Ao No Exorcist 10: Nya!

Can’t wait to replace Hachiko. Cats rule the world now.

Instead of going for long titles, this week for a change let’s go with a one-word title. After all, less is more. While Rin and Yukio recover from all the hijinks that has been happening in the last three episodes, it’s time for Rin to get himself a pet cat and getting to know him and Father Fujimoto better while he’s at it. While I get distracted with free cable television for the next three months.

Mepisto, after all, is a cheapskate who rather survives on cup noodles than live the rich man’s life. I’d say he’s a masochist.

Summary: In the midst of summer revision, Yukio received a mission from an exorcist squad trying to tame a cranky cat demon. Being a busybody as he is (and also to avoid doing any more revision given by his brother) Rin decides to tag along with Yukio on his mission and discovers a lot more about the cat and Father Fujimoto as the mission continues…

…and somehow for whatever random reason, Shiemi got dragged into the twins’ argument.

It was a hot Sunday and Rin decides to get himself some ice-cream but forgot buying Yukio a bottle of mineral water as he returns to the dorm. As the two security guards have a conversation regarding Kuro (the cat’s name) and Father Fujimoto’s death, unfortunately for them Kuro isn’t deaf and let’s say things get ugly at this point onwards. Back at the dorms, Yukio scolds Rin for being such a selfish jerk (for not buying mineral water he asked) and quickly, their trivial conversation about exorcist ranks and Rin’s excess reliance in using his demonic powers escalated into an argument on who’s being more of a jerk and dumbass (and while they are at it Shiemi got dumped into their little argument). Breaking Yukio’s glasses was the last straw but before Yukio can do anything to Rin, he gets a phone call from an exorcist who needs him for an urgent mission…

Kuro doesn’t like drinking milk . Kuro wants SHIRO FUJIMOTO NAW!

Rin, who finds himself left out of the action decides to join his brother after some persuasion. Using everything in their arsenal, from holy water to holy bullets, nothing can tame Kuro down. Rin hears voices coming from Kuro as some sort of demon telepathy and gets to hear what a Cait Sith (Kuro is this demon), as well as hearing another story about Father Fujimoto (he’s the goddamn Paladin after all) on how he managed to tame Kuro without resorting to violence. Being all alone in his old shack the moment silk production became obsolete, time and time again he prevented anyone from completely destroying his old shack until Father Fujimoto came.

Yeah, Rin. Better get this straight: I am teh one and only Paladin in the entire world. Not even a narcissistic bishounen can replace me for being the one and only…you get the drift.

Time to be cold-blooded in desperate times. I have no money to buy Kuro any more catnip wine.

Yukio then resorts to the secret weapon Father Fujimoto gave him before his demise that could probably kill Kuro but before he could do that, Rin butts in and wants to negotiate with Kuro before any one else can proceed destroying Kuro once and for all. He literally uses his head against Kuro when the latter can’t find himself listening to reason and believe that Father Fujimoto is dead. Remembering the first time Father Fujimoto reached out to Kuro when no one else can understand him and all the happy times they have together, Kuro cries over Father Fujimoto’s death as he turns back into a normal cat again before he could scare any kids passing by the academy. Observing the situation from their comfortable seats, Mephisto and Amaimon were watching the whole time. Before leaving, Amaimon gives his brother a word in making his next move to test Rin’s powers (and also to tour around Japan in the meantime.) It seems that Professor Neuhaus was listening to their conversation the whole time and it will be difficult to access his next moves, given little information after what happened in the previous episode.

Use your head, Yukio. It’s up here!

For now, Rin is forced to keep Kuro as his familiar after Yukio had a tough time telling the exorcists to let them keep him, but the twins don’t mind. Curious to know what the secret weapon is, Yukio finds out that it’s actually catnip wine Kuro loves so much. He lets him get some of his favourite wine and wanting to know how catnip wine tastes like (you’re still underage!!) Rin takes a small sip at it (and to his horror it tastes horrible).

One dirty old man and an alcoholic demon cat…yep. That’s one nice combination.

…and I would like to go on tours in Spain, France, Italy, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Canada and Antarctica after this. And since you own this school for super-rich kids, maybe you could sponsor for all the countries I’ll be visiting. I wanna sit in First Class in all the airlines I have to take…

No one shall disturb our love for each other ever again. No more sober days!

Besides, we’re too young to drink wine.


Kuro is pissed at you making too much noise during class. Sucks to be you, sucker.

Nothing much happened in this week’s episode (and I can assure you that this is a complete chapter in the manga, not a side chapter) but at least we get to know a lot of cool stuff. Father Fujimoto being a Paladin (only one exorcist can be a Paladin according to the context of the series), has a cool cat familiar (won’t be the last time we’re going to see Kuro again) and Amaimon planning his next move to do whatever he wants with Rin. I wonder why Neuhaus gets to listen to Amaimon and Mephisto’s conversation, but I bet it won’t be something good. For now, he’s pushed into the background with nothing to do (not that I know of in the recent chapters). Still, it was a nice change of pace and discover Father Fujimoto’s amazing ability to convince cats to join the good side.

I have reserves. Decides to take some lessons from a Turk who finds out that his partner likes to break his sunglasses. Well, they are expendable after all.

Yukio can’t believe Rin’s head is not bleeding like mad, headbutting with a tough demon and all in the middle of summer. Sounds like Yukio’s not immune to the summer heattoo, since he’s not wearing any shirt underneath his exorcist uniform…

Next episode: Sun, Sea and Sand. And babes too as Rin and his classmates goes to the beach to have some fun (along with fanservice, look at Shima’s face.) Err, Happy Summer Vacation?

Just for kicks, I decided to add a Nyan Cat video (complete with Nyan Cat rainbow loading bar) to celebrate Kuro’s introduction. Nyan Cat’s so awesome.

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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted June 20, 2011 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    All hail Kittania!

  2. Posted June 24, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    Yes I find this episode very comical and plenty of emotions involved. At first I thought the familiar cat was going to be out of control just like the others one where the tamers had to erase the summoning circle. But this one was actually different – becuase as narrated in this episode it always loved humans because of it’s support to grow wools/spools for the countryside people to market. In the end, the Sith the cat was just confused and lonely. What the protagonist did was similar and reminded the familiar of the the priest.

  3. Posted June 24, 2011 at 3:04 pm | Permalink


    What language are they speaking?

    Amaimon is obviously a foreigner to Japan, or else he wouldn’t say ‘the Japan [Mephisto] loves so much’. As he’s a foreigner to Japan, he must also be not fluent in Japanese – or at least, Japanese must not be his primary language. Since it’s heavily implied Mephisto and Amaimon are brothers, they should speak the same primary language – which isn’t Japanese.

    Amaimon thinks he’s talking with Mephisto alone, and so should use their primary language, since both of them would obviously be able to understand it. Yet, Neuhaus in the corner shows that he understands what Amaimon and Mephisto are talking about.

    So, does this mean Neuhaus is as demonic as those two? Or are they actually speaking Japanese, intentionally leaking information to Neuhaus? That would mean that Amaimon must also know of Neuhaus’s eavesdropping, and Neuhaus must know that too.

    Another possibility is that they speak Japanese in Gehenna. That’s right – Japan is Hell.

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