Ao No Exorcist Episode 14: Rin, we’re going to Camp…Rock Lantern!

Okay, so it doesn’t look like what we seen in the itinerary… I thought it was a much cooler place than this.

Due to time constraints, I’m not posting as many screenshots as I did for the previous reviews. It’s already summer vacation for Rin and crew, so they are on a three-day training camp outside campus set up by Yukio and Shura. Having to work together with Bon, Shima, Konekomaru and Shiemi, they have to carry a lantern across a bridge and as expected, things go downhill before they were about to improve the situation.

…organize a party with Izumo and Shiemi. And then we can have a great time at…never mind what I just said.

Summary:Rin and Co. are out on a three-day training summer camp just outside the premises of True Cross Academy. As ordered by Yukio and Shura, all of them are to find three lanterns, and the students who bring back a lantern will have a chance to be assigned in the next mission along with the high-ranking exorcists. At first everyone thought that they have to work alone with this assignment, but after bumping into each other due to circumstances or just weird coincidences, Rin, Bon, Shiemi, Shima and Konekomaru have to work together in order to bring the lantern back to the instructors. But nothing sound as simple as it seems…

Rin: So, are you in love with Shiem–
Bon: Shut up, you! Who says I’m in love with her? I’m just being a gentleman, that’s all.
Rin: ORLY?

As usual, it’s another training session, but this time it’s not some sort of secret exam as seen in Rin and Yukio’s dorm the last time. But you may never know what sort of surprise Ao No Exorcist has in store, especially when the headmaster looks almost similar to Willy Wonka and you have no clue which side he’s on, judging by the number of times he meets a powerful demon behind Rin and Co. Back to the story, Rin, Izumo and the boys (excluding the puppet boy) say their goodbyes to Paku as she leaves the academy with the other normal students before heading for the training camp.

Everyone set up camp, with the girls setting up a ritual circle to protect themselves from demons that lurk at night. Rin felt a close bond with his friends as we get a glimpse of Rin’s lonely past and how people reacted to Rin and his insane strength, setting up dinner and getting praised by that simple act. After that, Yukio gave a briefing of the actual training camp, with the students needing to find and light any of the three lanterns residing within a 500 meter radius of where they are, if the fire doesn’t go out within three days, that is. If they succeed, they can take part in missions and work with the higher level exorcists. As Rin prepares for the training, Shura warns Rin not to use his flames, knowing that the higher-ups and the current Paladin will be after him should Rin makes a wrong move.

So Shima, which one are you happy for? Having to carry Shiemi or having to walk across a river filled with your worst enemies?

Everyone moved out individually and the flow of things got interrupted once Rin hears Shiemi screaming for help, with the magic circle ripped off by the moths before Nee-chan could summon a plant to get rid of them. (TT.TT) Rin has no choice but to use the flames, which caught Bon’s attention. Fortunately, Rin could stop him from asking about the flames and in some sort of coincidence, Shima managed to join Rin and the others, still trembling over bugs surrounding him. Konekomaru sends Bon and Shima an SMS afterwards, telling them that he has found a lantern and will be needing their help. Needless to say, the lantern was bigger as they have initially thought it would be. Meanwhile in the middle of the forest, Mephisto and Amaimon are acting as spectators to see how Rin and the others were doing.

Attack of the 50-feet giant moth demon!!! It’s super tasty.

Having to misinterpret the question, Konekomaru thought of a plan to get the lantern back to the campsite and assigns everyone a role in taking the lantern back (They don’t have Izumo or the puppet boy’s number, unfortunately): Bon will recite the lines to keep the lantern from doing anything, Shima to act as defense to wipe out moths that will be coming after them, Shiemi will be feeding the lantern with food and will be acting as bait (the lantern goes after women as food when its lit), Konekomaru places a seal to the lantern so that it doesn’t move when it lights up, does the same role as Shima and finally, Rin will act as the brawn, pulling the cart with the lantern and Shiemi on it. Their plan works at first, but it will have to come to a stop once Rin finds another obstacle to pass through. Konekomaru warns everyone not to break the bridge, as it contains a seal that prevents something in the river. Bon snatches Shima’s staff away and uses it to find out the depth of the river (full of bugs) splitting the two areas, while chanting at the same time. With that, he devises another plan by drawing it out to get to the other side of the river by making the lantern cross the river by itself.

Bon’s plan worked successfully (aside from the few hiccups that comes from Shima), until Rin accidentally pushes the bridge a little too hard, breaking the seal of prevent whatever demon’s in the river from coming out. And Rin gets tentacle rape attack by a 50-feet giant moth demon. Cue cliffhanger.


Final Thoughts: YES!!! Finally some fun action after last week’s episode.

Anyways, I was in a training camp a few days ago and what Rin, Shiemi and the Kyoto Boys did was exactly what everyone in the training camp I was attending learned. I remember the first activity my team and another team did together, and we sort of though of it as a competition at first. And like what Rin and Co. did this time, both in the show and real life, both emphasized teamwork and cooperation in order for everyone to succeed. So sometimes sticking together is the solution to get things done. (Back to my experiences) it was enjoyable, except that I have a hard time falling asleep and I got all cranky in the middle of the night.

Shima’s phobia of bugs popped up several times in this episode, and I laughed at any opportunity he shows fear toward insects. (Luck’s totally not on Shima’s side this episode. I think he needs to call #2 from Mawaru Penguin Drum to solve his insect problem.) And I have to say I give a round of applause for Bon, who managed to multi-task and does it really well with all the skills he used in the assignment. (Heck, try memorizing and recite lines from the Bible, think and draw a plan decently on a piece of paper to get your point across while retaining eye-contact with your friends at the same time. Not everyone can do that. Plus, I’ll get distracted easily with so many things on my hands for a person who cannot sit still for five minutes.)

Be careful what you say, Shima. Who knows if it’ll turn true in front of your eyes.

Next episode: Amaimon takes a visit to see Rin…again. This time, not even Shura will be able to stop him. And all hell will break loose.


Must not laugh, I’m not ready to lose a bet with Shura in a staring contest.

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  1. Posted July 19, 2011 at 7:31 am | Permalink

    Shima adds a lot of fun moments in this episode. Like you said, things are looking up again. I’m all gear up for next episode!

  2. Posted July 19, 2011 at 7:56 am | Permalink

    Bon is awesome for having the guts for choosing one of the most boring roles as a fighter. If this was an MMO, he’d just spend his time chanting…which would be boring. I really wonder how his fight scenes will pan out, after all, he’s been shown to have no physical prowess in terms of fighting. Hrm.

    • Posted July 19, 2011 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

      Shima and Konekomaru did say that Bon’s also aiming to be a Dragoon earlier on. So Bon will eventually get proper training using guns in the near future (Just like Yukio. <3) It just that Bon’s still low of his level to do that yet.

  3. Posted July 19, 2011 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    Fun episode this week I love the episodes were we have everyone together, and damn that was a big ass moth! And here I thought Bon was going to find out Rin was a demon! I kind of rather one of the girls to find out Bon would probably kick Rin’s ass or try to.

    Next week looks great! things are going down next time!

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