Ao No Exorcist 15: It’s Time.

Everyone’s burning question…in the show.

Well, we’ve been through those light-hearted moments ever since episode 3 started.

Things are making a 180° turn after you are done watching this week’s episode. Gone are the fluffy days Rin used to enjoy with his new classmates, and with an uncontrollable Rin showing his flames in front of everyone, the Kyoto Boys and Shiemi aren’t too glad with the truth. Right before things are going right for Rin Amaimon dashes his hope to make new friends. Sigh.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious by now; Mephisto is Amaimon’s, Rin and Yukio’s brother (Technically in Yukio’s case, since he did not inherit Satan’s flames.)

Note: Great HQ screenshots after the jump. This episode’s made of pure awesome to let off any delicious art and superb animation in here. Guess that A-1 spent a lot of their budget for this episode.

Here comes the Amaimon Express. Air mail, kids!!!!!!

Summary: Rin got tentacle rape caught by the fifty-feet giant moth demon after accidentally pushing the bridge which contain the seal to contain the demon in the previous episode. Without Bon’s brains and quick thinking there will not be any more story to tell, let alone be able to defeat Satan when the time comes. When they’ve return to camp, Izumo and Takara reached home base first (Bunny kid doing this all by himself? My ‘Takara is God’ theory can now draw itself closer) and before they could celebrate Amaimon decides to drop by, with Shura giving him a welcome party by kicking he and his pet Behemoth out. That didn’t last very long as Amaimon comes back for Shiemi this time to make her his waifu, and you know what happens when a boy finds his girl taken away by a demon teenchild. (Amaimon’s not exactly an adult, judging by his physical appearance and mental intelligence. Counting in human years…)

When the situation is already by on its own, the Kyoto Boys are out to save Rin and Shiemi but to no avail, with Amaimon breaking everyone’s bones as easy as breaking a toothpick. Saying enough to piss Rin off and to unleash his demon powers, Amaimon laughs with childlike glee but quickly loses the battle as Rin burns him until he feels like hell, literally. Mephisto thinks that playtime’s over for Amaimon but seeing Rin’s overwhelming power and losing control of his humanity, things are turning for the worse.

Evil minds think alike. Let’s get married and have a child together. Make your dear stepbrother-in-law jealous. AND RULE THE WOOORRRLLLDD!!

Thoughts: (Got lots to say here) For an episode that didn’t feature Yukio much, this was a great episode. Like many shounen leads out there, Rin is forced to reveal his dark secret to his closed ones but even so Rin cannot hide the truth from his friends forever, let alone it’s not like Rin to tell lies and bluff his friends about other things even if he’s born a normal human. Proven by Shura earlier on (spraying holy water on everyone except Rin), even a powerful exorcist such as Shura can’t shelter Rin for the rest of his life and it was only about time before everyone knows of it and swallow the hard truth like swallowing rough pebbles, even though this will be hard on everyone. Even Rin himself. The art and animation was splendid this time; to be frank the episode featuring Shura’s mini-battle against Rin was oh so boring, almost making me fall asleep halfway.

If anger has a face, Bon would be the one trashing damn Satan’s and Mephisto’s asses a thousand times faster than Rin.

Hey kids, remember to eat your vegetables. Broccoli is very yummy! Because Big Brother Amaimon says so.

Regarding the firework in episode 15, Amaimon or Mesphito is likely to be messing around with the instructors. Deal with it. Can’t think of anything else when Izumo and Takaru managed to complete the mission all by themselves. Speaking about Izumo so far we haven’t get to know much about her, as all the attention is going towards Rin, Bon and to a lesser extent Shiemi. Even Shima and Konekomaru gets some decent exposure with the viewers. The reason’s either because of clumsy, careless writing or the mangaka’s not fond of Izumo, which I’m going to be afraid of if it turns out to be the latter. But time will tell once the manga’s done with the Kyoto arc.

Yeah, I’m allergic to lots of stuff, like mistletoe, garlic, crosses, wooden stakes, hot red fire, silver and hawthorn. And that is just the tip of my ‘allergy’ iceberg.

Yeah, I’m still going on with the ‘Takara is God’ theory. And he isn’t a good one at that, completing this mission all by himself without any outside help.

Rin unleashes the legions of blue hell…and Amaimon you’re going down! In hell!

Okay, so the last few minutes of the episode has some minor differences, specifically the location of the fight and where the students and instructors escaped but other than that nothing much has changed which will alter the storyline. Yeah, the part when Mephisto’s face spells out ‘What. The. Fuck.’ once Rin destroys his previous cuckoo clock was epic. That will go down in AnE’s history definitely.

And then a weird story about a creepy woman throwing a bag of garbage smelling like blood comes along….wait wait wait, that’s Gintama. And WTF are the subbers thinking? Man, BLAM moments can’t get funnier than this when this shows up when the actual show is having an intense demon-to-demon fight in the middle of a forest.

Here are some captions for you to snark at:

Darn, why me? WHY? I’m the unluckiest guy (demon) in the world!

…aaannnddd probably the only time you see Mephisto this upset after seeing his stepbrother’s inability to be trolled, as well as the possibility of trolling himself has come down to -23%.

Next week; Rin is charged in the holy court for his very existence of being Satan’s son, as well as the crime of the burning of trees outside the campus perimeters, a.k.a. deforestation, a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. Hell on Assiah / Earth. Aannndd we finally have the chance to see Father Fujimoto’s replacement.

Mephisto approves of Episode 15’s excellent animation and art. “Good, very good…”

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  1. Posted July 25, 2011 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    I was wondering why they signed up for Uta no Prince since that show looks crappy and definitely below par on anything else A-1 Pictures have done. Episode 15 explains why… all the budget for Summer anime has gone into this show. Awesome.

  2. SquareSphere
    Posted July 25, 2011 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    One interesting to note is how Rin’s sword is breaking. The dynamic here is not so much that it’s a weapon that represents Rin’s power but quite the opposite. It’s a limiter to keep him human, the more flame he uses the weaker the sword becomes. I’d hope this would set the tone where Rin has to become more proficient at the exorcist arts cause he can’t rely on his flames. BUT that’s unlikely due to shonnen writing being, “USE MORE POWA” to solve issues.

  3. Whatsht
    Posted July 26, 2011 at 1:38 am | Permalink

    Shiemi looks so evil with those green eyes.
    Bon’s angry(or pissed off) face reminds me of this:

  4. Posted July 29, 2011 at 11:56 am | Permalink


    I’m pretty sure Amaimon’s an adult – even his appearance is adult-like, similar to Mephisto’s.
    Izumo’s development happened pretty early on with Paku, so I think she’s one of the most developed characters so far. Seriously, we’ve nothing on Bon and the gang except that their temple was destroyed by Satan, blah blah blah. I still wonder how she was able to pull the lantern – my best guess is that while she was attacked, she managed to tame a new form of beast, that will magically appear to save the day later on?

    Finally, I was totally expecting Takara to save the day – he’s so mysterious, even Shura probably doesn’t know much about him. I guess revealing Shura’s identity conflicts with revealing Takara’s – maybe they want to wait longer before using Takara, as he’s sort of a ‘last chance’ type of person, a person who the writer can use at a critical moment where everything else seems implausible.

    (P.S. FUCK GG)

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