No. 6 Episode 2: Pen pen, pen penguin~

Seriously, it all started with a penguin stranded lost in New Zealand:

And then three cute mascot penguins stop by the Takakura household:

Finally, we have robot penguins hanging around No.6:

Totally penguins this season. Jokes aside, episode 2 starts off immediately with a four-year time skip, but since the series has only 9 more episodes left to wrap up everything, BONES can’t waste any more time, can’t they? In this episode, sixteen-year old Shion lives with his mother and are forced to live in the suburbs after he smuggles a fugitive (Nezumi) into No. 6 four years ago and thus stripped of the many privileges. A mysterious parasite strikes town and Shion began questioning the authorities, which simply put, ends badly for him.

I knew it. You’re leaving me for that street rat, right?

While on patrol, Shion, now sixteen years old, finds a corpse lying in a park, with his skin all black and with some sort of insect moving in his neck. To continue what happened in the last episode, Shion confessed to the authorities, who found out of Shion’s crime, that he has kept a fugitive in his room and never reported to them while Nezumi was hiding in there. Stripped of all of his privileges, Shion and his mother are unable to live in their comfy house in No.6 anymore, instead living in the suburbans named the Lost Town, where Shion finds a job as a patrolman, controlling animal robots that helped them clean the local park. Safu takes a visit to the Lost Town and meet Shion, telling him that she has passed the selection test and will be moving to No. 5 to further her studies. Shion is happy for her, but at the same time thinking of the events that happened four years ago back in No. 6. Safu doesn’t understand why Shion decides to give up going to higher heights, but because of the circumstances, Safu more or less understands Shion’s decision and tells him that she won’t ask Shion that same question ever again.

My way of expressing some concern that you might be envious of me aiming for greater heights.

Shion’s lack of ambition sort of piss Safu off, but she doesn’t take it to heart and dismiss it after that. As Shion takes Safu back to No. 6, Safu declares her love for Shion in the most literal way possible. (“I want your sperm.” “I want to have sex with you.” How frank can you get?) Of course, Shion was shocked at Safu’s declaration and thinks that they are too early to start a family right now, with Shion treating Safu like his best friend for all this time. Knowing that Safu will be taking another two years to complete her studies at No. 5, he asks her to ask that question again once she finish her studies. Before Safu can say anything else to Shion, she saw a rat and immediately gets scared, but Shion has other ideas about the rat, now on his shoulder once he hears a familiar voice coming out of it. Shion follows the rat but loses sight once he finds himself on the main road.

Shion returns home, apologizing to Safu at the way he ran away. She quickly forgives him after being told by Shion that it was something urgent. The next day, customers (according to the anime site, they are going to be important later on) visit the bakery Shion’s mother owns and as Shion was about to leave home, he tries his mother’s pie and gets a goodbye kiss from her. Well, Shion, this will probably be the last time you’ll be seeing your mother, so better make it worthwhile. Shion reports for work and found out from his co-worker that the corpse found at the park was actually a 31-year old man, who looks nothing like the man they found. Shion expresses his discontent after his co-worker told him that the truth was twisted of the corpse found, and that is when his co-worker suddenly felt sick, his hair gradually turning white and began aging. Seeing his co-worker looking like the corpse found at the park, Shion finds him lying dead on the floor, and is shocked seeing the same worm crawling on the neck. He faints once he finds a wasp popping out of his neck.

I think Shion’s mum looked a lot cheerier in the present than four years ago. Yum, sweet cake…

The authorities looked at Shion’s past records once he regain consciousness and then arrest him for expressing discontent on how the authorities control things (Shion only knows about this once he’s in the car). On the way he sees his mother serving customers for the last time, without knowing where the authorities are going to take him. At a bridge, the authorities found a penguin Walker (you know, the robot animals) blocking their way and while the authorities are distracted with it, Nezumi, all grown up kick all their asses and saves Shion from them before driving the car. Finding out that the police car is remote controlled by the authorities, they have no other choice but to jump out of the car. Going through security by just moving straight and nowhere else, swim out of the water sewers and doing all sorts of crazy stuff Shion never imagine he will do, Nezumi and Shion finally reached the world outside the compounds of the city.

Nezumi: No problem. After all, we’re going to be together from now on.

Final Thoughts: By the way the camera focuses on Shion’s neck after getting out of the water, most likely the parasite’s going to hit him next (and probably with some sort of cure that will not affect Shion’s entire body system), which may explain a white-haired Shion we all know and love in the promo materials. And judging by the preview of the next episode (not that there’s anything to watch except having a portrait of Nezumi) my guesses will be more or less accurate. No surprise to see No. 6 being some sort of a ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ world, where buildings can’t be too clean to be harboring a dark and dangerous conspiracy. Anyways, it was nice looking at Shion with longer hair, he looks so nerdy when he’s twelve. The art was pretty neat and so far I’m impressed with Bones’ consistency, working alongside a six-part movie (Towa no Quon) for a few years now.

Contrary to popular belief, no, I do not hate Safu. Let’s keep it at that before a flame war starts losing out of control. It’s just that the yaoi undertones are SSOOOO prevalent in here, Shion and Nezumi looks a lot like Allen Walker and Yuu Kanda, and even the commenters of the other anime blogs have admit that fact. I’m still guessing if Shion will ever meet Safu again, but right now it’s too early to say. If you’re asking of my opinion, I’d say…13%?

In a certain angle, Nezumi may have passed for a girl. Oh, you stalker!

Welcome to the slums, a.k.a. the cruel, dirty reality lying of the actual world.

Oh, Safu. Best line this season. The other girls won’t stand a chance.

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  1. Andrew
    Posted July 17, 2011 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Haha, I was reminded of Nineteen Eighty Four as well. Fiction needs more totalitarian settings to dilute that feeling.

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