarcastically praises Shiemi for her natural talents, but Shiemi sees it as a genuine compliment, completing ignoring the sarcastic tone Izumo uses. When class ends for them, Shiemi follows Izumo and Paku until Izumo got pissed at Shiemi following them all day long. This is where Shiemi asks if she could be friends with Izumo. Knowing that naive girl could be of use, Izumo gladly became ‘friends’ with her, with every thing she asked for, Shiemi did.

And if you get into trouble one day, I’m just gonna save myself.

Rin is unhappy at Izumo using Shiemi as her maid and found out from Yukio that the entire class will be putting up at their dorm for their training. As such, most of the class aren’t too glad that they have to stay put in the twins’ dorm, renamed as a ghost hotel by the other students for their upcoming training. After the training for them is over, Rin was the first to burst out of the room, followed by the girls who are going to take a bath at the ladies. And let’s not get started with Shima, who is eager to peek at the ladies in their hot bath with the others not caring to join him in his ‘adventures’. Shima thinks that Yukio would like to join him in his crazy idea, same age and all but unfortunately for our little pinkhead here, Yukio would rather die than peek at naked girls.

Being ‘kicked out’ from the clique, Shiemi met Rin and he tells her that Izumo’s treating her a maid rather than a friend. Shiemi denies that fact after she sees that she isn’t as sociable as the others. While changing clothes, Paku has some guts to tell off Izumo on how she’s using a honest girl like Shiemi to make herself feel good and tells Izumo that she doesn’t want to be an Exorcist anymore, given that she’s just a normal girl from a normal family and has no special abilities like all the others. Izumo, who only sees Paku as her only best friend tries to convince Paku to stay on but an interruption from a demon (the same demon summoned by the teacher who taught the class to summon familiars) prevents the understanding between the girls. Making matters worse, Paku received a spirit wound, which can kill her in a few minutes if not treated quickly.

In self-defense, Izumo summons her familiars but after remembering what Shiemi and Paku said earlier on, she loses her will to fight. This caused the familiars to feel like attacking their summoner who are not able to see a weak Exorcist control them like that. Rin saves Izumo from her familiars, telling her to rip off the papers that are used to summon her familiars. Buying some time before Yukio arrives to get rid of the demon, Rin has no choice but to hit the demon with his sword un-drawn to prevent Izumo from knowing that he’s Satan’s son. Shiemi arrives just in time to treat Paku’s wounds, with the help of Ni-chan, it manages to make an aloe plant appear and saves Paku from further complications. Before Rin gets to draw out his sword Yukio arrives in time to chase the demon away. Leaving Izumo in tears, being unable to be strong enough to protect Paku, she doesn’t want Rin or anyone else to see her in a vulnerable state. Rin passes his jacket to her, hoping that she wipe her tears away. And as AnE’s story goes, the teacher that taught Rin’s class earlier has got something to do with the incident but his reasons are unknown for attacking the class…

Shiemi doesn’t know what sarcasm is. Why don’t people say things what they really mean?

Sorry, Shima. I’m allergic to girls and I stay away from perverts like you. Now if you excuse me, I have test papers to mark and keep your hands off me unless you want a ‘F’ written all over your test paper. ‘F’ for freshman.

…so you and Paku are crossdressers?

I don’t want to be dumped into the ‘useless girl’ territory anymore. I’m not like other girls.

I don’t think making a fool out of me is a way to be ‘friends’ either. Be nice to Shiemi or suffer the consequences. (Izumo does.)

Dammit, why is Izumo in her bikini? Don’t get distracted, Rin, don’t get dis—*cue demon coming after Rin.*

Izumo probably sees herself in Shiemi…

Thoughts: After Rin and Yukio creates a mess in the kitchen last episode, there’s a lot going on this week. Despite the ‘A’ plot on Shiemi’s goal to make friends, the different classes of Exorcists makes me think if we get to play an AnE MMORPG or RPG someday as well as an unknown conspiracy going on within the compounds of True Cross Academy. For now, that will be left hanging around in the laundry basket until we get to see further advancement of the Exwire examination.

From what I saw of Shiemi and Izumo, their problems are pretty much more or less similar to one another, especially after watching Izumo’s past with no one wanting to be friends with her, being able to see supernatural creatures and all. And with Shiemi entering her world, she behaves like a bitch, having that feeling of not wanting to be back to square one with no friends. She probably sees herself in Shiemi, who has the same problem as she does. And if I have the chance to put Shiemi and Izumo in another school attending normal classes, I guess Izumo fare well in making new friends, but it wouldn’t for long after her new friends sees Izumo’s bitchy side. As for Shiemi, she might take a longer than than Izumo (having to consider making less than wise decisions) but Shiemi would make a good friend in times of need. It also seems to me that Rin is starting to get along with the BKBs despite Rin and Bon’s constant bickering (which sounds like a couple that has married for a long time.) I guess Shima and Koneko’s taking Rin’s side helps a little.

Now that Izumo returns to being friendless, she’d better learn how to be less bitchy at Shiemi and next week; the Exwire exam. Everyone’s pretty much stuck in a small room taking the exam; I’m having a feeling that the next episode will be putting everyone into a horror movie screwfest, blood coming from weird places, demons that are lurking everywhere. Makes you want to throw up everything you eat for dinner.

…and Shiemi finally makes her first step to friendship.

It’s all right, kids. It’s all right seeing Rin all bare naked after failing an audition for a porno part.

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  1. Posted May 30, 2011 at 1:35 am | Permalink

    I did not understand the end with Rin naked. Was that because he took off too much clothes to give to Izumo?

  2. Posted May 30, 2011 at 7:43 am | Permalink

    Yeah, probably. Rin isn’t necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer anyhow.

  3. cx
    Posted May 30, 2011 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    err I really need to catch up on these last 2 episodes. Is it just me or did the text color get lighter and size small its difficult to read at times, i think i need glasses :S

  4. Posted June 1, 2011 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    > Seriously, I can’t help but think of MMORPG classes whenever this shows up. I thought Dragoons uses lances and spears to fight; I didn’t know they use guns to fight.

    I see video games have educated you stupid, to borrow from TimeCube; using guns is exactly what historical dragoons specialized in:

  5. ruka
    Posted June 3, 2011 at 4:57 am | Permalink

    Izumo cries in this episode has touch me <3

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